Dignity And Self-Love

You Call It Selfishness; I Call It Dignity And Self-Love

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You call it selfishness; I call it dignity and self-love – A letter to the Ex

There is a point in our lives that it is right to end up with the person before remedying what does not exist in both: love.

It is not selfishness to decide but self-love and dignity.

You said it’s my fault for leaving without a fight, for giving up, for not holding on a little more; you said, that I am the one who is failing to worship us, of never separating us.

Dignity And Self-Love

You even said that I am cowardly taking my bags and closing with all this story that in the end was a deception that you handled with excellent skill.

The truth is that at this point, I no longer have any desire to plead, to defend reasons, or to spend words that you will not understand in the end; for I know from the first time that in your absurd and selfish thinking there is only room for what you feel, for what you think, for what you want to achieve.

I know perfectly well that for you, I will be the one who is wrong, the one who makes mistakes for not going according to your ideas, with dreams, with your way of acting.

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You know what? , the truth of all this is that I am tired of fighting to be the one that has to meet the prototype of your ideal woman, I am tired of the without flavors that perhaps without realizing you have made me pass.

Always demanding from me a; little more, trying to change, always unhappy with my natural way of loving.

I tell you honestly, I love you with the soul, but to be frank, I need to recover my essence, that glow in my gaze that has slowly oversteered, in this murky relationship that became for me a dark tunnel, a dead end, a tumult of insecurities that sinks me more and more.

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No, I don’t want to sound like a victim, I admit that the mistake was mine, especially for shutting up, for making you think I was happy with you.

But I swear to you that I myself fell into deception and ended up convincing me that by your side, I had found my place…

Dignity And Self-Love

I leave hoping that you understand that this is not as you say an act of cowardice, it is on the contrary a total act of bravery, of daring to leave this comfort zone that consumes me, that limits my dreams, my desire to laugh, and the saddest, my desire to continue loving you, my desire to love me by your side to stay…

Never doubt that I love you, but honey… you must know that I will not give up being happy, that I love myself and will always love myself, a little more.

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The hard part of the breakup is that one of us refuses to accept that it’s all over and that the end of his love story has come. That’s why here are some points to consider coping up with this moment and avoiding the bad times for the ex:

  1. Repeat what you want

Your ex will want to call you and message you. While one, you must repeat what you want when answering the calls: “I am sure and convinced that ending up with you will be the best thing of my life,”   “You played with me, now you can’t follow my expectations,” I don’t want someone like you in my life, nor does it make me feel better than ‘fight’ for me,” among others.

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Text messages should not be answered and prevent you from posting things on your social networks.

  1. Communicate that you will avoid contact with that person

This should be said directly to the ex. If he speaks aggressively, he asks for respect for the love he once had for you and reports that you won’t bother again because you won’t see him again in your life. Thank them and say goodbye.

  1. Be indifferent and show no affection

Don’t show any signs of life. Don’t be affectionate or smile if you find it close. Avoid meeting him and be distant or indifferent.


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