Dreaming Your Ex

Dreaming About Your Ex

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Dreaming About Your Ex – Why Do You See Your Ex In Dreams

Many of us believe that any dream is a manifestation of our subconscious mind, we dream what is stored in our subconscious mind. 

But that ocean of thought might be pretty disturbing when someone starts having dreams about people anyone would rather forget.

Dreams about your ex can be extra confusing and disturbing too if you don’t even want to think about them.

Dreaming Your Ex

And it creates more confusion and problems when you are already in a relationship.

So, why do some people keep dreaming about their ex?

A friend of mine, who is happy in her present relationship, dreams a lot about her ex. Though, according to her, she doesn’t even think about her ex at all.

And I am sure, she must not be thinking about her ex, but what about her unconscious mind? She can’t reach there, nor can anyone.

And while I’m sure that some of you might not give it a second thought, you can learn about your unconscious mind by understanding the common reasons why some people dream about their exes.

Below listed the 6 possible interpretations of your dreams and unconscious mind might help you to understand why you keep on dreaming about your ex.

  1. You Are Still Angry On Your Ex.

Dreams about your ex might be a statement of some unexpressed feelings of outrage toward your ex.

There are chances that your conscious mind has stifled that anger trying to shield you from the agony, though your unconscious mind is letting you know there are feelings of anger you have to work through so they won’t continue into your next or present relationship.

  1. You Might Be Facing The Same Old Issues In Your New Relationship.

You might be encountering some sort of emotional breakdown or absence of proper communication in your current relationship, and your unconscious mind might be trying to show you that issues that existed in a past relationship are happening again in this one.

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By remembering the negative picture of your ex, your subconscious mind is attempting to alarm you so that you can fix the issue before it’s past the point of no return.

Dreaming Your Ex

  1. You Might Be Worried About your Current Relationship

Your past relationship experiences should serve a purpose in your present life and current situations. Your unconscious mind might be attempting to let you know there is an issue in your present relationship.

And that isn’t being addressed in light of the fact that your conscious mind is attempting to smother or overlook it.

  1. Your Subconscious Mind Might Be Reminding Things, That You Don’t Want.

Our unconscious mind tries to point out that things in your past relationship didn’t work out for a reason. And we might be willing to take a closer look at what you have going on now.

In your cognizant existence, you might be unknowingly showing a pattern of behaviors or acting in such a manner that was inconvenient in your past connections, and your unconscious mind is attempting to instruct you to stop.

  1. Our Subconscious Might Be Seeking Closure.

Sometimes relationships end in such a way that we don’t get closure. Our unconscious mind might try to do this for us with the goal that we can ultimately move forward.


And that opens the doors for us to invite a stable and healthier relationship in the future.

  1. Our Unconscious Mind Asks Us To Escape Our Current Situation.

We all have encountered a period in our lives when we needed to disregard something about somebody or remain in a relationship since it felt more secure and more agreeable to do despite the fact that we weren’t really cheerful.

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Our unconscious mind might be permitting us to perceive what we need as well as don’t need, alongside what we have to do or change inside our present relationship or circumstance.

Every dream has a reason and its meaning. And it’s important to be attentive toward them and try to figure out what our dreams are trying to tell us.

 Interpretations of dreams offer a unique way of explaining the fears and uncomfortable thoughts our unconscious (or subconscious) mind makes us aware of while we sleep, even as our conscious mind prevents us from accessing them when we are awake.

Dreams don’t follow any pattern. They are sometimes disturbing, sometimes pleasant, and sometimes irrelevant and sometimes specific.

And among the most confusing of dreams are those in which you find yourself dreaming about your ex.

Our unconscious mind keeps on storing information about our character, emotions, and feelings and serves as a way to protect us from any emotional overload.

Psychology of dreaming

A dream clearly tells about the person’s unconscious mind, most of the known figures of psychology have confirmed that.

Dreams either fulfill our desires or show our fear and other emotions which we can’t express when we are awake.

Dreams are our conscious mind’s ways of connecting with our unconscious mind in order to find ways to approach things affecting us when we are awake.

Never Ignore Your Dreams.

Dreams with romantic feelings, such as dreams of an ex, are normally attempts to answer our questions about every relationship in our lives, as well as about the meaning of those relationships.

In order to answer these questions we have about relationships, we dream that reveals different aspects of our past loves and present relationships.

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Each dream is significant and unique and every dream has a meaning. You need to decode them to understand the meaning of your dream.

Our dreams never guide us toward anything that may hurt us, rather they help us to be in a position where we can be healthy and happy.

Our dreams serve a purpose, it may show an opportunity to change our current situation or represent a chance for personal growth.

Please pay proper attention to your dreams and try to understand them, and never ignore them. If you do so, you will have an edge over your dreams and will be able to make the required changes for some obvious betterment in your life.

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