He Was Not Perfect But He Was My Favorite

He Was Not Perfect But He Was My Favorite – Unrequited Love

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He Was Not Perfect, But He Was My Favorite – Unrequited Love ~

“The days before our next meeting seemed eternal. I also knew that it would not last long, but I still wanted to live it.”

Falling in love is as complicated as finding the right person. It is impossible to predict that everything will be fine every time you give yourself a chance to start something with someone else.

But your female intuition inevitably gives you some clues that you would probably ignore with a passion for love.

He Was Not Perfect But He Was My Favorite
He Was Not Perfect But He Was My Favorite

When we finally realize that the relationship does not work and poison you, it is time to step aside, with a lot of effort and lots of love.

“He was not perfect, but he was my favorite” is what describes the situation, and if you do something like this, you will identify yourself.

“I was going on an impossible mission these days to find a good match. I used to rank free, complex, unpredictable, outgoing, who always play it on their list of “good prospects” and who always end up … breaking your heart.

I think, deep down, we all do this kind of classification, which is absurd but helps to imagine what an ideal man would look like. That moment also came in my life, when he came in my life.

There was a hidden desire to complicate my life, deceive the bad girl, and pretend that I have closed the door to love, wounds, and confusion.

So I was attracted to risky kids: I was looking for adrenaline, I wanted to be with a guy who was willing to give bonuses that brought me back to life and wooed the destiny he wanted.

They began as coincidences, laughter, jokes; We advised each other, even though neither of us had a face to offer advice. Then a couple of kisses at the end of the day, always avoiding looks and what they would say.

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As you will understand, we do not survive the temptation of the flesh, and my skin has melted with his total dedication!

He kissed me from beginning to end, and I explored every corner of his body. We were there, like two in love. It was the perfect combination of intensity and tender caresses.

The rest of the world said that he was a man he did not love, but how did he know how to make love so perfect?

Something inside me was telling me that it was just sex. Despite this, it was several nights of which we spent together.

The next day it was like going back to the real world instead of showing off what they would say. I did not know what we were. His proximity made me nervous.

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The days before our next visit, it looked eternal. I also knew that it would not last long, but I still wanted to live it.

His coolness and zero romanticism mesmerized me; It was something that would never be on my list, but I would break out of that pink world and start moving.

There was no relationship, no details, no commitments, no select dates, only feelings that would destroy the heart in the end.

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It was only a desire to be skin-skinned, so that’s when I finally understood that I had run away.

The end of the story is that I ended up with a great man I love and cherish. But I will never forget the other love that made me tremble, the days of passion, and total dedication.

I know he wasn’t the one, but he was my favorite. The love that cannot last forever.

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Can anyone tell me where I was wrong? Shouldn’t I have loved him, or all that was not love at all?”

Falling in love and making a mistake is part of life, but you can’t run into the same problem. It must be learned and overcome even though memories will endure in our memory and heart.

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