Don't Hold On To A Love That Hurts More Than It's Worth

Don’t Hold On To A Love That Hurts More Than It’s Worth

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Don’t Hold On To A Love That Hurts More Than It’s Worth ~

Love is not about doing all the sacrifices and it is not about only sufferings. At least, that’s how Love is being considered.

Giving everything to have a relationship full of love from your end only, is not worth it if you suffer. You must stop clinging to a relationship that hurts more than it’s worth.

Love is simple, but also very complex. It is something that can make us very happy, but undoubtedly, it can also make us suffer.

Don't Hold On To A Love That Hurts More Than It's Worth

And you will agree, mostly it makes us suffer. And that’s why I believe, “Love Hurts”.

And there are relationships so unhealthy that they cause more sadness, disappointment, and pain than joy and satisfaction.

However, for some reason we don’t even know, we hold on to maintaining it. We strive again and again to try again; we grab words and attitudes that have nothing to do with the reality, with the person we love.

Don’t Hold On To A Love That Hurts

We end up confused and lost in real life, in that feeling between the love we wish we had, and the one we really are living with. We fail to act and save ourselves from pain and trauma. But, we don’t move on, we still try to be with them.

No, it’s not wrong to love someone with all your heart, or fight for that love and make things work. What is not right is that there is no reciprocity, feel bad about not being reciprocated.

And above all, stay there to see if that person, at some point, decides to change their mind and out of nowhere, as if like some magic, they would decide to love you as much as you love them.

It is true that those who do not risk do not win, but sometimes betting everything on a complicated relationship, definitely, is not worth it.

That of giving everything without expecting anything in return seems to be a somewhat conformist theory because even if you fight for that love that you feel and the other side does not contribute, it will end up cooling down.

Besides, if that person really loved you, they wouldn’t hesitate to show you, so you wouldn’t have to fight.

Maybe there was a time when that person did love you, but something happened along the way. At some point that thread that joined them broke, the magic escaped. And that doesn’t make them a bad person, not guilty. Just love is over.

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On the other hand, there are people who are definitely not worth it, much less your love and your time, like those in which one of us lives disappointed because the other person does not meet their expectations or those who live more in the past than in the present.

Full of resentments for unresolved matters. There are also people so insecure that they need constant affirmation to show them that they love them and start trying to manipulate you to feel safe.

And there are frustrated people who, feeling dissatisfied with their lives, try to control their partner’s happiness to the point where freedom is lost.

And while still mentioning unfaithful people, those who can’t appreciate love and trust even if they really love them.

True love fills us with strength and encouragement to fight with odds for the relationship, but it is disappointing to realize that there is no reciprocity, that that person is not willing to really try, that they will not change their attitude and will not fulfill what their promises.

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Then, inevitably, that question arises to which we fear so much, but it is necessary because it comes from the bottom of our souls and demands an answer: Is it worth continuing? Is it really worth insisting on?

It is an answer in which you will undoubtedly have to look inside yourself, and you will have to first learn to respect yourself, value yourself, and above all, love yourself.  Otherwise, no one else will.

If you can see all the good that is in you and decide to reconquer and fight first of all for yourself, you will undoubtedly find a way out that will lead you to the right answer.

If that person deserves the attempt, you’ll be ready to demand what you want from that relationship, making that person see that you deserve to be loved and valued.

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And if that person really loves you, they’ll definitely be willing to give you what you deserve.

And if that love doesn’t deserve to try to save the relationship, you should be ready to open your hands and let go of that relationship that hasn’t brought you anything good so far, just anguish and despair from so much indecision, uncertainty, and inconsistency.

I know it’s very difficult to let go of those who love each other too much, especially when you build illusions about something that never was.

But you have to accept it, be strong, and understand that sometimes it’s better to retire in a timely manner than to keep wasting time where they don’t want you or need you.

You’re worth a lot to wait and see what hours they call you or see that if they’re looking for you or they’re with you, it’s just because they’re not lonely or because they need someone to hang out with, not because they really love you.

No one deserves crumbs love, let alone suffer for someone who doesn’t value you. Unfortunately, you have to go through this to realize this, but it’s not in vain, it’s one more life lesson and an opportunity to strengthen love for yourself.

And it’s time to leave behind all the tears you’ve shed and although no one assures you that the road will be easy, that there will be no more stones to stumble upon once more, never forget that you deserve happiness.

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Don’t waste your time and your life insisting on a relationship that doesn’t make you grow, that doesn’t make you happy, more conscious person.

Don’t ever let anyone wipe the smile off your face, because now is the time to live life, second by second. Don’t bother to think about what will happen next.

Never forget that more than pain, you deserve happiness, and the only way to love in a healthy way, is to give freedom to the partner.

To overcome this stage is not easy because you will have many feelings for them. To relieve this pain, it is necessary to follow these steps:

  1. Talk To The Person And Clarify That It’s All Over

It is explained for the reasons why you do not want to have that person by your side and what doubts the love that has you.

Mostly, couples who finish and return is because they want to relive the best moments of the relationship, but they only find suffering by seeing that nothing is equal and a great deception to themselves by recognizing that they want to feel again in love.

  1. Give Them Back Their Tings

It is an important step to continue living as a bachelor. Don’t keep their stuff in your room. Create spaces that are just for you and not about your past. You must even delete all your photos and letters.

  1. Remember Why You Suffered So Much

You should reflect on what you didn’t like about the relationship and that person. Think about what mistakes you had done to choose the person, who less suited to you. With that knowledge, say what you really need to maintain a happy life no matter who you find, someone new to love or alone.

Be Happy, With Love Or Without Love!



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