Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Be With You Anymore

10 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Be With You Anymore

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10 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Be With You Anymore ~

Before we start, here are some important points.

Please note that lots of sign, which proves that your partner doesn’t want to be with you, has nothing to do with you.

It’s your partner who is putting less effort or no efforts to make things work. Your partner is becoming cold towards you, and that warmth is missing at his end, which was there at the start of the relationship.

Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Be With You Anymore
Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Be With You Anymore

Getting complacent in the relationship might be one of the reasons for his present behaviour. When someone takes you for granted and doesn’t show up his involvement in the relationship, this happens.

Here you are responsible for this. Remember how happy you used to keep showing up for him, while you always noticed a lack of interest and efforts from the other side?

If they fear losing you, they won’t do this to you.

Whenever you notice the above point in your partner, back off and see concentrate on what happens next.

If they are willing to keep up the relationship, they will come back, but if they don’t want to be with you anymore, they will happily grab that opportunity to leave you and the relationship.

In some cases, some people need space to settle down before they pull themselves up. If you want to be sure what is going on in their mind, please go through these points to know if your partner doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Be With You Anymore

They don’t try to comfort you when you are upset.

A Relationship offers support to each other. It gives you the confidence to have someone who is there to hold you when you are down and need reliable support.

It’s not about making you happy or fixing your problems; it’s all about the support which is required in your difficult times.

So while you don’t need to act differently than you want to, in your difficult times and your partner is always there to support you at that time.

It makes your bonding stronger and brings intimacy to the relationship. But, when your partner doesn’t want to be with you anymore, they won’t bother to comfort you in your difficult times.

By disconnecting you emotionally, your partner is ready to move on.

Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You

They are always annoyed with you.

Your smile, which was the most beautiful smile for them, now makes them angry and irritates them. Whatever you ask, the response is either short or harsh.

Your making an effort for cuddling is uncomfortable for them now. Your every action annoys them. Are you now getting the sign that your partner doesn’t want to be with you anymore?

To look back into those days, when your relationship was great and full of happy moments, might be tempting.

But, what matters that, how both of you are feeling right now with each other. Past matters, but the present is relevant.

So, in the past, if your partner was full of joy with you and was fun-loving and now suddenly he is dull and looks frustrated, it is a clear sign that your partner doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

There might be some stressful issues at work; they might be going through a tough phase. They might be frustrated about their life’s goal.

So it would help if you found out these things by talking to them. For a clear picture, communication is the key.

But in case they don’t show any willingness to discuss the issue and lose their temper when you insist, it is a loud sign that your partner doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

They hide in a shell.

Your partner, who used to share every detail about his work or friends or anything that was on their mind, suddenly stops talking about anything with you.

If they have started maintaining silence with you, that suggests that your partner doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Be With You Anymore

They take ages to reply to your messages.

In any relationship, the initial phase seems too romantic and good. Both the partners seem like dying for each other. But slowly, things change.

While it’s expected and natural that the same initial intensity will die down, and it’s normal if they take time to respond to your messages, it’s alarming if they don’t respond to your messages at all or respond rarely.

A short response to your message indicates their unwillingness to go into the conversation.

It is a clear sign that your partner doesn’t want to be with you anymore, and you need to understand and accept this asap.

They don’t have time for you anymore.

Anyone who doesn’t have time for you doesn’t value you. People who like and love you will always make time to see you don’t matter how busy they are.

But if your partner, your love, doesn’t have time even for you, what else you need to accept that they don’t want to be with you anymore.

Remember, they are the same person who used to crave to be with you initially.

Watch out for their avoiding ways for you. Some people who are ready to break the relationship don’t take the step first to avoid getting blamed.

So, they would always play tricks so that you should take the initiative to end the relationship.

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But, you need not hesitate even for once. There is no point in being with someone who doesn’t have to speak up the truth and open up themselves for any reason, on any issues.

When your partner doesn’t want to go out with you once or twice, it’s normal. They might not be feeling good, or they might have some other things to do.

But if they avoid going out with you every time and refuse to state some unacceptable excuses, they signal that the relationship is about to end since they don’t want to be with you anymore.

They become cruel during a fight.

Arguments and fights are not bad for relationships, provided both the partners know how to end that and be together with the same warmth.

