Signs Of Cheating

10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You – Part 3

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We are back with the 3rd part of 10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You.

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Let’s go through the 3rd part of this series now:-

1. If you notice that your partner unexpectedly begins growing new choices for food or in music, at that point you should ask them about it.

It might be that they are dating somebody who likes a specific food or music, and they are starting to follow it.

Growing new tastes out of nowhere again is a Red flag and a sign that your partner has somebody else in their lives and they are changing because of that.

2. If you are using pills for avoiding pregnancy, he surely won’t have condoms with him. And if as a male you are using condoms, your partner will not use pills.

In case, this is what you notice according to the respective scenarios, be sure, that your partner is cheating on you.

Signs Of Cheating
Signs Of Cheating

3. A sudden change in their outing interest is a great red flag. For example, your partner had never shown interest in shopping but somehow they had accompanied you.

Now in a changed scenario, they prefer to go for shopping but they don’t want you to go with them.
And moreover, they have no valid explanation for this.

Since you know your partner better than anyone, you should mark this change as a red flag in your relationship.

4. Using a different way of communication can be another point, you should watch for. Have they changed the way they used to communicate?

Like, a sudden interest in cutting jokes, or stopped cutting jokes? Have they started some certain phrases, which they have never used before?

We have a tendency to get influenced by the people, we like and follow. This sudden change in their communication might be influenced by the person who is in their life. You can ask them the reason for this change.

5. Another very strong sign is a sudden change in their body grooming and personal hygiene habits. Things that they never did regarding these habits, if they have started doing that, is a clear indication of their having an affair.

Be it a new undergarment or using lots of perfume or aftershave, these little changes are actually not little and are the hidden red flags in your relationship, you need to understand.

6. If your active partner, who used to help in household works, irrespective of the nature of the work, suddenly becomes lazy and inactive, beware of this.

Because they are having a negative vision towards these things now and they just don’t want to get involved with anything which is related to you, your home, and your relationship.

If they show no interest for a family get together, or not willing to participate in birthdays and marriage anniversaries or even for holidays, they are telling you in unsaid words that they just are tired of you and don’t want any other attachment with you.

You shouldn’t overlook or ignore these things if you really want to make your relationship and most importantly your life happy.

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7. Have they recently developed a habit of sneaking out? If yes, then what they are hiding from you, and why?

They are doing so because they don’t want to hurt you, lie to you, and at the same time don’t’ want to get caught.

Secrets and lies kill a relationship. Keeping secrets is as good as lying. So, while they are doing exactly that, what you are waiting for?

8. Have they created a new FB account? Are they using a new email? Got a new phone number, and all these, while they are not working as a detective or undercover agent for some security services, should be enough for you to read the red flags in your relationship.

And if you are still waiting for things to work and improve, I am sorry, but you are not helping yourself.

9. If you notice that they have started hiding the money related data from you like credit card statements, or bank account details, this a big loud red flag.

While there was nothing hidden in between you and your partner related to financial details then why do they suddenly need to hide these details from you?

Don’t you see what’s going on and where it’s leading to?

10. You find them in a strange state of mind. Whatever good you do to them, they react in a strange way. You partner suddenly has become frazzled, they look confused.

And while they want to justify their wrongdoing to you, blaming you as the reason, your good nature towards them stops them to hurt you. So they get confused and behave abnormally.

This actually is a sign of cheating where they can’t justify to their mind and they find themselves unable to sort out the fight between their heart and mind.

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Whenever we do something wrong or commit sins, our conscious always asks us not to do, but most of the time when people go ahead with their actions they pay for it heavily.

A constant fight within mind and heart goes on, and as a person, who finds cheating on their partner as a way to have some refreshing moments and exciting things to do, always suffer.

They can never be happy and don’t get proper sleep. Even in their sleep, they remain afraid of getting caught.

And the feeling of doing wrong makes them go through guilt, which they may not accept but they go through a lot of stress and unpleasant moments.

This is natural, when you hide something, form others, there are many things that follow that hidden part of your life. And that simply takes your peace away. Cheating might be easy but the consequences are not. 

Stay tuned for part 4 of Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You. Stay Home & Stay Blessed




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