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32 Top Quotes About Cheating

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Quotes About Cheating

If you are looking for Quotes About Cheating and somehow you like to read cheating quotes, there is no doubt you too have had your heart broken by someone who you had loved & who has been unfaithful.

This is the worse feeling you get when you find out you’ve been cheated on. It’s awful, boils your blood, and is gut-wrenching. There’s nothing that compares to that feeling of betrayal by the person, you trusted the most.

I hope, these quotes on cheating will make you feel a little better, as the emotions we share are the same.

Relationship Cheating Quotes

“Sleeping alone is better than sharing your bed with someone who shares a bed with someone else when you’re not around.”

“Those who cheat on their partners who are loyal to them; don’t deserve them. It is a trashy attitude to disrespect a person who is loyal in a relationship, by cheating on him or her.” » Ellen J. Barrier

Quotes About Cheating
Quotes About Cheating


“I like to forgive and forget. Forgive me for trusting you and forgetting you ever existed.”

“Dear Ex… When you see me, I want you to recognize what you had, regret what you lost, and realize what you’re never getting back.” -Quotes About Cheating

“All people have feelings, they are not there to be used. If you’re not longer interested in someone, they have the right to be informed before you go and cheat or go looking elsewhere.” » Jerry Springer

Lying Cheating Quotes

“You already got caught lying! Stop being fake and try being real for once in your life.”

“Seriously, if the bastards cheat on you, then they don’t deserve you anyway. If that’s a legit fear, then you probably shouldn’t be with them, to begin with.” » Kody Keplinger

I don’t know what’s worse, people who lie or people who think I am stupid enough to believe the lies!

“The truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie will hurt forever.”

“If you didn’t want me to tell people that you were a lying piece of shit then you should not have been a lying piece of shit. Pretty simple.” -Quotes About Cheating

“Cheating on a girl is deeper than people realize. It destroys her outlook on love, her future relationships, and peace within herself.” -Quotes About Cheating

“You’re fluent in lies, excuses, and bullshit.”

Fixing A Relationship After Cheating Quotes

Quotes About Cheating
Quotes About Cheating


“I may not be the girl that everyone wants, but at least I am not the girl that everyone had.”

“Earthquakes just happen. Tornadoes just happen. Your tongue does not just happen to fall into some other girl’s mouth!” » Gemma Halliday -Quotes About Cheating

“Before lying to one who trusts you remember one of the difficult things to do is to build trust after it has been broken.” -Quotes About Cheating

“If a guy cheats on another girl for you, he’s more than likely to cheat on you for somebody else. As they always say, Once a cheater.. always a cheater!”

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I can’t deal with someone, wanting to take a relationship backward or needing space or cheating on you.

“They didn’t cheat because of who you are. They chose to cheat because of who they are not.” — Charles J. Orlando

“Some people view love and romance as a sacred bond between two individuals. Other people see love as a game, where the goal is to manipulate another individual and gain emotional power over a partner. People who view love as a game are much more likely to have multiple love interests; cheating is just another way to gain control over one’s partner.” » David Reeves -Quotes About Cheating

“Eventually one of two things will happen. He will realize you’re worth it, or you’ll realize he isn’t.”

“If another woman steals your man, there’s no better revenge than letting her keep him. Real men can’t be stolen.” -Quotes About Cheating

“No relationship is ever a waste of time. If it didn’t bring you what you want, it taught you what you don’t want.”

 Texting Cheating Quotes

 texting cheating quotes
Texting Cheating Quotes


“If your boyfriend or girlfriend has no texts in their phone’s history, chances are you’re being cheated on.”

“Cheating isn’t always kissing, touching, or flirting. If you gotta delete your text messages so your partner won’t see them, you’re already there.” -Quotes About Cheating

Quotes On Cheating

“People cheat when they are afraid. When there is no cost to being wrong or confessing ignorance, there is no reason to cheat or fake comprehension.” » Leah Hager Cohen -Quotes About Cheating

Fuck You for cheating on me. Fuck you for reducing it to the word cheating. As if this were a card game, and you sneaked a look at my hand. Who came up with the term cheating, anyway? A cheater, I imagine. Someone who thought a liar was too harsh. Someone who thought devastator was too emotional. The same person who thought, oops, he’d gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Fuck you. This isn’t about slipping yourself an extra twenty dollars of Monopoly money. These are our lives. You went and broke our lives. You are so much worse than a cheater. You killed something. And you killed it when its back was turned. —David Levithan -Quotes About Cheating

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If you succeed in cheating someone, don’t think that the person is a fool. Realize that the person trusted you much more than you deserved. 

Virtually all women will always carry the scars and a deep sense of loss and grief from the betrayal. Whether a woman has stayed, left, or been left, it must be remembered that time is the salve on this journey towards forgiveness and healing, because it is also a process of grieving. —Meryn G. Callander

Best Quotes About Cheating

“Being single is so much better than being cheated on, lied to, and disrespected.”

“I didn’t understand why he sabotaged our future at the time – cheating on me, again, as we were making final plans to move in together. By the time he came over to smooth talk his way out of it, I was done. No more crying. Even my tears had given up on him. I’d already moved on, his cheating was simply the key left in the mailbox.” » Rachel Thompson -Quotes About Cheating

“When a man cheats, it is said it is because he is a dog. When a woman cheats, it is said it is because her man is a dog.” » Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“When someone trusts you blindly, never prove them blind.” Smosh.com

Quotes About Cheating Men

“I used to think you took my breath away, but then I realized I was just suffocated by your bullshit.”

“The truth is, you never deserved me.”

“The only things you give yourself when you cheat are fear and guilt.”

“I don’t understand why people cheat, if you’re not happy, just leave.”

“People don’t cheat because of who you are, they cheat because of who they are not.”

“There comes a point in your life where you will realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will.”

I am sure you all who had been cheated on at some point in your life, by your love, must have liked these Top Quotes About Cheating. Please do share your favorite Cheating Quotes in the comment section.

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