45 Questions For The Person Who Cheated On Me

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45 Questions For The Person Who cheated On Me ~

Hello MF Ex

I regret falling for you, and I don’t want to regret walking away before I address this with you properly. So, listen closely until I get this off my chest.

Firstly, how are you and how’s life? Are you still leading that shitty life of yours? Hey, don’t get angry. Truth hurts.


Since I have some serious questions for you, before I ask, I wanted you to smile.

Smile for the old days, when you were with me, with a plan to cheat on me. Smile for the moments when you used to fool me with your absurd excuses while you were with some other girl.

Smile for the victory for destroying my trust and winning the game you played with me. Smile for all the moments when I believed and loved you unconditionally.

Now, I guess, that’s a lot of smiles you had, and now let’s talk.

Don’t be nervous, and please don’t panic. I will not hurt you; a shameless creature like you obviously won’t feel bad going through my questions anyway.

So, where did I go wrong in loving you? I loved you with all my heart and soul.

I gave everything to the relationship and you; what did I get in return? Broken promises, a shattered world, endless pain, and a lesson of never falling in love again.

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I could have screamed, cried, and thrown things at you when I found out you were cheating on me, but I didn’t do all that. I didn’t even fight with you. Why fight with someone who was never mine?

Today, as my whole perception of love and trust has been changed, I have some questions for you. I hope you will bother at least to read them.

You are free not to answer any of my questions.

But, I am asking you with the hope that, after this, I will be able to breathe properly at least and won’t have the feeling of a mountain on my chest that doesn’t allow me to breathe properly.

Here you go

Why did you love me if you had to cheat on me?

Did you ever love me?

Did you know that you are going to cheat me?

Why didn’t you leave and walk away before cheating me?

How long had you been cheating on me?

Did you ever feel guilty for cheating me?

Did you use to think about her while being with me?

How would you have reacted if I had cheated on you?

Nothing personal, but were your parents also cheat?

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Did your father ever cheat on your momma or vice-versa?

Did you ever feel shame looking into my eyes after cheating on me?

Did you ever regret lying to me constantly?

How could you sleep peacefully every night after what you were doing to me?

Do you know what remorse is? If yes, did you ever feel any sort of remorse for cheating me?

Did you never feel guilty for telling me, “I Love You” when you actually didn’t?

Did you ever smile at my foolishness for not knowing your filthy character?

Was I not worth being a partner for you?

If I was not, then why you didn’t leave me?

Was I not up to your expectations in bed?

Did you ever laugh at me for trusting you blindly?

Do you love that girl you cheated with?

If yes, then will you cheat her also?

If no, then how will you survive in that case?

How sure are you that she won’t cheat on you or she is not cheating on you?

Was she better than me?

If yes, what will you do when you find someone better than her?

How many times did you mention me as an asshole to her?

Who was the side chick for you?

How long will you stay with her, without cheating?

Did you tell her that you love her?

Do you really know what love is?

Had you ever been cheated by any girl?

Do you enjoy creating, or you just do it because you have to?

Do you remember how many girls you have cheated on?

Was I not worth any respect?

Were you really sorry when I caught your cheating?

Why did you say sorry when you didn’t mean it?

Did you ever love anyone truly?

Did you smile when I cried?

Did you feel good seeing me broken?

Do you remember me?

Do you miss me?

Do you ever feel like deleting things that you did to me?

Do you think of getting a heart too?

Do you want to be born as a human in your next birth?

After all, is said and done, you go your way, I’ll go mine. You’ll get married, have a couple of kids, and a white picket fence.

So, I end with this question, how would you feel if someone cheated on your daughter and shattered her the way you did me?


2 thoughts on “45 Questions For The Person Who Cheated On Me”

  1. Cheating on partner is wrong but asking too much questions only shows how the mind is frustrated. Knows only two things – how to love and how to hate. Closed all the doors of a possible solution.
    Were your parents cheat?
    Did your father cheat on your mom and vice versa?
    These questions only shows the dark side of victim’s mind

  2. Sinbad in her DenofCin

    Did you expect her mind to be full of sunshine, rainbows & unicorns?? Of COURSE her mind is “dark:, in fact, its BLACK AS PITCH & she has mo idea how her heart manages to beat and pump blood when both her heart and her blood are COLDER THAN SIBERIA PACKED IN DRY ICE!! Even colder than Rohan the Not So Greats unfeeling & useless comment

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