Almost Relationship

These Messages Confirms You Are In An Almost Relationship

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These Messages Confirms You Are In An Almost Relationship ~

Relationships and almost relationships both exist here at nearly the same pace. Sometimes it becomes hard to see the difference between these two.

In an almost relationship, things might look fun and exciting at the initial stages. Still, ultimately it becomes super dangerous because nothing gets your hopes up faster than a situation that feels like it’s going nowhere.

If you are in a relationship and sending these text messages to your partner, you can be sure that you are in an “Almost Relationship” and not in a relationship.

Almost Relationship
Almost Relationship

How Are you Doing?

This is a branded text message used in Almost Relationships. You want to meet your partner, but you don’t have much to talk about.

You are not happy since you two are not together, and at the same time, you know that even if you want to be with him/her, your partner is not interested.

What Are We Doing Tonight?

Here you are not sure about his/her plans and are unable to make your plan also. Just because you don’t want your partner to feel offended, you leave the decision up to him/her.

This confirms no understanding of each other, and it feels like a burden in a relationship.

Do you Want To Come Over?

Even though you want them to be with you, for spending some quality time together, they never show their interest in the same. And you have to ask them every single time you felt like being with them.

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You neither can request them nor can you ask them to come. This is an idle example of an “Almost Relationship”, where you can’t do much.

I Hope you Enjoyed Your Weekend

In a proper relationship, you two would spend the weekends together, and you would not have to know by asking them in an almost relationship you never know what’s going on with your partner.

Last Night Was Great

Had it been someone you consider to be your real partner, you would have said this on their face and not through a text message. You message this because; you want to hear the same from them.

What you did last night with them is not relevant. It might have been dinner or watching a movie or just some good time together.

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What is relevant that you couldn’t say on their face, so there is something where you are not entirely comfortable expressing yourself.

Can You Please? (About Anything)

When you are scared of their responses to your requests and unsure what they will do and how they will react, you use “Can you” too frequently.

This use of “Can you” is not because you are polite but because of being unsure. In a real relationship, you always have a right to your partner, where you can insist, fight, and can make sure that they listen to you.

Whereas, an almost relationship doesn’t offer you all these pleasures. You continuously are afraid of “how they will react and what they might feel?”

I Am Going To Let You Go – I Promise

More than not knowing each other, it’s driven by a low interest or no interest in not knowing each other.

You feel there is no need of knowing them since they are also not that interested in learning from you.

So, it’s just carrying on something, which works and behaves like an unwanted guest in your bedroom. Where you don’t like their presence at all but at the same time can’t ask them to get out of your bedroom.

Are We Still On?

When you have to ask this, the question itself yells loud, “No, you are not”.

Because you never got a chance to know them and in some cases, you didn’t try to understand (because you didn’t feel like knowing them), you ask them this question.

Your partner of this “almost relationship” already doesn’t behave properly, and they also wait for you to move on by leaving them.

This is a standard practice in all “almost relationships”. So even when you ask them, “are we still on?” deep inside, you already know the truth.

Relationships are good, and good relationships are worth being in. At the same time, a relationship is not necessary to live happily and not be a must to be happy. One can lead a happy life without being in a relationship quickly.

Your happiness and comfortable life are required to live up happily and not a relationship. And when the relationship is an “almost relationship”, you know, it’s not worth being with that even for a day.

If you are in an “almost relationship”, it’s better to move on right now. And if you find that relationships are not your cup of tea, stay away from it and live your life the way it makes you happy and proud.

Take Care. Bye for now!


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