How To Forget A Man Who Was Never Yours

How To Forget A Man Who Was Never Yours

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How To Forget A Man Who Was Never Yours ~  Hes never been your boyfriend, so why are you having such a hard time forgetting him?

You know perfectly well that you have to move on and focus on anything else.

Indeed, you have to force yourself to stop thinking about him, but it seems to be completely impossible. Yet it makes no sense.

This man has never really been a part of your life. Youve never been out with him, and he hasnt made false promises to you.

How To Forget A Man
How To Forget A Man

So you have no reason to stick to his Basques hoping that one day he will fall in love with you.

His feelings about you will not change simply because he has none! He doesnt even know youre in love with him.

You are simply acquaintances, or at best friends. Thats all you need. He has no idea how you feel about him. What for?

Because you are fully aware that he is not interested in you, romantically speaking. So you never told her how you felt.

Youre aware of the situation youre in. But you cant erase it from your mind.

It haunts your life like the ghost of a past love. Except for that, love never existed.

How To Forget A Man Who Was Never Yours

You have to face reality!

This man never belonged to you! Its as simple as that. What does that mean? The beatings of your heart that ring out every time you see it is partly nourished by hope and partly by disillusionment.

But, they are completely painful. The only way to preserve your mental health and protect your fragile heart is to stick to the facts.

Hes not dating you; he doesnt love you. And, he will never belong to you. So you have to repeat these phrases every time you see it, even if it hurts deeply.

You don’t know him!

Someone who has never belonged to you is an individual you dont know. Indeed, the man you imagined in your head and the loving relationship you created in your mind have nothing to do with reality.

It is entirely different in real life. Its simple: the man you imagined doesnt exist in real life.

You may be friends, you may have spent evenings with common acquaintances, but you dont know how he would behave as a boyfriend.

And, its not something you can know until you go out with him. But that will never happen!

This idealization that you have made of him is in no way a reflection of reality.

You deserve better!

You have to keep in mind that you deserve much more than a one-way relationship or an almost love.

At least you deserve to be with a man who wants to be with you. Dont you think so?

Now, whatever the reason, this man is not available to you. Either he is already in a relationship, or he is not ready for a serious romantic relationship.

So you have to move forward. You must not belittle yourself to be one option among many. You deserve better than spending your life hanging in the words of a man who doesnt see you.

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So the best option for you is to make the conscious choice to move on. And, I know its far from easy.

This is probably the most challenging thing you will have to do during your sentimental life.

But watch out! You have to understand that deciding to move forward is not something you are going to do once.

Indeed, youre going to have to be firm in your intent and continuously repeat yourself, I have to move on.

Every time youre tempted to feed this crush again, youre going to have to make the apparent decision to end this circus also.

Of course, if you fall back into your old habits for a day, it doesnt matter.

But, it would help if you did not let yourself be caught up in illusions that make you believe that you will soon be a thrilled couple.

Stop communicating with him.

Right away… There now! Dont spy on his posts or his activity on social networks. Does he have a new girlfriend?

So what? This information only deepens your wounds. Did he break up with his girlfriend? Again, what about?

It doesnt make any difference to you. He never wanted to be with you, and he never made you understand that he was interested in a romantic relationship with you. So why are you feeding this false hope?

Please dont call him or send him messages on the pretext that you have something interesting to say to him or that you want to know how he is doing.

Hes fine! He goes his little quiet life and doesnt think about you. Besides, he even wonders why youre contacting him.

So, clear it from your friends list or block it. It doesnt have to be forever, but at this very moment, you have to do it.

You dont need to see his first name displayed on your screen every time he likes a girls photo or flirts in the comments.

Be a little logical when you burn your hand, for example. Youre not trying to heal your wounds by exposing your hand back to the flames, are you?

Well, you have to apply the same rule to your wounded heart. You must not expose him to the source of his pain.

How To Forget A Man Who Was Never Yours

Don’t worry about sounding mean.

Im going to tell you something. This man will certainly not notice that you have cut off all contacts.

Yes, I know… It is not easy to digest. But it had to be said. Or, instead of written! Besides, even if he notices the distancing does not take it as a sign.

Indeed, just because he realized that you blocked him or that you distanced himself does not mean that he is interested in you.

It just means you were friends, nothing more! He misses your friendship, but thats it!

And, you dont have to explain anything to him. Dont tell him about the crush you have and dont talk about how you feel about it.

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It wont do you any right, especially when you realize that he had no idea how you felt and that he doesnt share those emotions.

Even if youre tempted to tell her everything, resist! Just tell him youre very busy right now and you need time for yourself.

So give yourself all the space and time to focus on your healing and mental well-being.

Stop lying to yourself!

Repeat yourself, over and over again, that you were not a real couple. Forget your dreams of a happy life with him and, above all, stop making movies.

Its time you confessed the truth. Not to him, but yourself! It is normal to grieve this potential relationship.

After all, you spent a lot of time imagining what your life together would look like.

But now you have to be healthy. Indeed, it would help if you regained control of your life and your emotions.

Dont let yourself be eaten by depression. Otherwise, youre going to fall back into your old habits immediately presto.

Honestly, is this man that exceptional? Im certainly not! But, for some reason, it stays ingrained in your mind.

Now that you have cut off contact with him and decided to mourn this false relationship, this is the perfect time to regain control.

Focus on your friends, your work or your passions. Look for new sources of excitement and interest.

In short, replace the thoughts that were dedicated to him with new plans and solo adventures that will make you happy.

Go out with other men.

I can already see your situation. Your feelings for him were so strong that you completely abandoned your love life.

Indeed, you wanted to make sure that you would be available for him when he decided to give you some attention.

But thats it… You finally realized that this man would never go out with you. You realized that your dreams of being a couple with him were nothing but illusions.

So now youve got to get back on your feet! You have to get out again. Try to meet men who share the same interests as you.

Throw yourself into the water as if you are trying to avenge the evil that this imaginary relationship has done to you.

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Of course, you dont need to find the right one, but you have to feel what its like to date a man whos interested in you.

Someone who thinks youre beautiful, smart, healthy and extraordinary. Besides, you never know what you can find.

Indeed, you may immediately start dating a man who will make you forget one of your illusions.

But, you have to keep one thing in mind: you have to be nice to yourself. Indeed, it is not your fault if you cannot be with him.

You fell in love with him, and it doesnt matter-no need to feel guilty or ashamed.

Just remember that what youre doing right now is the best thing you could do for your happiness and well-being.

As your healing has only just begun, you must make sure that you are always tolerant, understanding and kind to yourself.

I hope, this post will help you to forget the man who was never yours, and will get your peace of mind back to you.

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