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10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You – Concluding Part

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Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On ~ This is the concluding part of this post. So the post is getting closed only, cheating all around is not!

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This article is intended to help you identify a cheat, and not to create mental instability for you. So please, don’t forget that. If you have missed the previous posts. you can check them below.

Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

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Concluding Part

  1. Falsely Blaming You for Cheating

If you see that there are no reasons for which your partner should ever doubt you, and still your partner has started this new game of blaming you for cheating, something is wrong.

Being jealous and fabricating false statements for blaming you are different. If there are no reasons for you being unfaithful to them and they accuse of cheating, there are all possibilities that, they are cheating on you.

They accuse you to divert any attention of yours from their cheating. Most of the time when someone cheats they start assuming that their partner is also a cheat.

You need not go into a fight over this, rather lookout for the red flags and once you get that, then talk to them.

  1. STD

Signs Your Partner Is Cheating
Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

If your partner has got STD and you know you are not the reason for that, it’s a concrete sign of cheating. You might come to know about their STD via some phone call of their Dr, or a lab report or a mail regarding the same, which you see accidentally.

Or, you might have even noticed the symptoms of STD in your partner.

Now, the biggest threat is not cheating anymore. If they have STD, get yourself checked up. They might have passed the disease to you too.

  1. Eating Lesser than Usual

Do you see that your partner recently has been eating very less? Though they are physically fit and healthy, they don’t eat the quantity, they normally used to.

This can be because of some disease, but if they are healthy then the reason is different.

They might have already eaten much somewhere else, before reaching home, (and you are unaware of that because they never tell you) or they don’t feel like eating because mentally they are occupied with so many things.

Like the other person, the guilt of cheating on you, thoughts of future, confusing life, and more.

When you don’t have anything to hide from your partner and you are happy with them, you will always eat and sleep properly (Unless you are physically sick).

But, when a person has lots of things to hide and lie for, they don’t get peace, and that directly hits their appetite.

  1. Abnormal Lows & Highs In Their Emotions

You recently have noticed that your partner has become quite abnormal when it comes to expressing their emotions or feelings.

Sometimes, they show a strong urge for sex with you and sometimes completely uninterested in you. Sometimes they don’t even talk to you and on the other hand, sometimes they shower all their love on you.

Signs Your Partner Is Cheating
Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

There might be a valid reason for such behavior but if they always have been consistent with the way, they behaved earlier, there is a red flag.

Since they are cheating on you and are not sure which way it will go, they behave in a confused manner.

  1. Complete New Identity In Bed

If your partner has always been soft and subdued in bed and suddenly they start showing their new knowledge of having sex with different positions and ways, the red flag is clear.

You should ask them wherefrom they have learned all this. If they come up with a valid acceptable explanation, enjoy the time, or else it’s time to sleep alone rather than sleeping with a cheat.

The change in their sexual behavior is because of cheating and lessons which they have got from their new partner.

  1. Sudden Interest In Adventure

A sudden change of behavior, like going for tattoos, bungee jumping, a new bike may not be completely abnormal.

They might be with someone much younger than them, and they are developing these new interests just to match their new partner.

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This transformation phase is very important to them because they don’t want to feel as their age and cheating forces them to go with the change, required to match their young partner.

  1. The New Friend, You Never Met

Your partner is always on phone with their new friend, who you have never seen, talked to, and know. This new friend becomes the most important person for your partner.

This new friend of your partner keeps on coming as a reference in conversations between you two. But, at the same time, your partner avoids any chance to introduce you to them.

They don’t allow you even to talk to their new friend even on the phone. So literally they hide their new friend’s identity from you. What else, you think is this, if not cheating?

  1. Sudden Negativity

To date, your happy and satisfied partner, with you and their life, suddenly looks puzzled and you notice lots of negativity in their behavior and talks.

This might be told to them by someone who has recently developed a closeness with your partner. They might have been told that how dull and unhappy their life is without some excitement and things which they are missing.

  1. Feeling Of Insecurity

You see them very attentive towards your actions, whenever you are close to their belongings. They don’t let you be alone near their desk, clothes, or wallet, or computer.

They are doing this because they are having that sense of insecurity about getting caught by you. They feel like you might see some pieces of evidence of their cheating on you.

  1. Go By Your Instincts

There might be another 100 perfect signs of cheating, and all these signs might be false. But one thing can’t be wrong and that’s how you feel.

Ask yourself, do you feel that your partner has changed? Do you feel or sense that they are cheating on you?

No one knows your partner better than you. So follow your gut feeling, and you will have the right answer with you.

Cheating is the worst thing one can do to their partner. It’s more painful than physical abuse. Your physical pain goes away with time but mental pain remains longer.

And sometimes it may never leave. A victim of cheating can never lead a normal life. They fail to trust anyone after being cheated.

Cheating not only makes them go through pain and trauma, but it also leaves them shattered forever.

Very strong steps are required to heal up after cheating. And that’s not everybody can do that. Before they cheat on their partner they don’t consider the outcome and neglect their instinct, which surely warns them once before they go for cheating.

It might be debatable whether love hurts or the person who you love, but ultimately, the person you love is your Love! So, put it anyway, basically, Love Hurts!

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3 thoughts on “10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You – Concluding Part”

  1. Make sure it’s stressed that every person is entitled to their own privacy UNLESS there’s reason…. You caught them in lies,etc.
    But if they’ve never ‘done you wrong’ you shouldn’t be jealous/insecure…….IF you are?

    The problem is YOU and therefore you need to address YOUR issue 😉

  2. Sinbad in her DenofCin

    This reply is in response to Patti’s comment. “Spoken like a cheater who hasn’t been caught. Yet.”

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