A Thank You Letter To My Ex

A Thank You Letter To My Ex – From The Core Of My Heart

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A Thank You Letter To My Ex ~

This open letter belongs to all those cheats, who broke our hearts.

The one who cheated on us lied to us and destroyed us completely.

You knew very well who and what you’re breaking, and you continued doing that.

A Thank You Letter To My Ex
A Thank You Letter To My Ex

I would have loved to curse you out for all the heart you broke (including mine), and every heart you are going to break, but I will not. Instead, of that, I thank you…

Yes,” Thank you”

You must be wondering and considering that “thank you” to be autocorrected for “fuck you”. No, this is not what happened.

And I really meant to thank you. Don’t worry, because I am absolutely OK, and here are the reasons for the same

You always made me feel, worthless and unappreciated, thank you for that.

Thank you for doing that to me, which helped me become stronger

Thank you for raising your hand on me and for all those physical assaults.  That has helped me to learn, how to defend myself and I can now defend others also, who are in an abusive relationship.

So, a big thanks for that too.

Thank you for showing me how I shouldn’t be treated by anyone.

Your non-stop criticism has made my skin thicker and I can easily deal with any harsh criticism without any problems.

Thank you for teaching me when exactly to move away, from a relationship and not keep on waiting for things to work.

A million thanks for all your lies, which has made me good at catching lies.

Thank you for playing with my emotions so badly, that has made me a strong person, emotionally.

I thank you for breaking me into pieces. That was the point, where I collected all those pieces and stood firm. That helped me realize my strength and my power of self.

You broke my spirit, heart, and faith in love. Your action helped me to rebuild a better version of me, and now I know my worth. Thank you for that too.

Thank you for making me despise all men after you.

I learned who was in it for the real thing and who cared enough to break down those walls I quickly put up after you.

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How should I thank you for cheating on me? That was the best thing anyone could have ever done to me. Your cheating made it easier to walk away from you.

And yes, thank you for one more thing. I have got my freedom back, thanks a lot for that also.

All these days, when I was trying to figure out why all that happened to me, I realized what I want from life. I realized that you were nowhere near that person; I wanted to share my life with.

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Thank you for destroying my world, because of that, I have a better world now, without you. I would not have been here if you would not have wrecked my world.

I believe, there are a lot of people who will agree with me and will be able to relate with my words. I’m sooo happy without you. Thank you for that!

You were not a blessing; you were an ugly lesson, who came in my life to teach me good things (for me) in the worse way.

Regardless of everything, you taught me to love myself. I learned from you that, since I am head-over-heels in love with you, there are still some things that I, no doubt, cannot agree with.

You taught me to pardon those persons, who don’t deserve to be forgiven. I learned from you what I deserve and who deserves me

Yes, you were the best thing that happened to me but at the same time, you were also the worse thing, that happened to me.

I am grateful to you for everything but, I don’t need you in my life anymore. Thank you for all the bitter lessons and experiences I had with you. Still, I forgive you.

Take my forgiveness as a parting gift from me to you.

I have gifted myself freedom and happiness, by moving on.


A Free And Happy Me & lots of girls out there like me.

Always Be Strong & Love yourself First. Bye for Now! 


2 thoughts on “A Thank You Letter To My Ex – From The Core Of My Heart”

  1. Thanks for speaking out my heart . My ethics didn’t let me to speak up this words to that bas…ard . Keep spreading positivity to all broken hearts . God bless you . Too happy to find that someone thinks similar to me . Keep growing. Keep loving yourself. Take care.

  2. festsmith48@yahoo.com

    All your pain an assaults you allowed. If you had experience or instruction in relationships your preproggrammed til death happily ever after fairytale harlequin tiger beat romantic illusions perpertrated by Media literature religion culture since kindergarten would not made you delusional codependant possessive clingy obsessive low esteem contingent on a emotion. Nothing was taken from you didn’t give freely. Those on the farm lifelong are primitive an obsolete. We were DATING nobody was a fiance. Your part of delinquent ignorant to reality due inept schools an parents. All your pain is a rewrite for that tired Disneyland Barbie world you ingested. So don’t blame your date or feel unexcepted you were a trial an experiment not a clone or shadow that anybody wants or needs. Love had nothing to do with ” it takes a fool to learn that Love don’t love nobody’- by the Spinners. I understand barnacles what I detest are those who are illiterate spiritually vacant. Love an feelings do buy Ferrari an hickies an hearts do not scan you out at the Piggly 🐷 wiggly. That “Animal 🔥 fire”is for Animals. Fill your loneliness abyss with yourself because the ❤️ Heart is a lonely hunter. An become cognizant we are not in DisneyLand.

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