Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You – Part 4

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Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You ~ We already have covered 30 signs of a Cheating Partner. If you have missed them you can check them out by clicking below.

Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

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Let’s now look into another set of Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You. A gentle reminder once again, please don’t force yourself to find these signs in your partner, if they are not there.

10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Clean Slate:

Congrats! If your partner still allows you to touch their phone. (Since, nowadays, most of the people don’t allow).

But, if they let you touch or use their phone or laptop, only after deleting incoming emails, browser history, and cookies, and clearing their contact list, things are not good.

Agreed, they may be embarrassed about some of the pages they visit, but most likely, they will hide their online contact with his or her lover.

Similarly, if you see their phone message list or call logo is always empty, they are hiding things from you which they don’t want to disclose and get caught.

Signs Your Partner Is Cheating
Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

They are unreachable:

Most of the time, you fail to reach them. Whenever you call the office, they are always in a meeting or on another call with some very important client or their Boss.

All of a sudden the mobile network becomes garbage at their same workplace. That becomes the only excuse when you try to call them and find their mobile either switched off or busy on another line.

And they didn’t find time or network to call you back even after seeing the missed calls also. Open Red Flags!

Their assistant or receptionist is suddenly the most incompetent person on earth. In short, what they can’t access is everyone’s fault, but it’s theirs.

All the weak excuses in the world cannot hide the fact that something is going on in detail in your partner’s life.

Love For Blue Pill:

Another sign of cheating is that your partner suddenly you notice them changing their sexual habits. Like he is buying medicines related to ED or she is buying some breast enlargement products or lubricants.

And while it’s all was not required or meant for you. So they hide these things from you.

Your Advice and Opinion is Irrelevant Now:

Be it a small or big decision, your opinion and advice are not required anymore. This is simply because they have somebody else to consult for their decisions. And you don’t exist anymore in their lives

Not telling you about quitting or losing their job, not asking you before a plan to sell out a property are indications that they don’t want you to be a part of their future.

This is why they don’t see any reasons to tell you about these developments.

No Sex With You:

A sudden loss of interest in sex with you is a loud red flag. If they are not interested anymore to have sex with you, beware that they are getting it done with someone else.

And even if they do it with you, you clearly feel that there is no metal connection or that spark, which you used to feel in them. They do it only for the sake of avoiding any doubt on your mind.  


Your partner may dream during the day or check-in several times during the day and can not tell you what they are thinking and are not ready to engage.

He or she seems to be in another world, but he or she refuses and does not have to worry about engaging in activities with you. Your partner may be at work or something else may bother them.

Privacy Becomes A Major Issue:

Signs Your Partner Is Cheating
Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

Now you can’t look at their phone or laptop at all. They don’t like you doing so, while earlier they had no problems with this.

There obviously has to be a reason for that (And I hope, you have understood the reason by now). 

All their phones and laptops become password protected and the password is surely not been shared with you.

And in case you ask them about the password, you are inviting a big fight. These things are open red flags and you should never ignore them. That cheat is cheating on you.

Everything About You, Becomes Faulty:

Out of nowhere, suddenly your partner sees huge faults and demerits in you. Whatever you do or say, they will always have a complaint against that.

They might clearly blame you for things not working in between you two.

They even might go into a fight with you to prove that you are the sole reason for their unhappy life. You find them always ready to make a fight with you for anything because they are cheating on you and are looking to finish up the relationship with you.

These created fights are only excuses for them to justify their cheating on you.

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They Sleep Less:

If you see suddenly they don’t sleep till late at night; this can be because there is something, which is bothering them.

And they want to focus on that, while you are sleeping. You notice them spending more time on their phone or computer.

And they never have a proper justification of doing that, when you ask. Only a cheat does that, never ever forget that

Hidden Facts In Clothing:

There is no proper explanation of unexpected stains, odors on their clothes. A smoky signature of lipstick on his shirt or she doing a sudden over-laundry to clean up some stains indicates nothing but cheating.

Buying new clothes that are not required or cloths in the trash to hide some strong evidence are only the Red Flags of a cheat.

A liar and a cheat always consider them to be very intelligent and smart to fool others. What they don’t realize that lies don’t have legs and they can’t go very far.

On the other hand, people who trust and love their partner, always consider them to be the best.

What they don’t see are these Red Flags which exist there and one day they find themselves in a worse condition because of their cheat partner.

Cheating doesn’t do any good for anyone. Not even to cheats, but they don’t sense it because of lust and an abnormal mental setup.

Stay tuned for more. Stay healthy and safe. And yes, please keep smiling!



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