Saying Goodbye To Someone You Love The Most

Saying Goodbye To Someone You Love The Most

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Saying Goodbye To Someone You Love The Most… This Is Something You Had Never Thought About.

Leaving someone, you loved the most will always be the most challenging thing you might have ever done in your life.

You knew it was going to be difficult, but you didn’t think it would be that hard. Now, as it is right in front of you for the last time, you feel a kind of sadness that you have never experienced before.

You feel livid and weak as if you couldn’t trust yourself to stand. And you can’t bear the idea that after that moment, he will become a stranger, a man among others, just a memory.

Saying Goodbye To Someone You Love The Most
Saying Goodbye To Someone You Love The Most

You feel a void that, as you know, will remain with you long after this farewell.

As you stand there in front of him, all the memories pile up in you and get stuck in your chest.

All the love you have shared sends electric currents through your body. All you want to do is hang on to this moment forever.

You want to take a break! You want the world to stop while you are still intertwined, that you share another magical moment.

You want to pretend that everything is okay, but you fail. You want to; you could reach out to him and tell him everything’s going to be okay.

You would like to be able to hide the inevitable truth, namely that everything you thought you knew was a lie.

Yet you can no longer lie to yourself…

The tears on your cheeks suddenly remind you that this is happening. The mascara flows in fine lines on your face, and you struggle to catch your breath.

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You can’t calm down because you know for sure that this loss will make a profound impact on you.

Despite the tears, you don’t want to leave. You don’t want to let him go. But, deep down in your heart, you know you’ve to leave at some point. You know that staying is not going to help you.

So you look him straight in the eye to keep one last memory of your partner. You try to burn his voice in your memory, so you never forget it.

So you’re hugging him harder than ever before, hoping that you can remember that incomparable feeling of being lulled by loving and muscular arms.

You feel the warmth of his body, and you want to stay in that embrace forever. You look him in the eye and pray that he will not forget this beautiful universe that you have both created.

It takes a lot of courage to get away from his warm body and his familiar presence. Then, as you walk away, you try to think of something meaningful to say, something that might sum up the feelings of your broken heart.

But you can’t find the words that could make him understand how important he was to you. You can’t put into words how painful it will be to lose it.

Then you finally decide to leave.

So instead, you look at him one last time, you push your hair out of your face wet with tears, and then you leave in silence.

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You’re sitting in your car wondering if you could have done something different.

Maybe if you’d just said the right words, he’d have stayed. Perhaps if you had liked it a little more complicated, it would still be yours.

Or maybe if you had been a better woman, your love story would have worked. Doubts, over and over again…

But you know that words wouldn’t have changed anything. You know full well that nothing you could have done would have made your relationship last.

Under the crippling pain, you remember that you have the opportunity to live many more love stories.

You remember it won’t always be that hard. You remember that this pain does not mean that this end was a mistake.

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And you realize that for some reason, you don’t know yet; the stars didn’t align for that love.

The universe was not in your favor. This love was not supposed to be your happy ending.

Looking at the night sky through your windshield, you see the bright full moon that lights you up.

You see that even in your sadness, the sky is always beautiful. And in a way, it reassures you that everything will be fine.

Knowing that beauty still exists and seeing the glow of the moonlight gives you a sense of security.

And even though that love ended for you, it was an absolute honor to have lived it. It was like a gift that you had the privilege of sharing with an exceptional man.

And whatever happens next, you know that you will always be grateful for this love and for the warmth it has brought you.

You will always be grateful for this infinite memory. You will always find peace in those memories and they will remain their forever and ever.

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