Things To Do After A Breakup

7 Things To Do After A Breakup To Help You Heal

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7 Things To Do After A Breakup To Help You Heal

Things To Do After A Breakup – After a breakup, it’s quite natural that you would prefer to remain locked in your bedroom, with lights off and windows closed. While shedding tears and feeling the pain, is absolutely normal, doing that too much will affect you deeply in a negative way.

That’s why you should do something productive, after a breakup to get the healing process working for you and help you with the kind of life, you deserve.

First of all, you need to give yourself time to heal, to feel good. Don’t let a situation come, where you are unable to concentrate on your work, not able to eat and sleep properly, losing focus, and avoiding friends.

All these signs are not healthy and will drag you to depression. If you see these signs developing in you, you need to take the correct step to make things better for your life.

A little wallowing is Ok, but when you are doing too much wallowing and holding on the past, that is not healthy. You need to stop feeling sad and look for ways to overcome that situation with some positive and healthy ways. It will help you to move forward and grow as a person.

That is why it is important to get into productive activities and having fun. This will bring you the much-required joy after your breakup.

Things To Do After A Breakup
Things To Do After A Breakup


Once you spend your time in some productive activities, it gives you a sense of wellbeing and safety. Take your time and look at yourself. Look at the day out. There are so many things to do so many things to cherish and so much to like and love. Be it nature or your friends or your family members.

You are reading this post because you wanted to know the ways to deal with your breakup. In case that is right, here are 8 tips you can follow to make you feel better and which will heal your pain in a faster way.

Things To Do After A Breakup

1.  Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

When your love, your partner, who used to be a support for you to lean on, leaves you, your world shatters. Being with your loved ones, family, friends, will make you realize, that you have the same level of support from them also. And you don’t need a romantic partner only for support and love.

Being with people who love you unconditionally like your friends and family members will give you a sense of safety and being loved. This will help you a lot to heal faster after your breakup.

2. Go For A Tour

The place where you have memories of your Ex, will keep you reminding the moments you had shared with them. It’s good to go away from that place asap for a short time. A change of the vision as you go for a tour can help you in a great way. Make a trip to somewhere, where you always wanted to go. When you reach there, that place – the atmosphere will excite you and you will be livelier than before.

Things To Do After A Breakup
Things To Do After A Breakup


You can even plan to go to some other country of your choice. You never know who you meet and where? It might not be a romantic relationship you find or develop on this tour. That can be a very good friend and a good person also. Who can add value in your life.

3. Do Some Volunteer Work

When you have been left alone by your love, to go through the trauma is unbearable. But think about a person who doesn’t have a shelter to live, doesn’t have food to eat, and doesn’t have clothes to wear. Do you still see your pain bigger than theirs?

Collect your energy and do something for these people who you can find easily and anywhere. When you do anything good for others, you feel good. And once you feel good, the healing takes less time for you to recover completely.

4. Start Doing Exercise

Exercise will help you in a great way to lower down the anger, pain, and stress, you go through after a breakup. It not only makes you healthy it also increases your appetite and offers sound sleep. And after a breakup, no one feels hungry or get proper sleep. Do you now see, how doing some exercise will help you heal faster?

You don’t need to go to a gym, even a short walk or running will also help in clearing your mind and is always healthy.

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5. Discover A New Hobby

Be it painting, gardening, reading books or any old, forgotten hobby which you had, get involved with that. It’s a positive way to stay away from the negativity the breakup causes.

Once you are involved with your hobby, it distracts your mind from the painful memories and keeps your thoughts fresh and healthy.

6. Start Writing

Whenever you go through the trauma and pain, don’t just sit back and cry. Grab a pen and a piece of paper, and start writing your thoughts. Once you are done, the same thoughts will not come back in your mind since you already have cleared your mind by penning down.

Writing helps a great way to heal up from hurts and pain. Go for it and you will soon realize the impact.

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7. Watch Fun Related TV Shows And Movies

Watching a comedy movie or a comic TV serial will give you enough moments of laughter and smile. When they say, laughter is the best medicine, they mean it and this actually happens. When you laugh from the depth of your heart, you feel good and that keeps your mind away from negativity.

Final Words

It will take time to overcome the pain of a breakup. It won’t happen overnight or in a day or two. But you need to remain focused and willing to overcome it. If you follow the above points and do things like that, you surely will heal up much faster than expected.

While doing all the above things you still might feel sad and down. That’s Ok. But you will learn to stand up and fight those moments in a better way. All you need is the willingness to be happy.

When you implement the above tips in your life after your breakup, you will realize that you have become more confident and you will be happy to see that now you know how to live up on your own.

Most importantly, you will start loving yourself.

Bye For Now Folks! Take Care And Keep Coming. Please share this post if you liked and you know someone who needs to read this. Thank You!




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  1. I learned and understand how I’ve been facing and acting after a very soon break up, I have over the past 5,6 years thought and was always mad at ” myself ” for giving in to my narcissistic husband decades after decades. After leaving me for another woman and his ” new family “….about 15 years. He only came back because he needed some place to stay. I played right into his ” bag of tricks “. All those years from the past have become even more painful. I can see it all now. I’ve been so mad letting him come back. But, no, I’m not mad at me anymore. Unfortunately, my husband is slowly dying of advanced, end stage heart failure. I am very sorry his time is limited. Until a few months ago I thought I would never have any kind of life and stayed in my room for months. I let very few people in my life???? But maybe, I can one day find happiness. I don’t huddle over him and give support. But, as a retired paramedic I do know how to dial 911. Well, I’ve learned so much about myself. I need to process so very much. I’m so tired. So very ,very tired. There’s so much in my head. It feels like I’m going to just stop, but, no I won’t. Do some thing really nice to some individual. It’s going to be a very long voyage, but my belief in all I’ve read, and my belief in our Lord, maybe I’ll find that happiness and love. Most sincerely, never let go. Wave at a medic, and believe in time, I’ll be back. Patches

  2. Don’t ever forget ” Project Semicolon ” LOOK IT UP…and what the two princes with Kate, started ” HEADS TOGETHER “….LOOK THAT UP TOO.

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