Why Women Cheat

Why Women Cheat – Reasons For Cheating

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Why Women Cheat ~ Gone those days when only men used to be a cheat in a relationship.

In today’s scenario, men and women both cheat at almost the same ratio.

Moreover, the reasons for cheating are similar in both men and women in this current era.

A Clinical study shows that the top three reasons for cheating are the same in men and women. The rest of the reasons vary, but not much.  

There are several reasons for a woman to cheat. Let’s have a look at them.

Why Women Cheat – Reasons For Cheating

They Feel Lonely

Why Women Cheat
Why Women Cheat

A woman who feels lonely is expected to cheat on her partner. Her partner might be working for long hours, might be traveling regularly for work, or even their presence is only physical.

So the woman, in this case, feels lonely and looks for a connection with someone. And cheating becomes an easy way to get rid of loneliness.

No Love Life

When women feel that their partners do not love them, they feel rejected. They feel that they have lost their value.

This causes a woman to look for someone who can value and love her. Since women mostly go by their emotions rather than logic, they easily get attracted to someone who shows some kind of affection or interest in her.

Being Ignored Or Neglected

In some cases, a woman finds herself only as a financial provider to run a home or just a housekeeper to take care of the house and the kids.

They don’t find themselves a girlfriend of someone they love or a loving wife of a loving husband. This pushes them to go into infidelity. They forget what they are doing and go deep into it.

Fantasizing Life

Why Women Cheat
Why Women Cheat

Some women have fantasies beyond reality, and they feel good in their fantasy world. They expect their partner to fulfill all their need every time.

They are never ready to accept reality, and they don’t lower their unjustified expectations. And when that doesn’t take place, they look to get it done from other sources. That forces them to cheat on their partner.

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Lack Of Intimacy

Every person on this earth loves to be valued and connected to a particular person through an emotional attachment.

Intimacy is not always sexual. Some quality time with their partner like watching TV or a movie, an outing, shopping makes them feel good and bring their partner close to them.

When a woman doesn’t get these small things from their partner, they crave intimacy. They look for someone who can do these things with them. And that becomes another reason for cheating.

No Or Less Sexual Life

It’s a myth that only men look for more sex and enjoy that. Plenty of women also enjoy more sex and look for the same from their partner.

When this need doesn’t get fulfilled, they look beyond their man to get satisfied and to live up their life with their terms and conditions.

This naturally leads to infidelity. A woman who loves her partner and is happy in her relationship can surely cheat her man if her man does not meet her sexual needs.

Lack Of Commitment From Their Partner

When a woman feels that her man is not committed to her and takes her lightly, they don’t like and accept it. 

When a woman feels that she is the only one trying to make a relationship work, and her man is not putting any effort into it, she also stops doing so and looks beyond her man after some time. 

They don’t end their relationship for some known reasons, but they also get attached to someone else also; doing “Overtime in relationships.

They Are Overwhelmed By The Needs Of Others

Several pieces of research prove that women who are happy in a marriage or relationship can still cheat just to have a sense of satisfaction for their minds and a desire to relish experiences that inspire them for infidelity.

They feel having sex with someone else will make them happier. They don’t do it for physical needs; they do it to satisfy their mental status.

The person who cheats on never realizes how it is going to affect their partner. The secrets, the lies, the betrayal, the broken trust, all put together, make their partner’s life as hell without any of their faults.

Cheating can’t be justified for any given reason. If cheating can be justified, then it can only be justified as cheating only.

Loneliness, Circumstances, Unwanted, etc., all are lame excuses. A cheat uses these excuses to justify their wrongdoing to none but themselves.

While it’s human to err, what hurts the most when someone starts justifying their faults and cheating, men also get hurt when they are being cheated, the same way as women do.

Cheats will never change, and people who can’t stay with love will never stop falling in love.

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