When You Have A Tired Soul

When You Have A Tired Soul And A Heavy Heart

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When you have a tired soul and a heavy heart, life seems to have lost every meaning.

It is difficult to continue living when you are emotionally exhausted. You try to understand what is happening to you but cannot explain it.

You make an effort to put words on your feelings and give an explanation to people who are close to you but to no avail!

You feel like you feel things so deeply and give so much to others that it gives you a sense of emptiness. As if your soul had given all it could, and now it was just a hollow pocket.

When You Have A Tired Soul
When You Have A Tired Soul

You wake up tired because you can’t sleep. The night has become your friend, the one that surrounds you with his cozy but lonely arms when you get up at 2 a.m. to sit in the dark staring at the shadows that gesticulate.

You’ve even gotten used to this nocturnal loneliness.

You watch others live their lives, and you ask yourself, “But what have I done wrong?”. At that point, you want to control your emotions, feel less, and pay more attention to yourself rather than others.

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You even find yourself being jealous of those who think only of her and who ignore the feelings of others: for you, such a life is unimaginable!

But the truth is that there are people who love from the depths of themselves and who give every part of their soul to others, so much so that they have nothing left for them.

These people prefer to give everything to those around them to make them complete rather than focus on their well-being.

These types of people draw strength from the help and support they give to others. Yet, they do not know how to channel this force into themselves.

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These are the same people who cry in silence and secret.

They feel lonely even when surrounded by a crowd of people; they look at the lovers around them and wonder when their turn will come. These people have a hard time trusting others.

Indeed, the more they see that people trust them, the less they have faith in humanity, the goodness of others, and human beings in general. They have learned to rely only on themselves. And, after a while, it tires!

You are tired of making so much effort. The people around you think that, for you, it’s easy, even natural, to always care for others.

Of course not! It’s complicated and frustrating. It takes a lot of work and incredible emotional stability, yet you will never admit it!

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Loving as much as you do, makes you feel like something is wrong with you. Yet loving passionately and profoundly is the only thing you know how to do. For you, there was no alternative!

People admire you for your character traits. And why wouldn’t they? You are courageous, affectionate, and tender.

You’ve got your heart on your hands! Yet they do not see that your eyes are getting tired, that your faith is being tested, and that your loneliness is devouring you more every day.

But you can choose to see this from a positive perspective: you are different! Be proud of your strength!

Stay as you are because, one day, will come your true love and he will give you as much as you will give it to him.

You will finally feel understood and complete. So don’t change: hold on to what’s left of your faith and stay yourself because you are an exceptional and unique person.

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