15 Changes Your Body Undergoes, When You Are Heartbroken

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Are you heartbroken? If so, here are the 15 changes your body is undergoing.

Honestly, what could be worse than having your heart broken? This is perhaps one of the most painful and problematic emotional wounds.

You are in love with a man, and everything seems perfect to you. Your relationship is balanced and healthy.

You don’t fight much or anything, and you’re able to talk about everything openly.


Then, all of a sudden, the situation turns into a nightmare. He leaves you, or your couple takes the water.

Nothing goes wrong, and you are invaded by a whirlwind of negative and contradictory emotions.

You’re hurt, you don’t trust anyone, and your emotional state is more than unstable.

Your companion is gone. You no longer have a partner, and you feel like you have been betrayed by love, the most beautiful feeling in the world.

If you ask around, all the heartbroken people will tell you the same thing: the wound is deep, and they feel completely lost.

Some might say it’s just sadness, but it goes beyond that. Your body also suffers the consequences.

So what are the physical changes you go through after being heartbroken?

Have you ever been stressed? Surely! What physical reaction did you feel? You certainly had your shoulders outstretched.

Your brain receives signals that allow it to interpret your emotions, and your body responds in correspondence.

So when someone breaks your heart, your body endures a lot of side effects. And it’s very different from being sad or upset.

The human body is sensitive, and emotions are related to its physical parts.

Your body responds in many different ways, which makes this experience even more painful and difficult to bear.

So the next time someone tells you that they were heartbroken, be compassionate because their bodies have undergone many changes.

And, if you were heartbroken yourself, I suggest you take a look at the list below.

Being aware of these consequences will allow you to prepare yourself better and learn to manage everything that happens to you.

15 Changes Your Body Undergoes, When You Are Heartbroken

Here is a list of the 15 main reactions your broken heart does to your body:

1. Hair loss

When you’re heartbroken, your stress level is very high, so you start to lose your hair, like in the movies!

You’re going to notice it in the shower or on your hairbrush. Your body reacts to stress in different ways, and hair loss is the perfect proof.

Don’t panic; you’re not going to lose all your hair! Accept the fact that you are going through a stressful situation and try to reduce your anxiety as much as possible.

Getting out of your house, talking to someone, or doing something that allows you to change your mind are great ways to reduce your stress level.

2. Irregular menstruation

Believe it or not, being heartbroken can have an impact on your period. You’re constantly sad and upset, so your emotions are turned upside down.

This has consequences on your biological clock. And, it’s a vicious circle… So you’re stressing your period is late.

Your periods are not regular, so you are stressed… See what I’m getting at? So you have to try to relax as much as possible.

Find relaxing activities. Dedicate yourself to your well-being, and you will be able to overcome this difficult situation.

3. Bad eating habits


When you’re heartbroken, your eating habits change dramatically. Your body feels the need to be comforted. And so your body wants to eat.

It’s a bit of a stereotype, but it’s true. However, some women also experience nausea, and they are prevented from eating.

Generally, it goes from one extreme to the other if you realize that your appetite changes suddenly, take matters into your own hands right away.

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You don’t want to lose or gain weight quickly. This problem would be one more concern for you.

You must not gobble up or starve yourself because of sadness. You have to avoid other health problems.

Whatever your new eating habit, know that it was caused by your body trying to defend itself against the pain you feel.

4. You question everything

Doubt is a logical consequence of the breakup. You wonder what you did to get him away.

Could you have changed anything? The mourning of the romantic relationship necessarily requires this kind of questioning.

If it is good to take your time to think and find yourself, blaming yourself and continuously questioning yourself is not suitable for your mental health.

In these moments of doubt, you then wonder how to move forward and who you are without your partner.

What are you going to do now that your romantic relationship is over? Now, more than ever, you need to spend some time on your personal development.

Do some emotional research, rediscover your soul but in a healthy way. This will help you feel better!

Do activities that make it easier for you to heal and build your future.

Don’t let this breakup destroy your life. Even if it’s difficult, you’ll be able to come out stronger from this experience. In short, you have to learn to love yourself!

5. Loneliness

Breaking up is particularly difficult for people who have been caught off guard.

Your heart suffers because you miss your ex a lot, and you don’t understand why your romantic relationship didn’t work out.

You can’t call him anymore. And, you no longer have your companion to avoid getting bored. So your body feels a sense of loneliness.

Even if your family and friends support you, the absence of your partner makes you feel lonely. And, you mustn’t be ashamed of that.

This feeling of loneliness is natural, and you can feel it even if many people surround you.

You are not with the person you would like to be with, and no one else matters to you.

Take the time to work on your healing, and the feeling of loneliness will fade with time.

6. Confusion


After you’ve been heartbroken, you’re probably going to notice that you’re starting to do weird things.

You put your phone in the fridge, you put your clothes upside down, and you forget your appointments. What’s going on?

You can no longer think clearly, and your body is completely confused by this new situation.

The main reason for this is that your brain is so focused on your sadness and what happened that it’s distracted.

It’s like pregnant women who lose sight of what they’re doing or who are a little head in the air.

