How To Behave With Your Ex

11 Ways To React And Behave When You Meet Your Ex

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11 Ways To React And Behave When You Meet Your Ex ~ If you are not sure; how to act in front of your Ex? If you are worried about meeting your ex in a gathering.

If you are dodging class for fear of meeting your ex. If you are afraid of seeing your ex with his new beautiful girlfriend.

Despite moving forward you don’t have a vague idea of ​​what to carry before your ex? In spite of remembering the person in question, every time you meet your ex while facing an unusual situation?

This post will help you to counter all those moments and you will have the ways to behave in the most normal way when you meet your Ex.

Behaving With EX

11 Best Ways To React And Behave When You Meet Your Ex

1) If Possible, Ignore Your Ex

The best way to deal while being in the same room, gathering, or school as your ex is to completely disregard the person. Ignoring your Ex will go away with all the possibilities of performance and inattention.

It will be difficult for both of you to ignore your ex on the occasion of being a regular partner. If you find yourself in this situation, you should make a choice whether you need to try to oblige your ex as a partner in your life or prevent them from becoming a friend of yours.

You need to make this very clear to you. Because this will help you to decide what you are going to do with them.

2) Keep calm: Do not be apprehensive around your Ex

Meeting you Ex at any place suddenly is an awkward situation. It tests your nerves. Don’t forget that your Ex is also tensed seeing you there. So If you hold onto your nerves, you have already won half the battle already.

Take a deep breath and calm down, if you are sure that you can’t avoid your Ex. Being calm will help you to counter any unpleasant situation in a better way.

3) Don’t be afraid of your ex and Keep Your Body Language Positive

Self-confidence is always required to fight an awkward situation, and being near your Ex, is a situation just like that, where you are going to need it. Don’t bother about your Ex being alone or with their partner. Remember to be strong with your self-respect and confidence.

Follow these signs of showing positive body language

Keep your shoulders wide and stand straight

Look straight by keeping your head up and don’t look down.

Keep your body movement controlled.

Make sure that your muscles are relaxed and keep a smile on your face.

4) Speak eye to eye with your ex: judge their conduct

Before speaking a single word look straight in their eyes. You will have a clear idea about how this accidental meet is going to be with your Ex. That will help you to get prepared for the coming moments.

Don’t greet them from your end at first. Allow them to do so. Don’t forget to look straight into their eyes, when they greet.

5) Keep a blank mind by deleting any memories or things about them

Meeting your ex with unpleasant memories about your relationship will make you intellectually unbalanced. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and clear your head.

Set aside these memories from your mind, regardless of the reason for that you two separated. Consider hard resetting your mind and cleaning all data from there.

How To Behave With Your Ex
How To Behave With Your Ex

6) Talk with some restraint: Talk less

A typical mistake people do is to feel obliged to talk after meeting their Ex. This can be a common situation on the off chance that you are afraid of your ex or an event in which you are feeling guilty about the breakup.

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To be pleasant to your ex, control this inclination, and talk with some restraint. Don’t try to shut down completely yet it shouldn’t be bubbly and relaxing. This is essentially irreversible but may signal off-hush hushes.

Avoid getting irritated. This will help you to remain positive and confident.

7) Do not look annoyed and don’t act grumpy

The most disturbing piece of being around your ex is taking something to get your feelings back. You will normally become irritated, thirsty, and excited in the event that you and your ex are severely separated. Be that as it may, you should put your shroud on every one of these feelings.

A display of unrest or rage will convey your hatred and deviousness towards your situation. Here are some pointers.

Take a deep breath

Loosen all muscles on all sides

Try not to have a fake smile

Try not to get stuck in discussions

Give controlled responses

8)  Don’t be weak If your ex plays with different people or young women in front of you

If your ex plays directly with you guys or young women, it is normal to feel jealous and hurt. In any case, you must accept the circumstances and be prepared for it, especially if you and your ex are a piece of an equal partner circle.

When your ex plays directly with you with others, there are no definite rules for how to react. You should pass judgment on the situation and respond in the same manner. Here are some tips that will help to fight this situation.

Do not try to forgive yourself when your ex starts playing with others

Remind your heart and mind that you are just separated and it should not matter to you whether your ex plays with others.

Do not try to present a moment of vengeance by playing with a young woman or a man you do not care for.

Keep calm and don’t pay too much attention to your Ex’s cunning ways.

9) Don’t talk about the past

When you meet your ex, it is a frequent misconception to discuss anything related to your past. In any case, discussing your past relationship will lead to a rush of pointless feelings and emotions.

If your ex tries to make it to a discussion, state your words politely and clearly that you would prefer not to talk about it. Going forward with the discussion overall lists your attitude while pretending as an ‘it was your mistake’ may enrage your ex. So make some kind of harmony, be civilized, and stand firm together.

Approach your Ex without thinking that things will go worse.

1o) Don’t get angry: Don’t make any efforts to make your Ex angry

You will make your Ex furious if you bend to make your ex feel fierce or retaliate that you have moved on easily. So don’t do that by any means. You don’t want to fight with them.

Constantly advise yourself that being angry is not the best way to show your ex that you have moved on. You will seem more and more a person only in the event that you remain calm. Show development and control your resentment on the off chance that you need to ace the craft of handling this awkward situation.

11) Let your Ex leave first

One simple way to state your prominence in this unwanted awkward situation is to let your Ex leave first. It will silently say a ton about how you celebrated and didn’t try to get out fast after seeing your ex.

Leaving after them will help you, especially if you are spending time with part of your common friends. By observing the reaction of your common friends, you will be able to know who is with you and who is not.

Don’t ever let someone play with your mind and heart. Do what is needed to be happy and do that with all your strength.

Take care of yourself and keep smiling!


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