He Was A Lesson And Not A Soulmate

He Was A Lesson And Not A Soulmate – I Learned My Lessons

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He Was A Lesson And Not A Soulmate – I Learned My Lessons ~

I remember I had believed that somewhere else, someone was half of me. The person who was spending his life with me and someone who was sure to be mine.

A man who will save me and let me hold him again. A man who would complete me and give me all the things I did not even know I was missing.

A man who loves me whatever happens and who appreciates my unconditional love.

He Was A Lesson And Not A Soulmate

I knew that somewhere my Mr. Perfect was my Prince Charming. And I didn’t expect it to be right, I wanted our love to be perfect, and I enjoyed both of us to be utterly imperfect for each other.

This man never walks away from me and loves me no matter what happens. At the same time, I will never question my love for him.

He would know that I would love him at the worst and best of times without exception.

I will know that I have waited for him all my life, and I will know how grateful I will be in my life. Both of us will make the same effort in our relationship, and we will both work hard to make it work.

I felt that this person would be my soul mate and companion in heaven, and I was sure that this man would come into my life.

And when I met you, I was sure that you were this man. When we started looking at each other, you had all these qualities. It was not your look or your money; it was just the way you treated me.

I didn’t expect you to treat me like a princess, but you made me feel. I felt appreciated, respected, loved, and wished, and those were the things I wanted the most.

So I was sure that you were my soulmate, that you were the type that I had waited so long for. And I was so happy that you finally came into my life; I didn’t see that you were changing over time.

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I didn’t see that you were pretending to be the right guy until you made sure you got me.

And even when I started to realize it, I refused to see the real one. Even when I saw you carrying me, your love for me was fading; I tried to justify you and make excuses.

I wanted to believe our fairy tale so much that I was not ready to allow anyone or anything to destroy your image. Even if that someone was you.

And then, one fine morning, you left me for someone else. And so, you left my life. You walked away from our lives, everything we had planned and dreamed together.

You went as if I meant nothing to you and as if you never loved me.

And I think you never did. I guess you pretended to be that man until you had seen me, ultimately until you were sure that I loved you like I never loved anyone else.

That’s all you ever wanted from me, and once you got it, you were good to go.

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When you left, I was devastated. You broke my heart and shattered all my hopes and dreams. You killed an innocent girl who believed in love and fairy tales, and I had to face real life.

You made me suffer pain and disappointment. I saw you as the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and it took me a long time to realize that this was not going to happen.

It took me a long time to pick up the pieces of my broken heart without asking what I was like and without asking me what you did to me.

But I am not going to tell you what I have done since you left. Because I am better now. Yes, you killed that person before I came into my life, and for some time, I didn’t like that you made me.

But very little, I am learning to love this new one. Because now, I am stronger than I can ever imagine.

I no longer believe in fairy tales, and I know that sometimes love is not enough, but you cannot kill my desire to live, and that is the most important thing.

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I’ll tell you that I forgive you. Not only this, but I am thankful to you for what you have done for me.

Because if it were not for you, I could never be a strong, powerful, and independent woman. I never realized that not everyone deserves my love and trust.

I never understand that I do not need a man to fulfill me, and I am much more than myself. And I never realize that I need to love myself before I respect and love another person.

Yes, you were my hardest lesson, but I think I had to mistake a Soulmate for a lesson to understand some things. And I understood them after losing a lot.

Take Care and Stay Blessed!


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