Things You Should Never Do After A Breakup

12 Things You Should Never Do After A Breakup

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12 Things You Should Never Do After A Breakup

While breakups are too tough to handle, the phase of transformation also isn’t any simpler either.

Nevertheless, it’s attainable, and there’s definitely a proper and an incorrect option to go about it.

Things You Should Never Do After A Breakup
Things You Should Never Do After A Breakup


No matter who determined to finish the connection, there is something, you simply shouldn’t do after a breakup. In case you actually need to transfer on, just stay away from these 12 things after a breakup.

1. Don’t Isolate Yourself

You do not need to go out and date once more, immediately after the breakup. Go slow with that. Don’t avoid your social life. Being with your family members will help in getting assistance to recover the hurt.

Don’t Isolate Yourself
Don’t Isolate Yourself


Even when you feel that you don’t want to be with anyone and want some time alone with yourself, avoid doing that.

Their presence around you will make you feel worthy to start a new journey of life. You will realize there are people, who love you, and that will help your healing up faster.

You might even plan for a trip also with your family members, friends, or even alone.

Friends Are Forever
Friends Are Forever


A fresh new location will be the best place to be in and to feel good.

2. Don’t Blame Yourself

Blaming ourselves up to some degree after a breakup is natural. However, it could negatively have an effect on shallowness, which doesn’t put you in a healthy place mentally.

As a substitute for inserting blame or shaming yourself after a breakup, be the sort to yourself and use it as a time to develop self-love.

Learn to stand by yourself and make it a point not to depend on anyone to make you happy. Blaming yourself will solely make the recovery phase tougher.

3. Don’t Get Too Dramatic

Understood, you are hurt and you feel your life has all gone and there is nothing to live up for. But that’s not the reality.

You just lost someone, who didn’t value you and didn’t want to be with you. So, it’s not your loss, it’s their loss because you loved them. It’s their loss, not yours.

Be practical and take the breakup as an opportunity to start a new life with new excitement and new ideas for life.

There is no need to go to people and telling them that you are going to die soon and look for sympathy from them.

4. Don’t Keep Any Contact With Your Ex


Staying in touch with your Ex is the last thing you should do to be normal. How come, someone, who has left you can come back in your life again?

Remember you are trying to recover and not to mess up your life more. But in case you feel that you need your Ex to be with you as a friend, then you are not reading the right post which you are looking for.

Whatever is the reason, don’t look and go back to the same point, where you lost your love and happiness.

Just end every connection with them. Be it a phone call or a text message. By doing this you will make things better only for yourself.

5. Don’t Repeat Your Mistakes

Every failure teaches us some lessons. Consider your breakup as a learning curve. The patterns which you had seen in your last relationship and were responsible for the breakup, avoid them in your next relationship.

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You need to analyze what worked for you and what didn’t and you will have to do it with complete honesty.

Don’t try to overlook any of your actions which you think was not good for your relationship. Only then you will be able to find out the points to avoid in your next relationship.

6. Don’t Surround Yourself With Memories

Anything which reminds you of your Ex, go ahead and eliminate that immediately. It can be a picture, a coffee mug their clothes, or anything related to them, just take them away.

The garbage box is the right place for them because you want to recover from the pain and not making your life much worse.

 Anything which causes you emotional distress should not be around you. Make a note of that

7. Don’t Neglect Your Health

Eating less or no food is not going to help you to recover from the trauma. Rather it will create more complications for you on your physical well-being.

For a day or two, it’s ok if you don’t feel like eating as much as you normally used to do, but don’t let that become a pattern.

You need to be in a good physical condition to fight and to be in a better mental condition. A healthy body keeps your mind healthy and you need it for your recovery.

8. Don’t Run to Social Media

Before you start giving updates of your mental status and current situation on social media accounts, ask yourself one question.

Will you be interested to read all that, if somebody else updates the same things about themselves? Nobody is interested in how you are feeling. Not at least on social media.

Keep these details with you only. Social media and the entire world is not bothered about how you are doing? Understand and accept that.

Don’t keep checking rather don’t ever check your Ex’s profile. It will only delay your recovery process and harm you mentally.

9. Don’t Jump Into A New Relationship Immediately

Take some time for yourself before you go into a new relationship. Staying single for some time will help you to analyze a lot of things, and that will be helpful for you for your next relationship.

10. Don’t Drink Away The hurt

Consuming alcohol is not a solution for any recovery. Alcohol can’t be a way to forget the pain, you are going through.

It will only add on some extra weight to the mess you are in right now. Drinking alcohol to overcome your pain is not the right option; there are better options available for overcoming the pain and move on.

11. Don’t Cherish Your Hurt

If I drink poison, I will die, and not my enemies or the person for who I had taken poison. It’s of no use to waste your time in anger and resentment.

Avoid any self-destructive behavior. I am not asking you to hide your pain but don’t cherish it. The less you do, the faster you will recover.

Don’t indulge in anger. Talk to your friends and family members about your pain and hurt. But don’t nurture it.

12. Don’t Even Think About Revenge

Live Up On Your Own
Live Up On Your Own


Revenge might sound like the right thing to do, but remember it’s not going to make things any easier for the breakup.

Take the right road of forgiving and forgetting for moving on. You need peace of mind and you don’t want your time and energy to be wasted on calculating the ways of taking revenge.

On the way of recovery from the heartbreaking breakup, you need to focus on yourself and not on your Ex and other negative things.

And in case you still want to take revenge, I am with you. Show your Ex, a NEW YOU, by completely cutting them off from your life, treat them in a way that they don’t exist, and the more you will be happy the stronger the revenge will be.

So be happy, and start living for yourself with all your heart, strength, and smile. Love might not be that beautiful, but Life is.

Take good care of yourself.

See Ya!

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