Broken Heart Syndrome

Knowing All About Broken Heart Syndrome

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Broken Heart Syndrome ~ Can Someone Die-Of Broken Heart Syndrome?

I am not sure if any of you have seen this in real life or in movies, where couples (and even partners living together for long) die within a few hours or days, of each other.

This is known as “Broken Heart Syndrome”, and this is real.

I have seen this happening in real life and was shocked to see the impact of Broken Heart Syndrome.

Broken Heart Syndrome

I recently posted an amazing story about how the couple died together holding each other’s hand. You can read that Here.

So, when you are heartbroken because your partner has dumped you, try to take it lightly. If you take it to your heart deep, you can’t imagine, how fatal that can be to your life.

 I know it’s easy to say than done. But, consider this, when your partner leaves you and you are completely shattered and heartbroken, you do all those activities which are normal in this case, like crying, not eating and sleeping properly, and not being happy at all.

Did you know all this can lead to Broken Heart Syndrome? That can be the last thing you would like to go through, for sure.

What Is A Broken Heart Syndrome?

Broken Heart Syndrome

Broken heart disorder is an imbalanced heart condition that is often brought by people troubled by circumstances and extreme emotions.

The condition can likewise begin with an actual physical illness or surgery. Likewise, it can be called stress cardiomyopathy, takotsubo myopathy, or apical ballooning syndrome.

The Broken Heart Syndrome can happen to anyone and for this to happen, the death of one partner is not a must. This can happen, even when someone is being left or dumped by their partner.

When we lose someone who we loved dearly, the pain can be emotionally devastating. It hits our physical health, what’s worse, that it can affect our hearts also.

Individuals with a Broken Heart syndrome may have sudden chest pain or feel that they are having a heart attack.

Broken Heart Syndrome affects just one aspect of the heart, in essence disturbing the specific siphoning capacity of your heart.

The remaining part of the heart continues to function regularly or may cause more significant contractions.

The symptoms of broken heart syndrome are treatable, and the condition normally reverses in days or weeks. Though it can be treated by the Drs, you must know what to look out for.

How Broken Heart Syndrome And A Heart Attack Are Different?

Heart attacks are usually caused by a complete or complete blockage of a heart artery. The blockage is caused by fatty buildup (atherosclerosis) in the artery wall.

This causes blood clots to form at the site of contraction. Whereas, In broken heart syndrome, the arteries of the heart are not blocked, though the blood flow to the heart arteries might be reduced.

The heart has a mysterious reason why it can suddenly grow weak due to physical or emotional stress.

It could be that a flood of the stress hormone adrenaline is too much for the heart to handle. Adrenaline causes the heart’s arteries to narrow so much that they cut off the blood flow to the muscle.

Who Gets the Broken Heart Syndrome?

Anyone can suffer from it, but mostly it has been seen that women get it more than men, in middle age or older.  An associated history of heart trouble is not required for Broken Heart syndrome.

So, it can happen to someone fully healthy and fit and having no heart-related issues at all.

While it’s believed that Broken Heart Syndrome happens, when someone loses her/his long-time spouse or partner, it can happen in other situations, too.

Someone might go through it after a major breakup in a relationship, domestic abuse.

It also happens when something makes you extremely anxious, like at public speaking, or a financial disaster.

Sometimes the stress of any surgery and other major physical issues also triggers Broken Heart Syndrome.

Diagnosis Of Broken Heart Syndrome

As mentioned above, the symptoms of Broken Heart Syndrome and Heart attacks feel the same, one should immediately call 911. Though it is not a heart attack, it can be life-threatening and medical support is a must

You might need to go through a blood test and EKG (electrocardiogram). These tests will confirm if it was a heart attack or Broken Heart Syndrome.

Imaging tests — a coronary angiogram, for example — would show that your heart’s lower left chamber is bigger than normal and that your heart isn’t pumping the way it should.

Be sure to tell your doctor about your loss and your grief, too. This will help him figure out what’s going on and what’s required to be done.

Treatment Of Broken Heart Syndrome

You might need medicines to manage the blood pressure and lighten the strain on the heart. These drugs include “water pills” or diuretics, beta-blockers, and ACE inhibitors.

Your Dr will tell you how to take these medicines

Because the heart became weaker physically, there might be chances of heart failure or to have heart rhythm problems. Your doctor surely will talk about that with you and tell you and what follow-up care you’ll need.

Counseling can also help you with the grief or anxiety that brought on your symptoms. Ask your doctor to recommend a therapist who can help you talk through your feelings and find ways to manage them as you face your new situation.

Recovery From Broken Heart Syndrome

In a few months, the Broken Heart syndrome should be over for you. And you will be normal without any heart issues

Once that period is over, you’re not at any higher risk of a Broken Heart Syndrome than anyone else.

Last But Not The Least

Being mentally strong is very important in life. Once you have that mental strength, you can fight any odds and any disease. Mentally strong people have dodged even cancer and I know a few of them who are now living a healthy life.

It’s not about only the wish of living up, it’s all about having the will-power to live up a healthy life. So the more you are strong at mind, the more it will be easy to score over any odds.

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Be it a physical or mental issue.

When your heart is broken, remember that it’s not the end of your life, you are still breathing. And since you have to breathe on, why not with a healthy and fresh mind?

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 A loss is a loss, no denial about that, but if you have a life, why not to live up that with all your healthy heart and healthy mind…without any Broken Heart Syndrome.

Disclaimer: – I am not a medical expert, so please don’t consider anything as an advised treatment for anyone. Consider a Medical Professional, if you have any issues like that. This is a post only to give you an idea about how alarming and fatal Broken Heart Syndrome can be.

Take good care of yourself and be happy!


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