The Real Picture Of Cheating

The Real Picture Of Cheating On The Person You Loved

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The Real Picture Of Cheating On The Person You Loved ~ 

Cheating The Person You Loved Will Have Long-Lasting Effect On You.

Every cheat faces the natural consequences of their action and they literally go into a status where they find themselves not only powerless but also helpless.


All they can do is to regret that moment when they had cheated on their spouse/partner. Karma comes into play and does justice.

While the person, who has been cheated on, suffers from all sort of pain and trauma, the cheat also doesn’t remain in peace

So what about the Cheat? Let’s see how the cheat lives up after cheating and how they handle the anger, humiliation, and interminable abuse.

From the day, you are labeled as a cheat, you will be held responsible for every bad feeling, anyone having in your house.

Every decision of yours will be questionable. You will be humiliated by society, friends, co-workers, kids, and family. And you can’t escape that.

Any bad thing that happens to your spouse, you will be held responsible for that.

Any problem which comes in your relationship, irrespective of the nature of the issue, you will be held responsible for that. And it won’t be only your spouse; your kids will also join the blame game, blaming everything on you.

If your children, cheat on their spouses or their spouses cheat on them, in this case also, that also will be your fault.

If they remain childless, unmarried, or feel unloved, that will be also because of you. Because they can’t trust anyone or go into commitments since they have seen what you did.

So you will responsible for all the mess your children are in.

Phrases like” Once a cheat always a cheat ”, and “How you do anything is how you do everything” will keep haunting you everywhere and anywhere you go. Your one bad judgment and you pay lifelong.  

Chances of getting forgiveness for a drunken driver for killing is higher if they say, they will never drink and drive again, than people forgiving you for cheating on your partner/spouse.

Because, you have a proven history of hurting someone, who loved you, and who; you were supposed to love and not hurt. So, it becomes easy not to believe you and your words for all.

Whatever you might have achieved in life, career; all are being forgotten and you are remembered as a cheat only. 

All your talent and other things become irrelevant for all, just because of your one action- cheating.

You betraying the marriage vows and the sacred trust, earn notoriety. You obviously are responsible for destroying the code of loyalty within a family.

You didn’t put them first. So, that means you put yourself first. Logically, if someone puts themselves first and are loyal to themselves only; no one will ever believe them.

Because you can’t be loyal to anyone; apart from yourself.

The Real Picture Of Cheating
The Real Picture Of Cheating

Your cheating on your spouse creates doubts in every relationship in your circle. Your circle starts doubting their partners also, because of you. Your friends either stop meeting you or laugh at you.

Do you see any respect in the eyes of your friends for you? How do their kids and spouses look at you?

That hurts, isn’t it? So, who is responsible for all that?

Only “YOU”.

This Is How Cheating Hurts The Cheat Most

A cheat can never trust others to be loyal to them.

Supposing I am a good person and I have cheated on my spouse. So, if I can be a cheat anyone can be. If I can hurt someone, who loved me and I destroyed their trust, why others can’t do the same to me?

What will stop them from doing so, if nothing could stop me?

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A cheat can never get away from the stigma. Whatever they try and do, they will always find themselves as a failure because of their guilt feeling, which constantly hits them.

You will be constantly worried. Fear of your spouse might remember and talk again about how you messed up their lives or someone discussing the same with your spouse in a get-together.

A constant fear of old things coming up again out of nowhere will keep eating your peace.

The person, who told you once that they will always love you in good and bad times, doesn’t love you anymore. Because, they try hard to heal up from the wound, that you, gifted to them.

And they are busy looking for ways to protect themselves from any future hurt, that you might cause again.

You can never be yourself. You can’t have fun, you can’t relax. Every action of yours will be suspicious in the eyes of your family members.

And for this pathetic situation of yours, only you are responsible.

You might never have thought that there will be a time when, you will think about giving up on your marriage, and now you are not left with many options.

You can forever remain like a punching bag for all your family members and friends or you can choose to be with someone, who you will never trust.

And remember, the person you had cheated with, also will never trust you completely. So, you lose everything because of your one action.

Can you look into the eyes of your spouse, which has pain, fear, doubt, and tears for your actions, and feel what they are going through?

Your failure and mistakes, as a husband/partner/parent will always unsettle your every attempt to behave and become normal.

Many couples stick to each other despite being cheated on and believe me only they know how they pass each day with each other.

While one partner suffers from the trauma of being cheated on, the other one suffers from the guilt of cheating.

And still, they remain together because of so many reasons, like, finance, family, kids, house, and more.

Can you imagine the atmosphere of such a home?  Even the thoughts are suffocating. Isn’t it? That’s the reality.

So in case you are about to cheat your spouse, please consider these facts and then decide, what you want in your life.

We all must have caused pain to someone who loved us the most and who we loved the most, but not all of us are cheats.

Hurting someone and hurting someone by cheating on them are two different things.

Hurting someone doesn’t become a sin but cheating surely does. And when you cheat, you become a sinner forever.

Cheating is disgusting and awful. Cheating in a relationship/marriage is ugly and a sin. And as a cheat, you always suffer from the guilt feeling of destroying your happy family and their trust in you.

You might try everything to fix the broken, but nothing will work. And that will hurt you the most. You can never overcome the guilt, even if your spouse and family forgive you.

Because, deep inside your heart, you know what you did and what you are.

Stay Calm And Stay Happy!



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