Will Your Love Break Your Heart?

Will Your Love Break Your Heart? (How To Know)

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Will Your Love Break Your Heart?

We cant foresee or predict a heartbreak. We normally ignore the words of wisdom from our friends and family members, while they alarm us, of what they can see clearly.

The aura of love at that time makes us feel that we know everything and everything is ok, while we dont know anything and nothing is ok.

How To Tell If They Are Going To Break Your Heart?

Will Your Love Break Your Heart?
Will Your Love Break Your Heart?

When in love, we normally fail to see the warnings and red flags in our relationship. And that creates lots of potential ways for some serious hurt and pain for us.

So, before you go too deep in love, watch out for these signs, if you see them in your partner, be sure of a heartbreak sooner than later.

They Don’t Motivate You & Don’t Get Motivated

If you notice them not being happy, or if they are not involved with your dreams and aim, thats not good.

As a partner, they should encourage and motivate you to go for your aim and dreams. If your partner doesnt motivate you that means they are not bothered about your success and life.

Moreover, if they dont pursue their own dreams or if they have any plan for their future that shows their lack of interest for a proper future.

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If you try to motivate them and they dont pay attention to your words, that means they dont take you seriously and there cant be any future with people like them.

If you dont stop there, you will have enough headaches coming in the near future because of them.

Being romantic is good for a relationship and love, but if someone is not serious about your and their future you cant trust them to be a real partner. So, stay away from people like them.

They Hardly Call You

If its only you, who make the phone calls to them, and they hardly call you up, then this is another sign which you should understand. Their behavior is an open indication that they are not at all serious about you.

Dont look at those moments when you two are together and at that time, how good they are to you.

Any person, who doesnt even care to make a call to know about you or not putting efforts to talk to you, can never be a person, you can call your Love.

Will Your Love Break Your Heart
Will Your Love Break Your Heart?

Dont chase them, because they are not worthy of it. Save your energy for better things.

Its not only about a simple phone call. Its about intentions and feelings for each other.

If someone cant do this much for you, they dont deserve to be your partner. So, if this is the case which you see in your new love life, you surely will get the hurt if you dont leave them.

He Wants You When He Can’t Have You

We all, like, and love attention. Especially from someone who loves us. But at the same time, if your partner wants you to give all your attention to them only, this is alarming.

If you notice that your partner wants you to be with them when you cant for any reason, then avoid getting attached to them.  

This type of behavior indicates their dominant nature and that can hurt you soon if you remain with them.

And if you fulfill their demand of being with them, they will take you for granted and soon, there will be no way for you to escape from their unwanted grip.

Mostly people like them dont take relationships seriously and have a history of short and multiple relationships.

Refuse to be the prey. Dont ever let them play with your life and heart. Stay strong and decide firmly. Its always good to stay away from people who dont respect and care for you.

They Always Need More Space

In case your partner is always asking to give them space, you surely will get hurt by them.

Its understood that we all need some space at certain times, and thats normal. But if someone is always looking for space in a relationship, that is a red flag.

If they go untraced for weeks and dont respond properly when being asked, that means there are other issues also with them, which they dont want to share with you.

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If they tell you that they are free birds and like more space in their life, believe them and mark your lesson.

These people, looking for more space are never ready for a relationship. Asking for space is only a way to get the liberty to play with you and others.

If you stay with them for long be ready to get a severe heartache.

They Behave Like Your Partner, But Not Always

If your partner does that everything that a normal partner will do, but dont commit anything, then you should never be with them. These kinds of people are more like flirts and dont believe in love.

You will notice they must not have updated their status also on their social media accounts and that still shows them as single.

If you ask them, they will come up with all abnormal and unbelievable logic and excuses.

So what they are doing with you is just having fun and using you as a game only. Either you can stop being a part of their game or can be ready to get your heartbroken.

Your Feelings Don’t Matter To Them.

If they constantly make you uncomfortable or make you feel of no value, you should cut all strings with them. They dont do it because of you, they do it because of their insecurities and low self-esteem.

People with low self-esteem suffer from complex and are always full of negativity. This is why they dont value your feelings and dont even care how you feel about that.

If you stay long with them, you will start losing your self-confidence and worth. Its good to say goodbye forever to them and look ahead in life for not getting hurt.

They Don’t Believe In Marriage.

If your partner shows no interest in getting married or clearly tells you that they dont want to get married at this point, take it for granted that, they will never be interested to marry you at any point.

If they have a valid point for not getting married in the near future, then its acceptable.

Just a small point here, I am not saying marriage is the key here, but if you want to get married and your partner doesnt want, then only the above point applies here.

See, its not about marriage only; its about commitment, taking responsibility for you and the relationship, and also about accepting you as their partner if they really love you.

Anyone who is not willing to go into these things cant be a lover or beloved. They surely are not in love with you. And staying with them for long will only hurt you.

I love you Baby Love You Sweetheart obviously sounds good and beautiful, but if the intentions are fake, what is the ultimate use of these words and sayings?

Time is precious and so is life, Use both of them wisely.

Take good care of yourself and promise yourself to be happy, With them or Without them!

So Long!

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