She Became Her Own Rock

She Became Her Own Rock – Because She Needed One

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She Became Her Own Rock - Because She Needed One - A True Motivating Story

Life doesnt go the way, we plan, and same applies with love too. This most probably is the way life goes.

It hurts; lets accept that. Some people surrender, and then there are some, who fight all along and stand tall.

This true story is about someone who fought with all odds and fought well. 

She Became Her Own Rock
She Became Her Own Rock

She Became Her Own Rock – Because She Needed One

She knew from the beginning that shes and shell be alone. She knew it didnt matter how many friends she had; she would have to deal with her problems alone.

She knew those problems wouldnt just go away. She didnt want to admit it to herself because she wasnt ready to act.

She knew she couldnt trust anyone because trust is almost always assumed. People break it so quickly without looking back. She knew from a young age that she would just have to trust herself.

She came to understand that people lie and cheat. She learned that not everyone is honest and that not everyone will look after their interests.

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She learned to understand that people only care about themselves and that everythings fine as long as theyre happy.

She saw that hearts are broken and that promises mean nothing. She learned she could only trust herself.

She learned that she has to take care of her heart, especially those that mean most to her because they are the ones who can hurt you the most. Thats how she memorized laws of love.

She no longer trusted anyone because all she got was hurt, pain and tons of tears. Every time she trusted someone and leaned on them, she fell.

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Every time she closed her eyes and left herself at someones mercy, she cried alone, all alone.

There was no one to ask why she is crying, no one to wipe off the tears. She learned that life is not fair. She realized that fate could fall on you without remorse.

She never gave up. Despite all her falls, she never stopped trying. Every time she found another solution, she would hit the wall. She had no way out.

She couldn’t escape her life because all the exit doors were sealed.

She learned that everyone gets used to it. She realized that people who should care about you, rarely do. She realized that people are trampled by others, even if they dont deserve it.

Shes a proud girl. Shes strong and never asked for help because she thought others didnt care about her problems.

She knew everyone had something bothering her and thought it wasnt right to put all her burdens on someone else.

She found herself alone in this fantastic world. She got hit every day, but she didnt fall, and she didnt give up.

When her life crumbled, she went for a walk and sat in a lonely place where no one could see her. She swallowed her tears and silenced the cries within her. She didnt want anyone to see them or listen.

Although she had nothing to live for at the time, she didnt want to give up. She found every ounce of strength she had left and gathered it together. She didnt want to be destroyed.

She wanted someone to listen to her, take care of her.

So she found that someone – It was Herself. – She Became Her Own Rock

She was sick of relying on others. Its a shame its taken her so long to understand that the only hero she needs in her life is herself.

There will be no more broken promises, no more trust issues and no more disappointments from the people you least expect.

She took her own life into her hands and became her hero. She became the person she can trust the most.

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She stopped serving others and accepting everything. It ceased to be someone elses punching bag just because life works like this, and you have to shut up and take it. No, she wont accept it, and she wont keep her mouth shut.

She now has full control of herself. Its her against the harsh world she lives in. Its time to put an end to everything terrible thats happening to her because she can because she wanted to stop it.

Shell never settle for something; she doesnt deserve again just because it has to happen. Its not like that, and she has the power to change what she doesnt like.

She no longer lets fate define her life. She never liked that, and now shes changed for the better.

She no longer needs to protect her fragile heart. She Became Her Own Rock.

She doesnt need to set her guard up anymore. Her heart is no longer tender and soft.

Her heart has become as rough as she is. Shes not afraid of anything anymore because shes a fighter, ready for the next battle that awaits her.

Shes her person, her hero, her someone to trust. Shes decided and made it happen.

She is happy and not worried anymore. She knows, she can live up with all the bitterness, as they dont bother her anymore. She has learned her lessons, and she is not going to repeat her mistakes.

She wont allow anyone to play with her anymore, no one can hurt her without her permission, and she has someone to protect her all the time, all the way - She, Herself.

Be your own Rock. if you dont have one!

Please take good care of yourself and dont forget to smile!

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