10 Signs Your Partner Is A Cheat

10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You – Part 2

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In case you haven’t read the first part of  Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You, you can read the First Part Here

Before starting the next set of 10 signs your partner is cheating, I want to clear a few things. Please don’t force yourself to find these signs in your partner if they are not there.

If you start doing that, you will be doing injustice not only to them but to yourself also. Because without any reason you will lose your peace of mind. And make things worse for both of you.

So unless you smell something fishy or see changes, don’t get over-excited to prove them a cheat.

Thank you for making a note of that, and now let’s check these – 

10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You – Part 2

1. If you notice your soft-spoken partner has suddenly become a chatterbox, that’s another red flag you should take that into consideration.

Some people go into giving explanations in detail just to cover up things or they talk too much than normally they do. If you see this happening, be vigilant before it hits you.

10 Signs Your Partner Is A Cheat
10 Signs Your Partner Is A Cheat


2. If you are married and all of a sudden, your partner states that how badly they miss being single and their interest gradually starts getting lower in you, your children and household things, there is something fishy, which is going on.

3. Your partner suddenly starts rejecting any sign or symbol, which might give a look or proof of their being married.

Like not letting any toys of kids in the car, hiding their marriage ring, or maintaining distance from you when you two are out for shopping.

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4. They suddenly have developed a habit of not going out with you. Whenever you request them for an outing, they come up with some innovative and great excuses. Don’t be surprised if sometimes they come up with some lame excuses.

They go out but they prefer to go alone now. Gone those days with the wind when they used to hold your hand and walk along.

They behave like a dull person when they are with you, but look energetic when going out alone.
Unless there are specific reasons like a fight or anger, if they do so, they already are having an affair, and you are still wondering and in love with that cheat.

5. Stating overtime is the best possible excuse for coming late from work. If your partner, who never used to do overtime or never used to be late while returning from work, has suddenly started doing overtime every now and then, you need to understand where they are coming from. Red flags! Loud and clear.

Their doing overtime shouldn’t worry you if they are not the only ones doing in their office. Overtime requires extra hours for some important jobs to get finished and for that others are also required to finish that.

A Cheat Doesn't Change
A Cheat Doesn’t Change

So your partner can’t be the only efficient worker for their organization doing overtime alone. If you see this happening on a regular basis, you should understand that your partner is cheating on you.

Abnormal Behavior 

6. On the flip side, if your partner has started showing extra care, extra unexpected love and concern for you, that is also no good.

Sometimes these people do it because of the guilt feeling they have, and sometimes to avoid any doubts in your mind for them.

This unnatural change in them is not valid. You can talk to them openly regarding this and let them explain. And if you are not convinced by their explanations, you just have to understand that, they are playing with words and you, since they are cheating on you.

7. Your partner who used to be your strong support whenever you had needed them is suddenly behaving in an abnormal way.

They try and disengage themselves from you and the relationship. Forget a kiss or a tight hug, you will hardly hear them using love words for you.

So basically there are no emotional attachments left in them for you.

Communication is very important in any relationship. If you see that he is avoiding giving answers to your questions, or blames you for this or goes straight into a fight, understand that he is looking for ways to dump you for the other person they have in their lives.

Alarming Changes

8. You are no more allowed at their workplace by them. The person, who had no issues, with you visiting their workplace without informing them, now has issues with that.

They don’t want you to visit their workplace.

They react in the most abnormal way if you reach there. The simple reason behind this is, they don’t want you to see the person they are cheating with and at the same time, they don’t want the other person to see you.

It’s all about hiding their relationship with you at their workplace. Are you now seeing the red flags in your relationship?

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9. If their old hobbies are slowly dying and they look no more interested in doing things they used to love, is a clear sign of something going on in their mind, which is hidden from you and they are busy thinking about that particular point.

Their life is going through a change and that’s why they are in no mood to nurture their old hobbies anymore.

10. Their close friends start behaving abnormally with you. This happens because they are aware of the cheating that your partner is involved in.

And their friends find it difficult to face you. So if you notice that some close friends of your partner are avoiding you; while they are having the same term with your partner, the red flag is just there.

They avoid you because they think they might disclose your partner’s cheating unintentionally and good people don’t want to be a part of breaking relationships.

You need to understand these points first and then have to match them with your partner. In case you find most of the points matching, decide firmly, what your next step is going to be.

We meet again here with the next part of another 10 signs of a cheating partner.

Till then, have faith in yourself and keep smiling!




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