I Learned To Love Myself Again After Loving A Toxic Man

6 Ways I Learned To Love Myself Again After Loving A Toxic Man

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6 Ways I Learned To Love Myself Again After Loving A Toxic Man

The worst thing about being in a toxic relationship is that all the pain you’re going through doesn’t end when you escape it.

On the contrary, it takes you a long time, effort, and self-inspection to get back on your feet.

While you’re involved with someone toxic, you put all your energy into loving that person with all their flaws and imperfections. And in that process, you lose yourself.

I Learned To Love Myself Again After Loving A Toxic Man
I Learned To Love Myself Again After Loving A Toxic Man

You lose your sense of self-esteem, which leads you to convince yourself that you’re not worthy of being loved by anyone, not even yourself.

And this is precisely what happened to me.

All the devastating pain that was caused by my toxic relationship made me forget the importance of self-love and self-appreciation.

After freeing myself from it, I had to learn to love myself again literally. And that’s how I got it.

6 Ways I Learned To Love Myself Again After Loving A Toxic Man

1. Let go.

The first step I took in the process of learning to love myself again was to let go.

But I mean to really let this man go, his relationship, and all the negativity related to him.

I didn’t just break up with my ex. I also cut off all ties with him and got rid of everything that reminded me of him.

I threw away all his clothes, his presents and anything that reminded me of him. I stopped meeting his friends and family because I didn’t want anyone to mention his name.

I stopped going to the places where I knew I would see him and stopped listening to songs that reminded me of him.

You could assume it was an escape from everything that had happened that I was trying to pretend that the relationship hadn’t existed and that I was hiding from pain.

But this was the only way for me to stop repeating all the memories. The only way I’d stop looking for an explanation and stop looking for closure.

It was the only way for me to put aside everything that could have been and put the past aside.

2. I Stayed single.

When you end up in a bad relationship, the first impulse you have is to find someone new.

Most people think this will help them get over your ex, or they think it’ll be an excellent way to seek an act of sweet revenge against their ex.

But I did the opposite. I decided to stay single until the right guy showed up and decided to enjoy that single life.

After a long time, I was learning to function alone and live without an escort.

I was learning about myself, about the things I liked or didn’t like, whether I enjoyed it or didn’t enjoy doing, and something I couldn’t have done if I had a new partner.

3. I learned to be a little selfish.

When I broke up with her former toxic, I thought of all the time, energy, and effort I had put into my relationship.

I Learned To Love Myself Again After Loving A Toxic Man

I thought about how hard I’d worked on that relationship for this guy.

And I decided it was time to make some critical changes. It was time to devote all that energy and effort to myself without worrying about whether that made me selfish.

6 Ways I Learned To Love Myself Again After Loving A Toxic Man

For the first time, I prioritized myself. I put my needs and desires ahead of others and began to do only the things I liked.

4. Surrounded me with positivity.

Not only did I take this guy away from my life completely, but I also kicked everyone else into negativity and pessimism.

I got rid of all the people who had tried to tell me what to do or were trying to change it.

Instead, I surrounded myself with positivity. I surrounded myself with people with good intentions and people who only diffused positive vibrations and energy.

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And that changed my worldview. I changed the way I looked at myself and the way I saw everything around me.

5. Forgave me.

When you end a toxic relationship, and when you start to see things clearly, after a while, for the first time in a while, reality hits you hard.

You see everything that was going on and how they treated you.

And you blame yourself for permitting it. You blame yourself for wasting so many years on someone who was never worthy.

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This is precisely what happened to me. But instead of living in guilt, I decided to forgive myself for loving the wrong person.

I said to myself that I was not to blame for all the pain I had experienced. No, I wasn’t stupid or dumb; I’d just fallen in love.

6. Made myself happy.

Finally, after completing all these steps, I started working on getting happy because I realized I was the only one who could do it.

I began working on self-improvement and started pampering herself and pampering herself.

I started to love how my ex should have done it and the way I always wanted to be loved.

And not only that: I also decided that I would never allow my happiness to depend on someone else.

This is how, I Learned To Love Myself Again After Loving A Toxic Man. I was late in doing so, but I am happy that I did. 


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