Thank You! For Giving Up On Me

Thank You! For Giving Up On Me – It Was The Best Thing You Did To Me

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Thank you! for giving up on me, it really was the best thing that could ever happen to me.

That is something I never thought I would say. This is something I never thought would be a good thing for me.

Thank you! for giving up on me. From the bottom of my bruised heart, I’m grateful. Because it is certainly injured, perhaps even temporarily broken, but it is not damaged or broken.

Your departure was a shock. I found myself on my butt. Besides, I had a good time with my head in my hands, asking myself, “Why?”.

Thank You! For Giving Up On Me
Thank You! For Giving Up On Me

I completely curled up in a ball because the shock of the break made me lose my balance. So I fell!

Still, I want to thank you. I want to tell you that, despite the pain, I’m grateful. Thanks a lot for forcing me to see inward because that’s all you left me with.

Indeed, all of a sudden, I found myself alone. Alone with my thoughts, alone with my pain, alone with myself.

In short, you abandoned me without notice or warning signs.

Thanks a million for not believing in me because it helped me to believe in myself.
Every time you told me that I would never succeed in having the career I dreamed of, that I could never manage my life as a woman and my professional life and that I could not lose the 10 kilograms I had taken… I believed in you.

But as you abandoned me, I realized that I didn’t need you to believe in me; I needed to believe in myself.

After being left out, I know I have enough talent to do everything my heart desires.

Thank you for never really investing in me because of your tribulations. Without your selfish action, I would never have been proud of myself.

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Proud of what will you tell me? Proud to have been able to forgive and let go of my past. Because you have abandoned me, I can keep my head up, knowing that I loved with all my heart, even with my painful past.

I now know that I am stronger than my past because it does not define how I treat others.

Thank you for always judging me harshly.

Your words were as sharp as knives, but I now realize that these words were nothing more than protests from someone with low self-esteem.

Your ramblings about judgment have taught me to be more compassionate with those around me. Because you abandoned me, I think twice before making a critical comment to someone, including me.

Thank you for not being there for me. You didn’t want to listen to me talk, let me off steam, or solve problems. You wanted me to sit with a smile on my face.

Because you have abandoned me, I now have much more confidence in my inner voice. I don’t need someone to validate my feelings or ideas.

Indeed, I can think for myself. I also know the true value of those who care enough about me to listen to me openly.

Thank you for not holding my hand.

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You never hugged me or kissed me on the cheek. After feeling a lack for four years compared to these simple acts of affection, I can say now that I appreciate these little things.

I’m sure I took them for granted before you, but thanks to you and the fact that you gave up on me, something as simple as cuddling seems quite new to me.

I do not regret meeting you, despite the tears. Indeed, you have been one of my greatest lessons. Because you have abandoned me, I have learned to support myself and to ensure my stability.

By losing you, I had the opportunity to become the truest version of myself. And I’ll never go back.

Thanks to the pain you have caused me, I now know what I am worth. Indeed, I am completely aware of what I am looking for in a romantic relationship.

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I refuse to settle for less now! I am a strong, intelligent, and independent woman. So I don’t need a man to feel good.

And I need you even less. In the future, I will never accept less than I deserve. I will fight to get everything I want.

And I will never be left to be left with beautiful speeches and devastating smiles because you taught me one more thing.

Thanks to you and your departure, I understood how to differentiate between good men and toxic men, between those who want a serious relationship and those who play with feelings. So yes, thank you!

You gave up on me, but it’s the best gift you could give me!

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