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Why Husbands Cheat And Then Beg Their Wives

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Why Husbands Cheat And Then Beg Their Wives Not To Leave Them?

I regularly hear from wives who do not understand the difference between the man who begs them not to leave him as a result of his infidelity and the man who actually gambled everything.

If so, is that an equivalent issue?

These wives regularly wipe their minds to understand what their husband’s vision might be. As he appears to be fully devoted and desperate to lose his family.

cheat husband

Still, nothing needs to be said about the first? For what reason would he say that he was willing to give them a chance to do the cheating?

A wife might have a spinning head because of this. They might really don’t understand what’s going on.

They might have constantly told their husbands that they can never cheat under any circumstances. And their husbands also assured them for the same.

These wives trusted their husbands. Because they knew, their husbands have high esteem. They believed, their husbands won’t lie to them. They had been a decent husband. But, they cheated on their wives.

In one case the husband cheated with his coworker, who coincidently was a friend of his wife. He knew that his cheating might not remain a secret, yet he did.

The woman he cheated with also has a family. She has two kids and lives with her husband. The wife said, she might move out with her kids, but was not sure about what exactly she is going to do?

When she confronted with her husband, he freaked out. He kept on chasing her around the house, kept on sobbing and telling her, that he was sorry and doesn’t know how that happened?

This clever cheat did everything to convince his wife that, he can’t survive without his kids and her so she can’t leave him.

The sad part was, though the wife was aware of his tricks she decided to stay back and give him another chance. Her husband was fully aware of what he was doing when he cheated on her.

So, there was proper planning, and execution and he was prepared for the after-effects also. While the poor wife had no idea of what all is going on.

If the family is so important to someone, why will they ever do anything to lose them? Do you agree with me?

Although every man, each affair/cheating, and every set of details are different, you will see the same things come up over and over again.

If you directly ask an honest man that why he risked everything for an affair, you may get a blank look.

Why? Because it happened when they think about it, the risk is wavering, but at that point, they did not reduce the risk of losing their family and kept on moving ahead with their cheating.

In fact, they did everything they could in their minds at least. So it is all very bad for wives. If most of our husbands sat down and wondered what could really happen if they were caught, most would never pass with it.

Because it’s just not worth taking that risk. But they don’t sit and really think about it. They convince themselves that it will be a one-time-only. Or that they will finish it very quickly.

 They tell themselves that their marriage and affair are two separate parts of their lives and they can keep both of them away from each other.

People who have illicit relationships portray it as juggling a few balls in the air, where they constantly try to keep both things going up.

Some people even try to leave the affair, however, another makes every effort to publicize it.

A large number of them are currently finishing things when they are found. By then, they began to recognize the danger they were taking, and they tried to distance themselves from it.

Apparently, by then it is the point of no return and they are caught.

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I cannot claim that there are some husbands who are indulged in the affair and who want to continue it even if they are caught. But in my experience, this is not the case with many.

Most of them will tell you that if they had sat down and thought this, they would never have done it. Most claim that they will give anything to take it back because they do not want to lose their family.

Statistics bear this out, as more marriages survive an affair. In short, most men try their best not to think about risk.

Isn’t it scary how people risk everything for an affair? They simply push thoughts of risk to the very back of their minds – until they are caught or are trying to end it.

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I also was a victim of cheating by my husband and so I know, how does it feel and how it affects your entire life. Someday, I will share that story also with you all. I had buried that chapter of life but still, that haunts me.

Especially when I see people who are victims of their cheat partners, my wound becomes fresh. Be it a male or female, I can feel their hurt and pain, and that hurts me a lot.

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There is no forgiveness from me for a cheat. And I believe, if you are reading this post, you also have the same feeling for them.

Take good care of yourself and stay safe!



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