The Person I Loved The Most

The Person I Loved The Most Was The One Who Hurt Me The Most

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The Person I Loved The Most Was The One Who Hurt Me The Most: Letter to leave that love, that was not good for me.

The same thing has happened to all of us at some point in our lives: we have loved deeply until they ended up hurting us.

This is a letter to leave that person who makes you suffer.

In our lives, various loves have passed, those with which we felt safe and others that caused us confusion.

The Person I Loved The Most
The Person I Loved The Most

You feel like you loved a person intensely, but it was the person who treated you the worst for a strange reason. The person I loved the most was the one who hurt me the most.

The Person I Loved The Most Was The One Who Hurt Me The Most

“Tell me that it served me to love you like this, to put all my trust, my hope in you, tell me that it served me to build so many dreams if, in the end, you were going to destroy them. Everyone told me we weren’t compatible, but there was something about you that made me go crazy; deep down, I knew you weren’t for me, but I refused to believe it; I blinded myself to the reality that painted me as someone who would make me suffer.

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I took on the idea that you loved me as much as I loved you, and you might really love me, but your outbursts, your impulses, and that cruel way of treating me made me get away from you every day.

Yes, I indeed let a lot of things happen, and I cried a lot for you, believing you were going to get better, but make no mistake, just as I could wait so long for you, I also took my things and went looking for my happiness away from you.

The time will come when life makes you understand that no karma is not paid, because I am sure that the time will come when it is your turn to lose, and it is not that it wants you the most, but you will feel everything that I could feel.

How ironic it is for me to love you like this, to have given you my best kisses and my best moments and to have taken me to heaven and then a single word to make me dig my grave and return to reality, which you are like this and you will never change.

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It is unfair that this has touched me, and I do not get victimized, but it is confusing that you have been the person I have loved the most and who loved me the most and at the same time is the one who has made me suffer the most.

Sometimes it felt like a nightmare only, and I always thought that to be over, but I was wrong. All that was not a nightmare, and all that was happening in real.

Love is strange, so is life. I accept it. But without you, I can at least try to shape my life in a better way. I can try to add some colors to my life so that I can be happy. Yes, I want to be happy and live up!

However, I will be strong; I promise not to stop smiling and not make someone else pay for your guilt that has nothing to do with it because I know I might fall in love again and find happiness again.

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This time I will be a stable one because I have a calm conscience with the confidence that the best is yet to come.

Without a doubt, it’s a situation that we’ve been through at some point, so I leave you some tips to end that toxic relationship.

1. Self-esteem must be above all things, including about your relationship. Never compromise on that.

2. You must have confidence in yourself and realize how much you are worth. Don’t ever settle for any less.

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3. Analyze if you’re in a relationship of emotional dependence. Only you can do that, and that will help you to understand the situation in a better way.

4. Remember that you are not alone. Around you are people who love you and esteem you. Value them and be with them.

5. Don’t be afraid to end a bad relationship, as there will always be someone better behind those toxic people. Your partner should wipe off your tears and not be the reason for them.

6. You should always have positive thoughts about yourself.

Smile because you have a life, and be strong to live it up fully.

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