Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

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These 10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You, will help you to look for the red flags in your relationship and match the pattern with your partner.

This is practically not possible to catch someone right from the beginning when they start cheating on you.

However, there are some red flags, which can help you to know if they are cheating on you. In this series, we will bring 50 signs of a cheat. Here are the first 10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You.

Things don’t look and feel the way they used to be. You wonder if there is somebody else in between you and your partner.

The thought of your partner cheating on you is scary in itself. While the possibility of their cheating can be there, this is also possible that you are wrong.

Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You
Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

This is such a tricky situation where you fail to understand what has to be done.

Read carefully these 10 points and check if they exist in your partner. Before that, be sure that you have enough reasons to doubt them and it’s not been done out of insecurity.

If you strongly sense infidelity in your relationship, then please read and compare these 10 signs with your partner.

  1. Sudden Change In Appearance

If you see a sudden change in their dressing sense, a change in their appearance, that might be an alarm. Because, without any specific reason, no one changes their appearance or an old habit of dressing sense, there has to be a reason for a sudden change and you need to watch out. That just might be the beginning.

       2. They need space.

In a good and healthy relationship, you don’t look for space. Why would one need space if they are happy and everything is open between the partners? Space is required for hiding things.

Be it sentiments, or phone. A sudden change in your partner can be this where they want and demand more space.

They might even ask to leave them alone for some time also. Without any valid reason, no one wants to alone or be away from their partner. If this is something you notice in your partner, catch the red flag.

       3. Suddenly They Become Active

A new interest in doing exercise. Doing exercise is healthy and it keeps you fit. But the person who was never interested in doing exercises and never went even for a walk suddenly starts doing regular exercises.

Why? Why this sudden change? Because they want to change the way they look. Again why? Because they want to look more attractive and fit.

Then, for whom? If you didn’t tell them anything like that, then for whom they are doing this exercise? Obviously for the person who is more worthy in their life than you.

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Now, You might even notice them taking care of the calories which they consume. So in short all of a sudden, they become health conscious. Red Flag!

       4. Losing Temper

Your partner, who never used to fight with you unless there was something serious, now looks for the opportunity of fighting with you and makes the issue of every small and big thing.

By doing this they try to justify their cheating on you and gives you a message in unsaid words that, you are not fitting in their lives anymore.

Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You
Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

       5. Playing Psychological Games

 You will notice that your partner has suddenly started behaving like a manipulator. They have started using psychological tricks and other techniques that they never used before.

That is something you should understand that they are already in another relationship.

      6. Constant Lying

A cheat always lie and a liar always cheats. If you find that your partner is constantly lying to you, be sure that something is going on.  

A liar doesn’t their lies. So every time a new version of the same story will keep coming from them. If this is what is happening with your partner, they are cheating on you and you don’t need any other confirmation about that.

      7. They Are Becoming Distant

 A cheat will always avoid a proper conversation. They will do small talks and will avoid going into lengthy discussions.

Because of fear of getting caught. If you see them, avoiding talks related to your future, please understand that, since there is someone else in their lives, they are not concerned and bothered about you and your future.

      8. You can’t ask them anything 

In case if you see them reacting in the worse possible way to any of your simple questions, and getting into a fight just over that, then you need to understand what is going on.

This is the same person, who used to share everything with you initially. And something is on.

If their losing temper is not related to a workload or financial issues, then what is making them so upset and short-tempered. Don’t you still see what’s on?

       9. Sudden Change In Their Views

Have they changed their long-held opinions and views on some special issues?

Do they now support a cheat or justify cheating or infidelity while earlier they used to be very vocal, and used to condemn these things?

Why suddenly they have changed their views? They start giving reasons for a person who is a cheat and defend their cheating.

The point is clear. Are you getting it? Yes, they are on the same side of the world of cheats, so now they justify cheating.  They are accommodating the new thinking and views in their; and your life.

      10. Staying Away From You

If after any fight, they leave the place saying “they need time to think over it”, clearly suggests that they just want to go away from you since they already have someone waiting for them.

They take these fights as a chance to get more close to the person they are cheating with to gain their sympathy.

So if after every fight your partner goes away from you be sure to mark this as a red flag of cheating.

Every sign mentioned above is loud and clear about your partner cheating on you. Now it’s on you to match the pattern and decide what to do?

Stay tuned for the next post where we will cover the other 10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You.

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