Honest Reasons Why I Gave Up On You

15 Honest Reasons Why I Gave Up On You

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15 Honest Reasons Why I Gave Up On You ~ Learn From My Lessons.

I tried to tell you. My body and mind screamed in agony. I was in pain, and you didn’t see that. You didn’t want to see it.

I tried to get your attention with my words and body language, but somehow you always turned the other way.

I cried and screamed at full throttle, but I don’t remember you listening to me.

Honest Reasons Why I Gave Up On You
Honest Reasons Why I Gave Up On You

You were so busy with yourself that you completely ignored me. And I wasn’t even that picky.

All I wanted was for you to stop breaking my heart. You didn’t hear or see me, yet you were surprised when I decided to leave you. You asked me: “Why did you do it”?

I will tell you why?

Here Are The 15 Honest Reasons Why I Gave Up On You

1. I left because I fought for your attention, and when you’re in a relationship, you’re not supposed to do that.

You’re not supposed to beg for your partner’s love. That should come naturally and efficiently, but in our relationship, you never did that.

2. I left because I was no longer safe with you.

Actually, I didn’t even get the feeling that you were there for me, and I was right. You weren’t there. I was all alone.

3.Because I was sick of being treated like shit. It was no more being underestimated and used. It’s over.

4. I wanted to be with you.

I wanted to spend time with you, but you didn’t feel the same way I did.

You kept minding your own business. You kept thinking only of yourself. And I couldn’t take that anymore, so I left.

5. I left you because everything else was more important to you than me.

I was the last one on your list. You never had time for me. You prioritized all the wrong things and never regretted it.

6. Because I gave you a million chances before this letter.

I warned you. I tried to talk to you, and you always promised me you wouldn’t do something like that again.

Needless to say, you always broke your promise and kept doing what you wanted.

7. Because you took me for granted and had no respect for me.

You always ignored my feelings, and you didn’t want to see how I was, by the way. Maybe you were afraid to know the truth.

8. I left because I was no longer happy with you.

The smile that I carried on my face was false. My enthusiasm and desire to live slowly disappeared.

9. I left because I was alone in the relationship. I lived on a stage I never thought I would live on.

10. I left because I realized that my love was driving on a one-way street. I never found you near me, to hold my hands and walk with me on the path of life.

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11. I couldn’t take it anymore because of you.

I couldn’t stand you blaming me for everything that was going on, even when I was innocent, and you knew it.

12. Because we became strangers.

You weren’t the person I met a long time ago. You were a different man from the man I fell in love with. I couldn’t recognize you anymore.

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13. I left because I was tired of fighting.

Fighting and that too, every time in a relationship doesn’t make it a healthy relationship. I had enough of fights, and I was tired of that.

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14. I left because I could no longer hide my tears.

I couldn’t stand that corner of my bed where I crawled and hid from the rest of the world.

My life should not be marked by that lonely corner drenched in his tears. No!

15. I gave up because I could not trust you.

You said one thing, and you did another. Your words were empty, and your promises only served to shut me up and make me calm down for a while.
And that happened over and over again. Well, now I was sick of it.

That’s not what I wanted for myself. Not now. Not ever. I might fall in love again, or I might not, but one thing is for sure, this time, no one will be allowed to treat me the way they want.

I deserve much better in life and much more than just a relationship, which has no values.

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