6 Top Reasons For Not Messaging Your Ex

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6 Top Reasons For Not Messaging Your Ex ~ 

It’s important not to reach out to your ex after a breakup, for your own betterment and future.

Though we know it’s the wisest way of going forward in life, very few of us can actually manage to keep our fingers off the mobile.

If you’re one of them, here are some simple reminders to help you win the fight:

  1. It Was A Bad Relationship

As you right now go back to the past and see some good pictures of the old days, the bad stuff doesn’t seem too bad.

But the moment you sleep with him, all that will come rushing back. That’s just how it works. So do not go into the post-breakup messing with your mind.

Be disciplined and save yourself from the inevitable “Ohh…I don’t believe I’m back where I was with this loser.” Just move away from the phone.

  1. Don’t Let Them Have That Sense Of Victory

When they look at their phone and see your message, they immediately think, “She/he wants me.”

Do you really want them to have this feeling? Don’t forget, this is the same person who (use the worst thing they did to you here). Don’t give them that victorious feeling.

  1. That Moment When You Realize You Are Totally Over Them Is Just Amazing — Let That Moment Come

After a breakup, an Ex seems like the only guy one could ever be with. In the not-so-distant future, one can not even explain what they were doing with them.

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To reach that point in the total recovery is amazing. So, put down the mobile and let that moment come.

The sooner you do, the faster you’ll have the life you wanted and deserve.

  1. Looking For A Closure Is Nothing But Torture

messaging ex

When someone says the closure is required, what they really mean is that they’re not sure if it’s over. And they need to talk to their ex for a confirmation, that it’s really over; before they can move on.

In other words, they are OK with the second breakup. Why?? Why do you want to do that to yourself? You know it is over. Just go through the phase until you feel that you are OK now and can move on.

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  1. Texting Them Make You Lose Your Worth.

As long as you are not in contact with them, they have no idea what you are up to or what you are thinking.

For all they know, that you are totally over it and are not thinking about them, which makes you worthy, not to lose.

By reaching out to your Ex, you lose your worth in your eyes also. And you will always regret losing your worth this way.

  1. Reaching Out To Them Will Send A Wrong Message About You

In case they have cheated on you, didn’t make you feel wanted and loved, or took you for granted, all these sucks.

You surely deserve better, but when you message your Ex, you literally are suggesting that you don’t.

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If you message them, you will be telling them in unsaid words, “you are Ok with all that, whatever they did to you”, and you will start disrespecting yourself for doing this.

They say everything has a reason, go with that. If they are Ex, there surely is a reason for that. Don’t forget that reason, before you message them.

Be Happy & Stay Blessed!


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