Quotes About Being Hurt

30 Quotes About Being Hurt – Heart Breaking Quotes

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Quotes About Being Hurt – Sad Love Quotes

These quotes about being hurt are very close to my heart. We are big in numbers when it comes to hide our pain and act normal. And we all have this pain because we loved someone truly and unconditionally. In return, we got tons of hurt and some never-ending pain. You can’t stop getting hurt when you are in love.

Just look back and try to remember a single day, when you were not in love, did you ever cry like this? Did you ever feel like this? No! Because you were not in “LOVE”, the most overrated word in the world.

Being Hurt Quotes

I guess it is hard for me to let you go. I do not even know if I can do it, or will I ever be able to do it. I always tell myself that I am such a lucky person to have found someone who would love me back, and I was not even looking. I always thought that you and I will be together until the very end. It’s hard enough that I will not be able to be with you again, and it is harder for me when I know I will not be able to love someone else again the same way I loved you.

Being Hurt Quotes
Being Hurt Quotes


Nothing else wounds so deeply and irreparably. Nothing else robs us of hope so much as being unloved by one we love. – Quotes About Being Hurt

Some people come in your life and make you believe that your life is incomplete without them. Then they leave, creating a void in your heart that may fill back with time but will never be complete.

Quotations About Hurt Feelings

We both know that eventually, this would happen, and it’s sad that it did. We knew but we hoped it won’t, I hoped it would not end. But I guess, it’s inevitable. If it is not meant to be, no matter how you push it to happen, it would just make things worse. We pushed ourselves to the limit just to make this work, but instead of making us better, it made us worse. But despite our ending, I still do not regret meeting you and falling in love with you. – Quotes About Being Hurt

How many times should I beg you for another try? Why did you give up on us? Am I not enough? There are a million questions I want you to answer but if you’ll come back, that will be more than enough.

I fight for what I want and that’s you. But sometimes I ask myself if you’re worth it, my heart says yes you are. But I don’t want to fight a war if I’m going to lose.

Quotes About Being Hurt

Through happy times and through tough times, I was with you every step of the way. I listened to your rants, comforted you through every defeats, and celebrated your every milestone, but that was not enough for you because you left like I was nothing. – Quotes About Being Hurt

There are days when I do not even want to wake up anymore because of my broken heart.

The pain of having a broken heart is not so much as to kill you, yet not so little as to let you live.

Quotes About Being Hurt
Quotes About Being Hurt


Memories are coming back. Pain! I tried so hard to erase it. The time I am spending without you, makes me remember you even more. – Quotes About Being Hurt

It is weird enough that I miss you when you are not even mine, and it is much weirder than I get hurt when you and he are together. I’d rather live in my dreams where you chose me and not him.

Quote on being hurt

Maybe it’s a good idea to write something about you in my book… At least then, there will be a place where we will meet every day… and be together forever!

We have been together for how many years, how can you throw it all away just like that? If you could only just give us another try, I promise we could make this work. – Quotes About Being Hurt

Hurt Quotes

I was not expecting this to happen to us, I had plans for our future. I can see myself growing old with you but life gets in the way and my heart shifted. I do not know what happened or when it happened, I just realized one day that it’s not the same anymore. And even if I want to stay with you, I could not bear the thought of you seeing in my eyes that my love has faded and it may never come back.

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Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.

Sad Hurt Quotes

My biggest mistake is thinking that people care for me as much as I do for them.

It may not be the ending we have always hoped for, but I am still thankful that I have met you. It may hurt so much I want to die right now, but I am keeping my hopes up and I am hoping that someday I will be able to move on. Thanks for all the memories. – Quotes About Being Hurt

quote on being hurt
Quotes About Being Hurt


When you left me, you took a part of me with you. I am incomplete without you, I hope you feel the same way and come back to me again.

Quotes About Hurt And Pain

Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie.

It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return but what is the most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel. – Quotes About Being Hurt

You do not deserve a person who leaves you when you have given him your all. You deserve a person who will stand by you through every challenge this life showers on you. You deserve a person who will fight just to not lose you because losing himself is better than losing you. Love should not be all pain and sacrifice, and it should not always be you who takes the fall.

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I thought I can bear the fact that I can only love you from afar, but now I cannot contain the pain when I wanted to touch you so bad but I can’t.

When you lose someone, you get used to living day to day without them. But you’ll never get used to the “10-second heartbreak.” That’s the time it takes to wake to full consciousness each day and remember…

The brittle bones beneath my chest cracked, piercing my heart. It was you who breathed new life into my lungs and it was you who would later siphon the life you had given so as to feed your selfish desires.

Pain Quotes

Life does not always go the way you want it to and sometimes it leaves you all heartbroken.

I thought when I have given my all when I dedicated everything I could to a relationship, I would be able to make it work. But that is the problem, I. I should not do it alone, I should have seen the signs, I should have seen that you are no longer happy, and I should have seen that you are going to leave. – Quotes About Being Hurt

That’s the funny thing about old hurts―they just wait for new heartache to come along and then show up, just as sharp and horrible as the first day you woke up with the world changed all around you.

Hurt Quotes Relationship

Hurt. I’m fucking hurt. And don’t act as if you care. Because if you did, you wouldn’t have done what you did. – Quotes About Being Hurt

Love is blind and love can be foolish – our heart doesn’t always love the right people at the right time. Sometimes we hurt the ones that love us the most, and sometimes we love the ones that don’t deserve our love at all.

I miss you in waves and tonight I’m drowning. You left me fending for my life and it feels like you’re the only one who can bring me back to the shore alive. – Quotes About Being Hurt

Take care of yourself. We meet again soon



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