The Great Cheats According To The Zodiac Signs

The Great Cheats According To The Zodiac Signs

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Which Zodiac Sign Cheats The Most ~ 

The Great Cheats According To The Zodiac Signs

Did you ever think which Zodiac sign can be the biggest Cheat, according to the Zodiac signs and horoscope readings?

Or, who can be a frequent cheat according to their horoscope signs? Or, which zodiac sign is emotionally unstable, and fail to resist the romantic challenges in a relationship?

We will try to see how planetary alignment shapes the mind of a cheat, what aspects lead people to cheating their partners.

The Great Cheats According To The Zodiac Signs

Venus rules the matters of love. However, issues like, turns and twists, manipulations, communication, offers; all these are governed by the planet Mercury. 

These two planets, (Mercury & Venus) rule over two zodiac signs -Virgo and Gemini. Virgos are known to be perfectionists, and they always make sure that they have all the information, about anything they go for. But, with Gemini, anything goes well.


The Great Cheats According To The Zodiac Signs

Gemini people will get angry if I quote “Gemini is unstable, changeable, and unfaithful”, but please, this is not my understanding and reading about Gemini, this is what the astrology and zodiac signs readings say.

Sun or Moon placement in Gemini horoscope show how prone they are too cheating, and how clever & skilled they are at playing never ending love games, and they try hard to make sure, that they won’t get caught.


The Great Cheats According To The Zodiac Signs

Aquarius Holds The Second Rank Among Cheat Zodiac Signs

A Gemini is someone who is a natural player, born with the qualities of playing with love, and can easily get in and out from any situation, and enjoys a double romantic life blended with cheating, easily.

On the other hand, Aquarius, by their Zodiac sign nature, doesn’t value the traditional norms and this is why the “age of Aquarius” is announced as the time in human history that will erase the borders and traditional morals regarding the “sacred marriage” between two people.

Cheating for Aquarius is not bad and 100% acceptable. They consider cheating to be exploring life, looking into the possibilities of what love has to offer.

An Aquarius will never feel guilty or be ashamed if caught by their partner while cheating on them.

And you might be surprised to know that, the area of love for the sign of Aquarius is placed right there in the sign of Gemini.



Virgo comes at number three. The strong influence of Mercury works here also. But, in Virgos, cheating is planned with all cautions, and you will hardly find any trace or evidence left behind by them.

So, it becomes tough to prove their cheating. And that’s why you need to go with your gut feelings about your Virgo partner (if, you feel, they are cheating on you) and act accordingly.



The sign that shows comparative attributes to Aquarius are, shockingly, Sagittarius. Truly, this Zodiac sign is known for its high otherworldly and instructive interests.

All things considered, simultaneously, the Archer can be somebody who wants to taste the overwhelming “joy and adventure” of life, and this is the reason this sign as a rule doesn’t cheat for quite a while, as Sagittarius loses the interest quickly.


The Great Cheats According To The Zodiac Signs

And finally, the “I don’t have the smallest idea why” sort of cheat is somebody with Sun or Moon set in the indication of Pisces.

This is somebody who doesn’t plan by any means, rather somebody who acknowledges the things or occasions happening to them.

One abrupt look in somebody’s eye, the unforeseen grin or “it was only the wild party at the hotel, and afterward we some way or another finished in one of the rooms” are circumstances that can immediately happen.

These type of people won’t consider the ethical outcomes of their demonstration, admitting that everything occurred without their conscious acknowledgment.

Additionally, with this sign, you will never realize where something happened only a single time and genuinely didn’t mean anything, or if it’s something that will transform into an emotional, wonderful and doubtlessly ordained love.

Recognize The Cheats Using The Horoscope

Yes, I agree, that the lines above are on the whole speculations, and you shouldn’t pass judgment on anybody just by the position of their Sun or Moon.

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A good astrologer will caution you to consider the entire outline you are dissecting, just as the age of an individual, and if in organization, the general similarity or accomplice’s natal diagrams.

Thus, somebody probably won’t be so reliable at an early age, and by and large terms, this applies more to males than females.

Nevertheless, when an individual arrives at a particular age and genuinely develops, the need to bond with somebody long haul will get more grounded, and playing a wide range of games won’t intrigue that individual any longer.

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Topics like family and vocation achievement will normally turn out to be much more significant, and this sort of individual will take a gander at the conceivable issue as something where “I’ve been there and done that,” and effectively as a rule, stay away from the snare that may demolish their notoriety and “happily ever after”.

There are additionally a few situations where somebody who is generally viewed as a cheat finds the ideal partner to coordinate with, and those “cheating” planetary viewpoints are being changed in an ideal love relationship and utilized for shrewd business, not sentimental games.

There are a few cases, although uncommon, they exist.

By and large, there are no straightforward principles on the most proficient method to perceive the miscreant exclusively from the soothsaying diagram or from any hotspot besides.

I’ve seen many people confronting those issues, and there were no two indistinguishable stories. At the point when somebody youthful meets a con artist in a relationship, my recommendation is consistently to proceed onward and locate a superior future with somebody who will end up being a dependable partner.

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In any case, when cheating occurs in a serious relationship or marriage, particularly when kids and properties are included, and a prenup wasn’t marked, as it regularly occurs, at that point a good astrologer will strongly advise checking the charts and transits and afterward decide accordingly.

 As a rule, and particularly when men are cheat, this issue or a solitary scene was only a physical kind of involvement and, despite the fact that it will require some time for partners to develop common trust, numerous relationships are worth saving with a great deal of respect, proper understanding, and love.

Each story is an extraordinary example. If you had to deal with those circumstances, I trust you must have overcome them by getting heartier, smarter, and having a more advantageous existence after the initial pain, shock, and trauma and finally settling down with them peacefully.

We are destined to experience various things in our lives at different stages. 

However, our choice, quality, assurance, and unadulterated feelings will choose how the future will look.

Remember, whatever happens, make sure to keep your soul and heart clean from hatred, and you will get through all these bitter and tough tests in life.

Disclaimer—I am neither an astrologer nor a palmist. And, though I am a Virgo, I didn’t cheat anyone, instead I have been cheated twice in my life.

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