Is Love Over

Is Love Over? 5 Brutal Truths You Have To Accept

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Is Love Over? – 5 Brutal Truths You Have To Accept

Ending a relationship is painful, especially when one of the partners is more involved.

But once it happens, there are things we need to stop doing. Meet them!

They broke your heart, but it doesn’t mean you’re not going to heal.

Is Love Over

Ending your partner is always through a period of pain and sadness. Not spending time with the person you loved but with which things didn’t happen causes you intense distress; you feel confused and afraid of what will come, but don’t panic! Everything will get better.

At the beginning of the breakup, it is inevitable not to remember all the experiences lived and not concentrate on the wrong time you are going through, but the time will come when you will have to face what happens.

So stop questioning what you did right or wrong in the relationship or why your partner did what they did.

Although all the questions are valid and they will be circling in your head, you should stop and accept that it’s all over.

It shouldn’t be so hard to get over it.

Don’t confuse love with infatuation because, believe it or not; they’re different things. First, being in love makes you somehow dependent on the other person and idealises everything about him.

At some point, you’ll have to understand that it didn’t work and let it go. What’s more, use this experience to learn and grow emotionally.

You can’t fix it. It’s over

You’ve heard the phrase “The past, stepped on,” he’s probably going on with his life while you keep thinking what might be.

You have to let him go, don’t hold on to something that doesn’t do you any good. Your relationship is over, and nothing can go back to that time, or not at least until the bad happens.

Is Love Over
Is Love Over

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They may have beautiful memories, but infidelity, lies or suspicions will always be present in your head.

When you feel ready, you’ll have to zoom out and separate all that; you’ll understand that you’re no longer turning the page, and you’ll have to move forward.

It’s not you, nor him – It’s both.

We’ve been lied to with that saying, “it’s not you, it’s me, ” because it’s both of us. That a relationship doesn’t work is a problem for both of us because they don’t know how to face difficulties or solve situations.

In the end, you played a role in everything that happened. Better relax your mind and discuss what you would do differently in a new relationship or work on those insecurities.

It’s time to rebuild

If the breakup made you feel terrible and you took a negative attitude about yourself, then it’s time to get up and be reborn, like Phoenix.

Work in your self-love and safety. Remember to love others; you must be able to love yourself fully. Don’t spend energy thinking you’re not enough for that person and feeling bad for all their successes.

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Remember, no love situation should leave you stagnating like well water. It’s over! So rebuild to receive all the good that life brings you.

The worst thing you can think of is that “they can be friends”… at least not for now.

Maybe you want to be his friend, so you don’t want to lose track of him, and because deep down you think they can come back. If he proposes to resume friendship, it is because:

-You don’t want to look like the jerk (although it was), and you want to look like someone mature, although you don’t know how to behave.

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-He doesn’t want to get out of your life to make sure you don’t get over it and forget it.

-He needs you to help him solve different things.

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They may seem a little crazy and gloomy, but the truth has always been more brutal, so you’d better change the chip and take the reins of your destiny.

Don’t be one of those who enter a vicious circle of relationships that doesn’t work instead of moving forward.

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