You Will Regret Losing The Girl

You Will Regret Losing The Girl Who Did Everything For You

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Protection, Comprehension, Unconditional love, Affection, Support. Consolation.

That was all she gave you without asking you to reciprocate in the same way. You see, she thought that things like that should be as normal as breathing, that she shouldn’t ask for love.

But she did. She had to beg for your love and your attention as if it were something hard to give. Maybe it was hard for you since you never loved her as she loved you.

So don’t try to get her back now that she’s happy with someone else.

You Will Regret Losing The Girl

Don’t dare spoil her plans for true love. You know she deserves a better man than you, and you can’t give her what she craved all the time.

So, now that you’ve lost her let her be happy with someone who loves her as she deserves. Let her be happy with a man who doesn’t make her question whether she’s good or worthy enough.

Don’t you see that twinkle in her eyes when you look at it?

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You know she used to look at your eyes the same way. And she probably would have continued to do so if you hadn’t scuttled every opportunity to be happy with it.

So please don’t blame her for giving up on you because that doesn’t make her weak. That just means it was too strong for too long. That just means she was feeling with all her heart, but it broke down in the end.

And if you see her on the street with someone else, don’t ruin her day because a single glance of yours will make her feel sad. She will immediately remember everything she had to endure just to be with you.

And your hopes of being happy in love will sink like an old ship.

She will realize that she still loves you but that walking away was easier than staying with you and suffering. She knows that you were just a toxic man in her life who didn’t give her the love she deserved.

Heck, you gave her nothing but tears and agony. That was all she knew when she was with you. And she just wanted to love you.

She wanted you to be the man he would grow old with, her soulmate, her human diary and her half-orange. She just wanted you to fight for it, but you couldn’t even do that.

And being the only one who tried for so long only helped her give up on you because she wanted you to choose her every day or to leave.

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And we all know what you did. You gave up on it so easily; you didn’t even want to fight for it.

You didn’t even want to do it to make it yours once again. That was how little she meant to you.

And she wanted you to show her that you loved her in the simplest way there is. She just wanted you to steal a kiss from her while no one looked on.

She wanted you to hold her hand when she was afraid to do something she didn’t like. She wanted you to tell her that she was strong enough and that she could do whatever she set out to do.

But that was too much for you.

Because at every attempt by her to kiss you, you offered her your cheek instead of your lips.

At every attempt by hers to hold your hand because she was afraid, you told her that she should face her fears, taking your hand away from her.

In all the hope that she will receive the words of comfort from you that he so badly needed, you just told her that she should not even try to do something new because it will be a failure.

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That’s how you believed in her, in the woman who would move mountains for you, for whom she always put you first, trying to meet your needs instead of hers.

She admired you for a long time but now admires another man. You’ve let her down, and she doesn’t think you’re as impressive as I thought before. Now, she just wants to be as far away from you as possible.

Because if you get close, she might not resist. It could be completely delivered as it did before.

And you know you won’t be able to reciprocate any of that. You know that you will never give her the love she gave you and that you will never be madly in love with her.

So, this time, I beg you to give up on it. Let her be happy with someone who appreciates her.

Let her experience the true love she counts so much because that’s what she really deserves. And nothing less than that.


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