open letter to ex

An Open Letter To My Ex

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Hi Ex,

How are you today? I am writing this letter to you because there are so many things I couldn’t tell you.

So many things I wanted to let you know. I hope you will read this letter at least once if not again and again.

You came in my life when I was all shattered and lost. You came into my life and became it. You taught me how to move on when someone cheats on you, and that actually helped me to survive the trauma of being cheated.

open letter to ex

You taught me how to smile even in pain and look forward to a new fresh life.


Life had changed after you became my life. Every moment with you was full of joy and life. You had cared for each and every little thing about me.

And gradually I was on the ninth cloud with your love and care for me.

I was sure, life can’t be more beautiful than this and I knew, my days of shedding tears are over. In you, I had found my world. You were awesome, I had never expected someone to be so caring and loving.

But then, life smiled, and so did you. Suddenly, you started feeling bad about those things of mine, which you used to love.

You started getting irate over each and everything about me. My smile, which you used to find to be the most innocent once, now became childish and stupid for you.

My way of talking, walking, eating, everything, suddenly had something: which you can’t tolerate anymore.

Though I didn’t change at all. Everything was the same, but not for you. Your mobile became a locker. It became password protected.

Remember you had told me once, in love you don’t hide? But you started hiding.

You had time to text others and to be online for hours while chatting with others, but you didn’t have time to talk to me even for once.

We were becoming strangers and I could do nothing. I waited for things to become normal, which never took place. My life was changing because you were changing.

I saw you kissing a girl on her lips and that indeed was a passionate kiss, when I asked you about that girl, you lost your temper and started shouting at me.

I was shocked. You didn’t care for my tears and you were the same person, who would wipe off my tears when I used to cry before.

You never hit me physically but you were hitting me hard, on my soul, and that was unbearable.

It was my birthday when I had planned a surprise gift for you, but the real surprise was waiting for me. I am sorry as I can’t see properly what I am writing because of the tears I have in my eyes right now.

open letter to ex

I will be back soon.

Hi Ex, I am back again.


That day, when I had thought that my surprise gift will make you happy and things will change between us, you had other plans.

You came with another girl and locked your room from inside. You didn’t even care that you were at my home and how that will affect me.

It was not that same girl, who I saw you kissing that day. So, one thing became clear to me that, you were involved with more than one girl and that’s not me.

After sometime when you opened the door I didn’t have the strength to go inside of my own room. I had a sense, but I had become senseless. I didn’t know what to say and to whom?

Then you disclosed your planned surprise for me. You actually didn’t surprise me when you told me that you are breaking up relations with me since there is somebody else in your life.

What you didn’t tell me that there were many others in your life and not just the one which you had mentioned.

Ex, you told me that you are breaking relations with me. Which relationship did you mean?

The relationship which was not there anymore? Or the relationship, which you already had broken from your end, when you had started cheating on me?

You had made me understand the power of life and it was the same person, you, who destroyed it with ease.

You not only had broken my trust and love, but you have also made me scared of love now. I can never trust or love anyone for sure, courtesy YOU.

You had promised me to change my life and you did it, but you had never told me that you will make it like hell. When I breathe my ribs ache.

I feel the physical pain out there because my tears don’t stop flowing. Why did you do this to me Ex?

Tell me something. And please be honest for once now. Do you always look for girls who are broken down and then make them feel special with your love, teach them how to move on after being cheated, and then leave them by cheating on them and destroying their faith in you?

Do you see yourself in the mirror? Do you really look into your own eyes and don’t feel ashamed and guilty for things that you do to others like me?

And if your answer is a shameless yes, then would you like a man just like you only to be a partner of your daughter or sister?

You need not tell me, but at least answer to yourself.

I won’t fall in love again, because I can’t anymore. I have learned lessons from you that no one can be trusted and anyone can cheat.

See this is what I have become, rather this is what you have made me. You changed my life Ex…

I won’t and I don’t curse you, because you don’t deserve my thoughts anymore. Yes, I cry, but I cry for the love, for the broken trust, for the unconditional support, but not for you.

You don’t deserve my tears.

The entire world looks like the same as of now, but for me, everything is blurred. This is what I have got from you.

I hope someday, you will try to realize what like a man you are and what has to be done to be a man, a real man. Even if you don’t do so, you surely would see some.

Love is the most overrated word used in this world, I learned this from our relationship. People like you, use this four-letter word as a weapon to destroy other’s lives.

See, once again I can’t see what I am witting, but I won’t stop this time.

You were someone who cared and loved me the way anyone would like to be loved and cared for. But you also are the same person, who thrashed both and no one would like that to happen with anyone.

You need not come back to me for any reason Ex, and this is the last letter you are reading from me.

I will make sure not to cry anymore, though that doesn’t look possible at this moment, as you had taught me, I will try to do that.

Bye Forever Ex,

A shattered and a broken Soul!






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