Common Excuses A Cheat Will Use

8 Most Common Excuses A Cheat Will Use After Being Caught

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Most Common Excuses A Cheat Will Use After Being Caught ~

Like a deadly virus more deadly than Corona, cheating is spreading like a jungle fire all over.

You look around, and you will see a cheat everywhere in most of the relationships/marriages.

And it’s more pathetic than unfortunate. Cheating and the state around it are not rare and straightforward. All cheats don’t have the exact reasons for cheating; millions of people don’t have any reason to cheat on their partner, and they still cheat.

And the funniest part is that they try to make it look like an accident after getting caught.

A recent study reveals that only (?) 22% of men and 16% of women have cheated in their relationship. Additionally, 15% of women have tried different ways of infidelity, mostly at work stations.

Common Excuses A Cheat Will Use
Common Excuses A Cheat Will Use

Now, one thing is for sure that no one likes to be called a cheat, so the number of people who didn’t accept cheating in their relationship indeed is much HIGHER than the study shows.

And then, there are different kinds of cheatings, like Physical Cheating, Emotional Cheating, Financial Cheating, and surprisingly, cheats, who are already in this kind of cheating; don’t even consider these to be cheating at all.

They don’t think that this type of cheatings is enough for a breakup with the person they consider being in love with.

If you have ever been cheated in a relationship, you surely know how humiliating and painful the feel is. It not only shakes your trust but also destroys your confidence and self-worth.

You find yourself pathetic and of no value, which is absolutely not true.

You lose confidence in people, and you even start doubting yourself. This is again not the right thing to do and go through.

Don’t ever feel worthless for some assholes who don’t value you and your trust in them.

Remember, if you forgive a cheat once, they will do it again, and they will come up with a new excuse for their cheating and hoping to be ignored again.

So, decide with your brains and not heart what to do when your partner cheats on you.

Now, all being said, let’s look into the most used Excuses a cheat will use when they get caught. These excuses are their Bible to escape from the sin they have done to you.

8 Most Common Excuses A Cheat Will Use After Being Caught

  1. No No… You are getting it WRONG, we are just FRIENDS.

Just because they don’t want to lose you, they will try to prove that their hands are clean; and it’s you who is getting them wrong.

They try everything to prove that they are “Just Friends” and not an inch beyond that.

They can even try to show some friendly chats also but won’t let you take the phone to look beyond the chat they are showing you.

  1. Believe Me, It Was Not Me.

This is one of the most commonly used cards to play among the cheats. They will try hard to make you believe that you have some wrong information about them.

They will try to convince you about how people are jealous of him and his love for you, and that is why people are spreading fake info about him.

They won’t accept that they have done anything wrong and would try to come clean in your eyes.

  1. Stop Acting Crazy.

As the best manipulator of things, some cheats have a better way to tackle things with a mastermind. They go by the theory – Attack is the Best Defense.

So what they do after being asked about their cheating is to attack you. They will charge you of talking and being crazy; you will be asked to stop imagining things and behave rationally.

They will dismiss your words and call you insane for doubting a loyal person like them. They will blame you for making stories about them despite them loving you from the core of their heart.

They will advise you to take a break from your abnormal (NORMAL) thoughts.

  1. Honestly, That Didn’t Mean Anything.

    famous quotes about cheating
    Famous Quotes About Cheating

They will try to convince you by saying this. They will go all out to prove that it was not a tricky thing since they were not involved emotionally with the other person.

And you have the right to ask them, How the f*** they will take it if you do the same without being attached emotionally with someone else

  1. It Happened Once Only.

Give a high five to them for being honest and admitting their cheating on you and your trust and your love and everything. Salute them for being dead simple.

They plead guilty for doing it once, hoping to be forgotten and forgiven by you.

Since it’s ok to cheat once for all, it shouldn’t be a big issue for you, and you should smile and hug them and tell them, Don’t cheat me again, honey, because I Love You, and then cook for them, sleep with them, make them cum, and get cheated on again.

That’s all they think will happen if they accept their fault for cheating you only once.

  1. It Won’t Happen Again.

Wow! They SHOW (doesn’t mean that they mean it) some regret and remorse for what they have done to you. So, what are you still waiting for?

Go ahead and kiss them, for breaking your trust, for being a cheat, for making your life miserable from here on…But TO BE HONEST.

Aren’t you proud of your Honest-Cheat partner? No? HOW SAD AND RUDE! They think their fake assurance and promises will make you forgive them, and they will continue playing with your emotions and life the way they want to.

  1. I Need Help – I Have Some Problems.

This is interesting. Because here they play the victim card blaming everything on others and circumstances and some issues (which are not there at all) which they can’t avoid, and they need assistance and help not only from you but also from a Dr or a Counselor.

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So, what they are trying to do here is to convince you that they didn’t do anything wrong by cheating on you since they are helpless. And can fool you again since they don’t have any control over what happened.
Now, you decide, if you would like to be with a person, any further- who is so helpless when cheating on you.

  1. But I Love You.

This is The Ultimate one. When nothing seems like working for them, they try to blackmail you emotionally by telling you how much they have loved you, and they still do.

Yeah, that’s so true; they love you and just wanted to see your reaction by cheating on you. By having sex with someone else, by kissing someone else, getting attached emotionally with someone else, all they wanted was to SEE how you feel and react?

Because they are Scholars and doing a thesis on cheating, this will get published in some influential journals worldwide.

Moreover, they have always been keen to do some research on cheating, so they offered themselves the subject.

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Cutting it short, while they try to make you emotional with their fake love for you, don’t say anything, just laugh out loud and take care of your leg before kicking them out from your life.

Stay Healthy And Stay Safe!


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