Begging Is Not Love

The Love That Is Begging Is Not Love: Don’t Ever Beg For Love

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The love that is begging is not love: Don’t Ever Beg For Love. When someone begs for love, they don’t see what is stored in future for them.

Why you should never beg someone to love?

The love that is begging is not love because if it were, then you would be suffering from emotional dependence, and this hurts.

Some people set aside love for themselves to look for it in the couple, but when the other person becomes a priority, the other component is silence and suffering.

Begging Is Not Love
The Love That Is Begging Is Not Love

The love that is begging is not love because, in reality, nothing is loved about what the other person gives, but only something that is in the imagination and that feeds on fantasies.

Many people are aware that they are in this situation. They give everything without receiving anything in return but do not take the decisive step for fear of being left alone, as they fear the grieving process after the breakup.

But is living worth living, suffering, and without true love?

Is it good to beg for love?

The love that is begging is not love

Anyone deserves real love that makes them feel special, smile, and fulfills several roles within that same relationship: faithful companion, adventure companion, couple with whom to enjoy intimacy, among others.

Therefore, to live real love, it is necessary to learn to be alone, endure one’s company, and accept one another; only then can one be successfully by someone else’s side.

One of the great mistakes that many people take as truth is believing that each person is an incomplete being and needs someone else to complete themselves, but this is just one of the many myths of love that prevent us from living the joy of companionship as a couple.

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Each person, by himself/herself, is complete; it is not, therefore, a fusion in which each loses his independence, but are two whole beings who love each other and accept the other as they are, without this involving harming the other.

In a recent study of love and emotional dependence, it was found that the concept of love is changing and as diverse as the same infatuation process in each sociocultural group. 

This fact gives way to love being confused with emotional dependence.

There should be a balance between what is given and what is received; otherwise, love would be begged, and the love that begs is not love.

Although each gives in for the good of the couple, some want to change their partner completely, and that is also not acceptable since it begins with being a false step, a mistake that leads to many relationships at last term.

A couple is much more than two incomplete halves. A couple is two souls who rejoice in the good news that happens to the other and live an intimacy with harmony and enjoyment.

Signs that it’s not love

The love that is begging is not love because it is marked by insecurity and irrational fear of separation, especially now when many people begin to reconcile with themselves and want to be alone.

People who are unsafe in love seek to have their partner constantly tell them how much they love them; they cannot be alone, but they always impatiently look for new couples, and above all, they are afraid that their partner will leave.

Those who do not live from love but insecurity often have several signs, among which are:

Low self-esteem: which ends up affecting the dynamics of the couple.

Fear of loneliness: which causes them anxiety and hinders them from seeing their life without another person.

Feelings of guilt: accompanied by depression and a sense of emptiness in life when your partner is not present.

Prioritize the couple: above family, friendships, and duties. All efforts are oriented towards the happiness of the couple.

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The urgency to see the couple: try to be by their side as long as possible, even overwhelming them.

Resignation and cancellation of yourself: by doing everything to please the couple.

Want exclusivity: Ask the partner to isolate themselves from their loved ones to spend more time together, isolated.

The only center is their partner: and around the couple are the conversations. Usually, they have no more topics to talk about.

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The couple’s role is lower: although there are cases where the pair with dependence usually has a dominant position.

Low functionality: when performing tasks independently.

To end the cycle of emotional dependence, the person must begin by loving himself.

Some people are trapped in a relationship without even feeling love, but out of habit, but emotional dependence keeps them there, tied up.

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It’s essential to exercise to boost self-esteem and feel better about loneliness. Knowing that happiness depends solely on each other is not someone else’s responsibility.

There is no need to cling to a relationship where tears are served first thing in the day and also at dusk.

The best thing, in these cases, is to free yourself, to begin to live from joy, because the love that is begging is not love. It’s all reciprocal.

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2 thoughts on “The Love That Is Begging Is Not Love: Don’t Ever Beg For Love”

  1. Mrs. Messed Up MeJane NotHo

    Theres a Huge difference between begging and being blindsided by your husband of 30 years carrying on for the past 18 months wit his meth head midtress/stripper thats not only 2 yrs younger than our youngest son but is also 6 months Pregnant with what she claims is my husband’s love child. Put your feet in MY moccasins & Handle THAT with your hearts & flowers philosphy. Hes taken our lifes savings and emptied our 6 figure checking account, cashed in OUR CDs, bonds, stocks & auctioned off our 36 ft travel trailer, 2020 Dodge Ram diesel and God only knows what else. They’re leaving town on a flight this weekend and he refuses to say where, only that she will be entering the best rehab OUR money can buy. Tell me oh wise one WTH am I supposed to do? I havent bus fare money let alone money for an attorney. Bill’s are due in a week as well as the mortgage on OUR home. I’m 63, and 2 yrs away from Soc. Sec. I was a stay at home mom to 4 outstanding sons and I refuse to “beg” them OR him for money or a place to live. I’m losing MY MIND and cant afford aspirin let alone a padded cell and psychiatrist.

    1. I am sorry for you Annie. I can understand what you have been going through and I know how tough that is to face. I will pray for you. Please try to be strong and be with your kids. Karma will act, watch out for that.

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