The days all mix in a fog, and you lose your belongings, a little more than usual.

Don’t worry! You’re not going crazy! Confusion is simply a temporary reaction to your broken heart.

7. Detoxification

Some people become so attached or addicted to their partner that they feel like they are going through a period of detoxification when the breakup occurs.

Indeed, you have become accustomed to having someone by your side and being able to count on him.

Then, all of a sudden, he disappears without warning. With him, you felt like the happiest woman in the world.

Once you’ve split up, you feel like you’ve fallen out of your little cloud of ecstasy. And that’s why your body thinks it’s in the detox phase and is trying to fill that void.

You then spy on her on social media to just see her face. But, over time, you will heal and lose the desire to find your new “drug.”

8. Depression

Your emotions are turned upside down. And, loneliness, sadness, and low self-esteem have taken over.

The feeling of abandonment and grief leads you to question yourself and doubt yourself. That’s why you’re depressed?

You feel that your whole universe is broken and that you have no one to reach out to and help you rebuild it.

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You have to, of course, talk to someone about this situation. Don’t be eaten by anxiety and depression.

Contrary to what people think, these feelings are real, and they were really provoked by your broken heart.

Your friends must encourage you and help you through this painful ordeal. After all, your mental health is critical.

9. Your heart rate slows down

We often hear people say that when they were heartbroken, they really felt pain in their chest.

And, studies have shown that your heart rate really slows down when your partner leaves you.

Your body is so shocked that it causes a weakening of the heart muscles.

And, if you feel pain in your chest, it may not just be sad, and you should see a doctor.

Other studies have even shown that you can have a heart attack because of your broken heart.

Your body reacts in its way, and you must be aware of this because sometimes the situation can be dire.

You can also call a therapist to help you accept the breakup and move forward.

10. Stress

This is the most recurrent consequence when it comes to the broken heart. Your blood pressure increases, and knots even form.

Stress can come in many various forms. You probably see your breakup in your head, and it makes you feel that anxiety.

You are under a lot of emotional pressure, and your body produces a lot more stress than usual.

Anxiety, fear, and emotional distress are factors that often accompany stress.

As soon as you notice the first signs of tension, it would help if you reacted to preserve your body and mind.

11. You Can’t Sleep

Have your sleep habits changed? I’m sure you’re going to have to do it. The dopamine produced by your body influences the time you go to bed and wake up.

When you’re heartbroken, your brain sends strange signals to your body, and your dopamine levels fluctuate.

So your sleep patterns change, and you wake up at inappropriate times.

And because of this lack of sleep, you’re tired, and exhaustion takes over.

If your broken heart keeps you awake, talk to a doctor. He can help you by prescribing medication to sleep.

At least, in the meantime, you’re feeling better.

12. You get sick more easily

The shock of your broken heart not only impacts your emotions, but it’s also brutal for your immune system.

Your body is sad, your heart is slowing down, and your eating habits are changing. So you’re vulnerable.

And that’s why you get sick more easily. You may not be giving your body the attention it needs, so your immune system is not working very well anymore.

Your body may also be trying to combat sadness and disease at the same time. So take care of yourself!

Drink plenty of water, take vitamin C and try to eat healthily. Even if you’re going through a tough time, you mustn’t forget your health.

13. Cramps

Because you’re heartbroken, your body is much more aware of the pain. You feel a lot of emotional pain, so your body is in sync with what’s going on.

So it is also more likely to have cramps. It’s like when you’re sick… Your emotional exhaustion is being felt.

Be kind and tolerant of yourself and give your body the benefit of the doubt. Move more slowly, eat healthily, and avoid excessive physical exercise.

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Your body will heal when your emotions heal. Cramps are also associated with intestinal pain.

You’re so emotional that your stomach hurts and tenses. It’s like when you want to throw up when you’re nervous.

14. Pain

When you’re heartbroken, your whole body hurts. The chest, stomach, legs…

Your friends may tell you you’re exaggerating, but you’re not. A broken heart does cause real pain.

When your body understands that your brain is experiencing intense emotional pain, it equates it with physical pain and responds in consequences.

So if your brain tells you you’re in pain, you can trust it! Your body is connected to your emotions and your physical sensations.

And, very often, all of this goes hand in hand. Just as you have a headache when you’re stressed, your body responds to your emotional pain in its way.

This pain may not be visible, but your body tells you that it is truly present.

15. Greater sensitivity

Of course, when someone breaks your heart, your emotions lose your mind.

You cry you are sensitive to everything and everyone, and you react badly to situations that would not have affected you before.

Don’t stress out because you feel like you’re a walking weeping willow! Your heart reacts in the way that suits it most.

He feels your pain and, to get rid of that negativity, he makes you cry.

Sometimes, to grieve a romantic relationship and heal, you have to let all your emotions out.

Don’t try to be brave and hold back your tears: keeping everything inside you will make the situation worse.

Find yourself a trusted person and mourn a torrent! The feeling of having the arms of a friend around you and the fact that he or she tells you that everything will be OK will comfort you.

Don’t deprive yourself of this loophole because crying will do you good!

Take good care of yourself and be happy!


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