8 Toxic Things In A Relationship

8 Toxic Things In A Relationship – (Worse Than Cheating)

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8 Toxic Things In A Relationship – (Worse Than Cheating) ~

Cheating undoubtedly is the number one worse thing that can happen in a relationship.

When you love someone, you try and give everything in that relationship to make it a beautiful one. You nurture it like a baby and take care of everything about your partner.

But when the same person cheats on you, your life becomes hell. It’s just a horrible ordeal to have to go through. It hurts more to know that the person who you thought to be your love and life had willingly hurt your feelings and play with your sentiments.

However, other things are also as bad as cheating and, in some cases, worse than cheating.

8 Toxic Things In A Relationship
8 Toxic Things In A Relationship

Cheating is not the only problem

Cheating is toxic. It is a mixture of negative energy that infiltrates the lives of all who are involved. Cheating sucks. But, cheating is not the only problem. There are more things that can be much more toxic than cheating.

And since cheating gets the full attention, the other poisonous things go unnoticed. This obviously is not something you wanted to happen in love.

This is why you should follow these crucial things and be watchful if you are in love. These behavioral issues say a lot of things about a person.

If you find many things common in your partner, which are mentioned here, then sit tight with a cup of coffee in your bedroom and rethink what is good for you?

8 Toxic Things In A Relationship – (Worse Than Cheating)

1. They Compare You To Other People (Mostly Their EX).

If your partner keeps comparing you with their exes and others, that means they want to humiliate you, and they are leaving no chances left to put you down.

You surely don’t want this to happen again and again in your life and thereby slowly losing your self-confidence.

2. They Withhold Their Affection And Love For You.

If your partner hesitates to express their love for you or withhold their love for you, that is a clear sign of you being considered as not the right person for them.

Agreed, that there are people who are not very expressive, but love demands action and not mere words. And if they are mise with words of love also, you better know where you are standing.

3. They Lie To You.

Lying is toxic. They might think that they are doing so for the right reasons. However, keeping something from their partner is just a selfish act. They do it out of a sense of self-preservation.

Either they feel they will lose your trust, or they do it just by nature. When you love someone, you trust them with the truth regardless of how inconvenient it might be. You don’t lie to someone you love.

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4. They Don’t Communicate Their Feelings To You.

In a relationship, it is always essential to communicate your feelings and emotions to your partner effectively.

If your partner doesn’t express their feelings to you, that means either they don’t find you worthy of it, or they are taking you casually where you have nothing to do about their feelings.

This for sure is not love.

5. They Hold  Grudges And Ill Feelings.

We are humans, and we all make mistakes. You can do what your partner can do; anyone can make a mistake. It’s always good and a healthy practice to forgive and forget a few mistakes.

But in case your partner finds it impossible to forgive and forget your mistakes and holds grudges and shows ill feelings, you should understand that they are not fit for you.

You don’t show your ill feelings regularly to someone you love, be it a human or an animal. If you keep showing your ill feelings to someone, that is a clear sign of your not liking them.

And by repeating it again and again, your partner wants you to understand this.

6. They Manipulate You To Do What They Want.

Manipulation is a type of abuse where one violates the dignity of the other person. Manipulation in some cases might seem harmless, but the fact differs.

Remember, giving suggestions and ideas are always healthy and good, but forcing their thoughts on you and manipulating you is toxic.

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If they manipulate you that means they don’t consider you to be even a normal human being.

7. They Share Relationship Secrets With Other People.

This is disgusting and can’t be acceptable to anyone. If your partner shares intimate parts of your relationship with their friends and all, they literally don’t have any respect for you. This is honestly destroying the trust you have in them. If your partner does this, you need not even think twice and get away from them.

8. They Want To Change You.

So, whatever they liked in you is not any good now. They want to change you and want to impose their choices on you. If you go by their wish, you will have to lose your identity as an individual.

If they insist you change, you can ask them back; what if you want them to change? Will they oblige you by changing the way you want?

They will say a big no. Now, they must know how does it feel to change for somebody else and without any reason.

Life might be beautiful in love, but without being in love, it has to be beautiful only! 

Stay Safe, stay home!


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  1. Amazing. I love your insight. All of those are so very true. Only those who have experienced them know exactly the meaning of every one of them. Love your thoughts always! Nichole

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