Please Do Me A Favor

Please Do Me A Favor – Disappear From My Life Forever

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Please Do Me A Favor, “Disappear From My Life Forever,”  – A letter from a woman who decided to forget and love again.

Many times we live blinded by a love that is not worth it. We have a hard time knowing that this person, who told us so many times that he loved us and would be able to do anything for us, lied to us for a long time.

The rewarding thing about this is that we learn from our experiences over time and thus value ourselves as we really deserve it.

“And you? What did you think, what would I do crying for you, what would I continue for countless nights, waiting for your return, suffering for you?

Please Do Me A Favor

Your love indeed made me lose my mind. Still, when you left, I decided with my life to go on, it is true that I dedicate to you some nights of tears, some sighs, of course, some undue insults, but today I am calm, I feel very at peace, I know that I gave you the best that there was in me and that I had no way to have given you more.

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It’s true, late I realized that my time wasn’t necessary to you, that I wasted my kisses, that I wasted my love, that I was, in your case, just a used girl.

Look how late you realized how strong I am; after you, I got more royal, I had more time to worry about myself.

Seeing us again, I clearly remember the expression on your face: “How beautiful you have become,” you said. Look how curious; now you miss what was once yours alone.

I’m sorry to tell you, my ex-love, that you no longer take away my sleep, that I no longer think of you, now I have two new loves, it sounds weird, I know, but don’t confuse me I don’t become so “open mind,” what happens is that I have great self-love, such a genuine love; and the love of another man who truly values me.

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The truth is that without you, it was necessary to become a strong woman, a mature woman, a confident woman who knows for sure what she wants and where she goes.

Please, I implore you, do not look for me or call me anymore; there is no way to turn the past around because today, my present is simply the best.

Do me that great favor, do it for both of us, don’t bother me anymore and disappear from my life, rest a sure we’re far better.”

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Is it hard for you to overcome this situation, or do you know someone who went through the same thing?

Here are a few tips so we can forget that person who isn’t worth it. Pay attention!

– Remember that being in love is not the same as loving a person. You’ll fall in love again and end up loving someone who shows you how important you are in their life. Love is more than a feeling.

– Forget “the half-orange.” No one can be your other half, and that’s the exciting thing. There are no soul mates.

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There will always be someone to compliment us. The concept of the orange stocking is born from those who believe in blue princes and evil witches.

– Take stock of experiences. With this, you can come to a rational conclusion so that you can forget that person. If it doesn’t suit you, you’ll realize you’ve only experienced a few good things.

– Remove any traces that remind you of that person. If you have stuffed animals, letters, cards, photos, records, or anything else that reminds you of that person, you’d better get rid of them. Try to make a garage sale and get something beneficial from those “details.”

– Try to have many activities. Keep your mind in constant work. This way you won’t think about this person anymore.

Over time you will realize that there are other priorities in life — personal and professional improvement.

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