Letter To Ex

A Letter To My Ex – For Now I know What Love Is NOT

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A Letter To My Ex: Thank you, For Now I know What Love Is NOT ~

Do you know that each relationship leaves you with some lessons?

Yes, they do. And it’s up to you, whether you learn from them or not.

Learning and remembering these lessons help you be at peace, and if you forget them or don’t understand them, you pay again and again.

Letter To Ex

Hello Stranger!

 Yes, I miss you because I don’t know you. After all, even though we were together long enough, the person you are today is unknown to me. I miss you because the guy I thought I knew isn’t here. After all, I realize I fell in love with the idea of you that I created, not that you are.

Sometimes I don’t understand that the person I’ve done so many things for right now is just another stranger I sometimes come across on the street and who I don’t even cross my eyes with.

But you know, the day came when I can thank you. Why? For breaking my heart and giving me one of the greatest lessons of my life, the desire to love most beautifully and sincerely possible.

It may sound strange that after all, you did to me, I thank you, but I explain; I understood that if I wanted to see so many good things in you, it’s because that’s inside me, and there I understood that you behaved in such a silly way because, in the end, everyone gives what they have.

Thank you because I learned that I could be the best person with someone, and that doesn’t guarantee they will be with me, so today, I have my eyes open to what I give and receive.

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Thank you because I learned that I can’t make someone else value me, but I’m not worth it less if they don’t, and above all, that I can leave when that happens.

Thank you because I learned that not all people are sincere, that some even lie when they say ‘I love you’, you were unfaithful, but that I will not live worried about that, because I will never be able to have complete certainty that someone is sincere, I can only trust.

Thank you because I learned that when I love a person, I am so sincere and unconditional how it is possible, even more, because sometimes you were so bad that I held us both, and when the rest of us left, I was there, with you, and that’s what very few do.

Thank you because I learned that love is not selfish, that if someone loves me, they don’t feel jealous of my triumphs, let alone try to overshadow them for handling unsure of their own.

Thank you because I learned that what I thought would hurt so much was the best thing that could happen to me, and don’t misunderstand, because of course, it hurts, but only a little, because when you broke me so much, I knew I wasn’t going to miss someone I didn’t deserve.

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Thank you, because, with everything I lived next to you, the one that grew up was me. In the end, I don’t care if you don’t recognize the woman I am because it’s more than clear to me.

In the end, I thank you because I learned that we do two types of people, the ones that like you, do not know how to love, and those that, like me, we do not know how not to do it.

And like I said, I’m not afraid; all you left me were the desire to meet someone who delivers everything.

I can’t wish you well or ill, just the way you deserve it. Good things come to me because it wasn’t me who lost here.

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Every day he would repeat to me a phrase that has become my mantra; “in life, sooner or later everything happens, this will happen too,” and this horrible dream I lived with you, it’s over.”

Letter To Ex

If you have felt identified with this story, I leave you these tips to resume your life:

  1. Accept Yourself As You Are, Know Your Flaws And Virtues.

If you think it’s necessary to change or improve on something, do it, but for you.

  1. Know Your Qualities And Values.

This way, you will know what kind of person is for you as a couple and have your thoughts clear. and you will never pickup the wrong person.

  1. Don’t Compare.

Remember, you’re not the wrong person; you’re yourself. If something doesn’t match the way you are and forces you to change, you’d better step aside and keep your principles. For love, you can’t stop believing in yourself and what you can accomplish.

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  1. Live Your Present.

Life is all yours, don’t make excuses or stop, keep your life moving looking at your present to change your future. Being positive will help.

  1. Have Simple Goals.

Everything is in your hands; for example, get up early, clean the house every day, have a good breakfast every week, or start studying that workshop or course you loved so much.

Every story leaves us teaching; it is up to us to know that it is good and evil. Apply these tips, renew yourself, and remember that each ending is a new beginning.

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