Your Partner Will Cheat on You Again

9 Signs Your Partner Will Cheat on You Again

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9 Signs Your Partner Will Cheat on You Again

After being cheated once, if you are willing to be with them again, these 9 Signs Your Partner Will Cheat on You Again will be an eye-opener.

Living up with someone who has cheated on you and has broken your trust is next to impossible.

However, this is also true that when you love someone truly and deeply, you first try to save your relationship by forgiving them.

So, practically speaking, how right this is it to carry on with someone who has cheated on you and broken your trust?

Let’s find out the most practical scenarios as the outcome of a cheating partner.


Your Partner Will Cheat on You Again
Your Partner Will Cheat on You Again


Though not all cheaters repeat their mistakes, yet if you notice your partner showing these signs, you can be rest assured about one thing – they will cheat on you again.

Fighting and arguing with your partner doesn’t shake the foundation of your relationship, but cheating does.

According to research, 27% of divorce happens because of cheating; it stands to a whopping 83% living together.

It might feel and look impossible to recover and be normal with your partner after being cheated on.

But, if your partner realizes their fault and, most importantly, if you can forgive them from the core of your heart for what they have done to you, it’s possible to carry on with them.

Studies show there are chances of 18 to 53 % of a cheat who was caught cheating to cheat again.

While there are no fixed ways to find out who won’t cheat again and who will, there are signs which clearly will tell you that your cheat partner will cheat you again.

9 Signs Your Partner Will Cheat on You Again

1. They are still in touch with the other one

Their refusal to not contacting the other person is an open indication that they value them more than you.

This only proves that they are not willing or not even bothered for any attempt to make things right after what they have done to you.

If you, unfortunately, notice this in your relationships, be aware that it’s not going to change. They will always be with the other one, and it doesn’t matter to them how you feel about it.

2. They think, “you got over it”.

This is not a good sign at all. It’s a red flag for the relationship, clearly suggesting that they are not on the same page with you and can’t see what you are going through.

They don’t see the damage they caused and which is so hard-hitting.

3. They don’t show remorse.

Most of the cheats act while showing remorse. That can be read on their faces clearly when they do so. A person, who shows sincere remorse, will not be repeating their mistake.

If you follow their facial expressions, you will get it clear if they are sorry for what they have done or acting.

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Just crying when they got caught is not genuine remorse. Sincerely making an effort to make you feel better after they are caught cheating, trying to save the relationship by accepting and realizing their fault are signs that they value you and the relationship.

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A sincere person won’t fight with you when you confront them and will remain patient when you tell them about your pain and grief.

When a cheat doesn’t show any remorse, they make it loud and clear that they are not bothered about your hurt.

This suggests that they are selfish and entitled – these are indicators that they put their needs in the first place and not yours.

4. History of an abusive relationship

Someone, who keeps hurting you without any reason, insults, criticizes you, and puts you down now and then, is a person who can always cheat you just to hurt you more.
Abuse and cheating mostly go together.

For many abusers, cheating is one of the easiest ways to hurt their partner. If you see these as characteristics in them, be sure to leave since this will never change.

People who love you won’t abuse you, and one who uses you doesn’t love you. Simple is that.

This is an abusive tendency and a negative thing for your relationship. Asking you not to overreact and not being over-sensitive suggests that they are least bothered about how you feel.

If you notice these things in your partner, it’s time to end your sufferings by finishing any bond with them.

5. They become interested in masturbating

After they have cheated on you, whenever you approach them for sex, they come up with an excuse to turn down your feelings/needs.
They prefer masturbating over having sex with you. Or, in a worse case, they will make you feel that you are an option.
Sounds familiar? Well, if your answer is yes, then understand that they have lost that sexual attraction to you.
And their denial to have sex with you shows their loyalty to the person for whom they have cheated on you. If you are still looking for things to work out, you are mistaken.

6. They immediately will try to divert the topic, when you discuss their cheating.


9 Signs Your Partner Will Cheat Again
9 Signs Your Partner Will Cheat Again

When you try to discuss what they have done to you and why, they try to stop you by diverting the topic.

This is a complete disrespect towards you and a lack of empathy and remorse.

Mark my words, nothing good is supposed to come if you forgive people like them.

7. They won’t promise or commit that they won’t do it again

A person, who doesn’t promise that it won’t happen again after cheating, doesn’t deserve you.

It’s a brutal and silent indicator that they will again cheat on you.

By not even offering lip service, they tell you that everything you need to understand in those unsaid words.
Do you still need any other indicator to be sure that they won’t cheat you again when they don’t even bother to promise to make things better?

8. They have a history of cheating with multiple partners.

Multiple relationships and partners indicate a specific pattern. With multiple affair partners, it is not a “nothing that big happened” where proximity and cross-border sentiment erred.

It’s an open sign that they have this pattern inbuilt with them, and they will keep on cheating in the future also with whomever they are in a relationship.

Since that’s what they have been doing throughout, there is no point in being with a person like that unless you want to be unhappy in your life.

9. They cheated on you previously also.

When they fooled you once, they should be ashamed, but when they fooled you again, you should be ashamed. Since it’s you who allowed them to fool/cheat you again.

Studies have data showing that cheats will cheat again if given a chance or get the opportunity for the same.

Just imagine, you forgave someone for cheating you once, and they promise not to do that again, and then they repeat it.

They hope to be forgiven once again so that they can cheat you for the third, fourth, and fifth time only to be ignored. Sounds great? Yes, that’s precisely what happens.

Do you still see any valid point to forgive them again, after what they have done to your first forgiving? Why would you like to do that?

Conclusion of, Signs Your Partner Will Cheat on You Again.

While people have changed for the betterment and to rectify their faults for a better and healthy relationship, it’s always possible that a cheat can also change and become loyal to their partner.

It is always good and safe for you to observe things and their actions before you reach a decision.

Take Care Of Yourself And Be Happy!

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