But when during a fight or argument, your partner becomes cruel and their sole intention is to hurt you (be it physical or mental), it shows that they don’t want to take the relationship to the next level.

It’s again a clear sign that your partner doesn’t want to be with you anymore, whatever you do or think.

Anyone who has built a negative lookout on their mind about you will always try to hurt and insult you. And they don’t deserve to be with you, in your life.

Signs He Is No Longer Interested In You

Your needs are least important to them

Your partner, who you had found to be very attentive towards your needs and the relationship, now doesn’t care for them at all.

Friends are more important for them now, and they don’t care how you feel about that.

You don’t have their shoulder anymore to lean on since you are not relevant to them.

This means that either they are taking you for granted, or they don’t want to be with you anymore under any circumstances.

You might be longing for those feelings and emotions that were initially there, but accept that they don’t care.

When you see that, it’s only you, who is putting all the efforts and trying to make things work for the relationship, and from the other end, there is no help, you should be ready for the end of the relationship.

That’s why self-love is important. Unless you love yourself, you won’t be able to notice these things.

Take a step back and see if they make any effort to make things right. If they don’t, they tell you in unsaid words that they don’t want to be with you anymore.

When He Doesn’t Kiss You Anymore – That intimacy doesn’t exist.

At the beginning of the relationship, the intensity of always being intimate is quite natural. Over time, these factors slow down; this is also normal.

However, when you two stop having sex, and it looks like your partner is not the same person who used to be turned on by you, it is a big sign that your partner doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

They are always unhappy.

Being in a different mood from time to time is normal. So, it’s common if you notice them and found them moody.

But if you see their mood constantly off and stressed, it shows that the relationship is not working for them, and they are willing to end it.

Signs He Doesn’t Love You Enough –

They don’t express their love anymore.

If you are ever in a situation where you need to ask yourself, “Do they love me?”, is pretty bad for the relationship.

If your partner doesn’t tell you or doesn’t make you feel how they feel about you, it is an alarm you need to hear clearly.

Here they don’t need to write love letters or songs for you. They don’t even need to say that they love you, but they should do something that shows and proves their love for you.

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 If they don’t do that, it means they don’t have that feeling anymore for you.

Final Words

I know how tough it must have been to read the above signs and find similarities with your partner. Yeah, it sucks!

It’s tough to accept things that our heart doesn’t accept. But it would help if you made your partner clear that you are not the person they consider you to be, and taking you for granted is over.

Show your courage and before they dump you, take the right step from getting hurt you won’t handle.

Be kind to yourself. Would you like someone to treat you the way they want? No, there is no point in doing so if you have been doing that till now.

Have a life, live for yourself and not for your partner who doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

You might get someone else, but this person doesn’t deserve to be with you.

Learn to let go and move on before they dump you. Save yourself from the pain and trauma of getting dumped.

Let me hope that after reading this post, you know exactly where you stand in your relationship.

Take care of yourself. Bye for now!


3 thoughts on “<span class="dojodigital_toggle_title">10 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Be With You Anymore</span>”

  1. One thing I don’t understand. As you said, there are so many signs when you can clearly tell that your partner don’t want to be with you anymore, but still they are holding on. Like not listening to what you have to say, there is no understanding for your problems or concerns, everything makes them annoyed, they are insulting you on daily bases, there is no warmth or intimacy, etc, etc… Why don’t they leave or let you go? They are keep saying how they love and need you, but obviously that’s not true. Why??? Do they need to be in charge, to control, to show their supremacy or what? Because, deffinitelly that’s not love.

    1. Hi Sonja
      You are mistaken, they are not holding on, it’s you who is holding on. Someone who is holding on you won’t insult and hurt you. And if they are just staying with you even after insulting and hurting you, there is a reason. Either they don’t have anywhere else to go, or they can’t feed themselves.
      They might be looking forward to some gains by being with you, but in that case also, they refuse to change. And they don’t leave or let you go. Under this circumstance, it’s always good to take a bold step and leave them firmly. That’s the only solution to end the trauma and pain. Hope that helps! 🙂

  2. It’s taken me many years, but I have learned to read the signs and let go. I don’t want a distracted, disconnected or distant lover. It’s a real buzzkill for me.
    Some people seem to be after the New Relationship Energy and as that excitement fades, they coldly move on to the next shiny object.
    I wish I could figure out who these folks are before I get involved.

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