Never Cheat On Your Partner

Never Cheat On Your Partner (If You Love Them)

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Never Cheat On Your Partner, If You Love Them ~

People who commit infidelity not only hurt the person they are in a relationship with, but they also risk their entire future with them. They make their lives a complete mess.

Although most people agree that it is a stupid move to make, people still go for infidelity and cheat on someone they love.

Let’s figure out whether one can have an affair even though they still love their partner.

Never Cheat On Your Partner

Why Would One Cheat On The Person They Love?

We all enter into a relationship because we love to be with that particular person. Moreover, we choose to be in relationships not because someone forces us, but willingly we do it.

Now, while we are in a relationship, and if someone asks us whether you love your partner, would we say “YES”? If our answer is “yes,” why would we even consider cheating? And if our answer is “NO”, then why we are in that relationship?

People normally think that affairs happen only when a relationship is not working out, or a person has personality or character issues.

In some cases, that might be true but the experts indicate that even emotionally stable people in a good and healthy relationship can also cheat.

According to experts, even people in happy marriage & relationship, risk everything to commit infidelity. There are specific reasons for these people falling for infidelity.

When people want to explore the untouched aspects of life, they have only heard about, they itch to do something like this. It has nothing to do with the victim.

People, who feel bored in a relationship or marriage, try to do different things and they find cheating to be the best.

This is considered to be an escape from constraints of day-to-day life looking to indulge a part of the personality they lost or ignored for a long time.

After a certain age, we all need to act with responsibility. Having fun and excitement in life, help us to relax.

While it is important for us to have some time to relax and do something which can bring some fun and excitement in our life, some people go beyond limits, crossing all the boundaries of ethics and responsibilities.

The fact that one should not cheat in a relationship/marriage, makes them cheat even more. People do all these, just for the sake of excitement and at the cost of so many things.

Some people after getting married or while being in a relationship feel they haven’t experienced so many things in life.

They know, life has so much to offer, and they happily grab the opportunity to cheat and consider that to be an offer of life, a unique experience.

Here, the reason for cheating might be the curiosity to see what could happen if they have gone down a different road.

Whatever be the reason, it remains “CHEATING”


Why One Should Never Cheat If They Love Their Partner

It is just impossible to love someone and cheat on the same person at the same time. No reason to cheat can ever be valid and justified.

Losing Trust

Trust is the most crucial thing in a relationship. There might be disagreements, small fights, unhappy moments, but till trust is there between the partners, things work out. Any issues can be resolved if there is trust.

After cheating on their partner, the cheat, loses the trust of their partner completely. And even if their partner forgives them, they never trust them again.

Never Cheat On Your Partner

It takes a lot to build trust, and once someone trusts you, you can’t take advantage of that, and can’t risk breaking their trust, for the sake of excitement, fun, and exploring life.

And if you still have to do all that, you should first break up the present relationship and only then proceed to fulfill the desires you have.

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Can you really risk losing your partner’s trust in you? If that doesn’t matter anything to you, you should not bother much about trust and all.

Losing Their Respect

Another thing you will lose is your partner’s respect. We are all human, and it is normal to think of something that attracts us. However, it is different, from thinking about something and actually doing it.

If you go through with your unfair thoughts of cheating and have an affair, you literally show that you don’t deserve any respect from anyone, leave aside your partner.

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If you care for your partner, you won’t cheat them, you just can’t. And if you do, it proves, you don’t care for their feelings and them. So, all your love and care, you showed once for them, become a big zero.

The difference between Cheating Out of Lust and Due to Love

Every cheater has a different reason for cheating. However, when it comes to types of affairs, they come down to two categories:

Emotional Affairs– This type of affair involves love between the people involved, out of a relationship.

Physical Affairs– It starts because of lust.

There is a detailed post on Type of Affairs.

When You Cheat, You Hurt Your Partner

Ultimately, by having an affair you will undoubtedly hurt your partner and that too without any reason. You can try hiding the infidelity, but that won’t last long. And once they find out, they will be crushed.

That brings the question of whether you truly care for that person, did you ever love them truly? If you cheat on someone you love, that means you were ready to hurt that person. And you surely will agree, that is not love.

Ask yourself, what you would have done, how you would have felt if your partner had cheated on you? That most probably will answer all your doubts and will clear the “Justified Reasons For Cheating”.

Don’t be in a relationship if you find it tough to remain loyal, and choose a different path where you can enjoy your life without hurting someone so bad without any of their faults.

Take good care of yourself and keep smiling!


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