When A Narcissist Says I Love You

When A Narcissist Says I Love You – This Is What They Mean

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When a narcissist says “I love you,” those words take on a completely different meaning.

This is a letter written from the narcissist’s perspective for souls who have fallen in love with someone who will never be able to love them.

Dear companion;

I’m going to say something I’d never tell you or admit.

When A Narcissist Says I Love You
When A Narcissist Says I Love You

Whenever I say “I love you, ” I always mean, I love your way of wanting to believe that I love you, madly.

I love the things you do for me.

I love the power you give me to take advantage of your kindness by exploiting your good intentions. Making you feel worse makes me feel better. I love making you feel insignificant.

I love the fact that your life revolves only around me. You fix my problems; you solve my doubts, you relieve my pain.

I love that all your time, you dedicate it to me, not to you, and as your attention is only to me.

I love to make you doubt yourself and question your sanity. You do not know what is right or what is real unless I tell you.

“I love you” means I need you because I need someone who won’t leave me. I need someone I can use as a punching bag—someone to make me feel good.

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I love how my expectations about you are continually increasing, while the expectations you have about me gradually decrease. I love seeing failure and disappointment in your face.

I love it when you think that I will be a changed person one day. But, you fail to understand that I will never change, because that’s not my nature. I am not here to change for you.

I love the way you follow my instructions and keep changing for me, but you never dare to ask me to change for you. You have been the best partner I have ever been with.

When I say “I love you,” I mean the love of hate for you. I love myself variably through the love you feel for me. And I want you to suffer because I hate having to depend on you for this.

I love how my happiness is your responsibility. I love the way I feel when you’re around me. How can I become a victim when you try to mention one of my many personality flaws or harmful behaviours.

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I love how I make you feel horrible when you mention something I did that hurt you since you won’t leave me because you’re hooked on this toxic relationship.

I love the way you support me and that I’ve never had to help you. Why would I do that? The things you’ll never keep you with me.

I just love the way you feel you are with a person who loves you. But I am someone who shows affection and love as a tool of manipulation.

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You don’t have any idea how much it takes to fake love with you, but I love the way you believe my love to be true for you.

I love the way you need me, and how you think you’re with the right person, how I make you feel unworthy and insignificant.

I love the way you run for me, and I honestly enjoy your craziness for me. You are blind enough not to see who you love so much.

When I say “I love you, ” that’s not why love represents. When I say “I love you, ” it means that I love how you respect my rules and how you live with them.

I love your being a fool to believe, at any point that I was sorry, whenever I said sorry to you. I might have said, but I never meant that.

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And I love you more for not talking about my actions with your friends and relatives. That way, I can continue keeping you as my slave, and behave with you the way I want.

I love the way you have surrendered yourself to me, and though that’s not that valuable to me, still I love it. That gives me more power to control you as a whole.

You need to know that I will use hurtful words and manipulation tactics under the appearance of love. You’ll never change me.

I sincerely hope every narcissist should get a partner like you, where they don’t react and bear the neverending torture from us, and keep silence, and keep supporting us to lead a rich narcissist life.

We both know this isn’t real. We should both know.

Best regards

Your narcissist.

PS: Don’t let anyone control you and don’t let anyone ever take your life away from you. Take care and stay blessed!

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